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School Profile

Jan Schiff Elementary School
7400 Discovery Ln
Missouri City, TX 77459
(281) 634-9450
public | PK-5
County: Fort Bend


  School Head OfficialYear
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9/20/2011parentWith the terms used like "highly rated" and "high expectations" leaves me to wonder who is writing these reviews? The school hasn't been operating that long and much progress is needed to reach this level. We moved out of district and I can tell you for a fact that the teachers are not teaching to where they should be at Schiff. I see a difference. Teaching Reading and Math test strategies all day long is not the kind of education I want for my child. This is not a real education. This only ensures employment.
8/31/2011parentJan Schiff Elementary School is highly rated, first class educational facility for the surrounding community! The teachers and staff love what they do and appreciate the positive influence they have on the student body.
7/26/2011parentThis is a campus with high expectations, caring teachers, and excellent leadership. It's a blessing to be zoned to Jan Schiff.
3/11/2011parentWe will not be returning to this school next year. I was not impressed at all and am very uncomfortable with the lack of experienced teachers at this school and lack of maturity in handling issues. So many important things are being overlooked.
12/15/2010parentI have 3 kids at Schiff and they love their school, teachers and friends. We have a wonderful group of active volunteers who take pride in our wonderful school. Our administrators are top notch and continue to stay focused on what is important. Can't say enough great things!
12/15/2010parentI have 3 kids at Schiff Elementary and I feel so blessed to be zoned to this school. The kids love going to school everyday, the teachers are fantastic and go beyond what the teachers did at Sienna Crossing and I cannot say enough about the principal, Mrs. Brewster. She has these kids best interests at heart.
12/15/2010parentJan Schiff Elementary is an exceptional school! The teaching staff is enthusiastic and has the students ready to learn and become better citizens. The leadership from the administrators to the custodial staff are warm, caring and dedicated to the students. I feel my children are challenged every day academically and socially to be the best they can be. I highly recommend Jan Schiff Elementary!
12/15/2010parentMy children are very happy at Schiff. The school has a great faculty and staff. Schiff has very involved parents and a very active PTA. If anyone tries to say that there is not parent involvement, then that must mean that they themselves are not involved, otherwise they would know better. Out of all Sienna schools, Schiff is the least crowded, which makes things run much smoother. And this allows the students to receive more attention. My kids have been to 2 elementary schools within Sienna, while they all focus on TAKS scores, Schiff is less rigid. The Sienna school we came from was so uptight about TAKS, that it made my children to nervous, and their interest in learning decreased. Schiff manages to not put that burden on the students, but at the same time they still do a top notch job at teaching them. My children have constantly made straight A's on their report cards, and they excel in their TAKS scores. Which goes to show that they are learning all year, and not just during TAKS time. Schiff will give tours of the school, and answer any questions you may have. I suggest that you go directly to the source, and then make an opinion.
12/15/2010parentMy daughter is a 5th grader this year and has been at Schiff since 3rd grade when the school opened. We have been very happy with everything at Schiff. Mrs. Brewster is a very capable administrator & has a wonderful relationship with the students. When I attend any function at school, I'm always impressed with how well behaved the students are. I didn't see that at the school we were rezoned from and know that it is a direct result of the respect the students have for Mrs. Brewster and the Schiff staff.
12/15/2010parentI have 2 children currently at Schiff. They were at private school previously and I was a little concerned about the transition. My kids LOVE their new school (Schiff) and their teachers. They are challenged and enjoy their work and learning. They have made a lot of neat friends too. Schiff has been a completely positive experience for us and I look forward to my third child going to kindergarten next year.
9/25/2010parentI agree teachers are enthusiastic, but it seems the concern is with TAKS. I believe Fort Bend ISD primary concern is TAKS and everything else is secondary. It makes you wonder if a school is rated exemplary (Jan Schiff is not yet), what do the grades look like for these students in each subject? It cannot be assumed that students are earning As and Bs just because they passed the TAKS. They are being prepared in school on how to pass a test. We really need education reform in Texas.
4/20/2010parentMy daughter is K in this school. School is great because of parent involvement ,well qualified teachers and student diversity. I would rather see my kids excel and lead amongst group of kids from different cultures and backgrounds than from homogenous group. It is now the era of globalization and kids needs to deal with people from different backgrounds at an early age. Morever, there is less pressure for them growing up when evreyone is different.
3/26/2010parentWe are very happy with this school my son star having litlle difficulties at the beginning, but everyone help my boy to became the good student the hi is now, Tkyou!! so much to the Principal and his Great Teacher Mr. Moore.
3/24/2010parentLove the school! Very organized.
2/24/2010parentMy son absolutely loves this school. The principal and teachers are awesome. Everyone is committed. The extracurricular activities are good.My son is in the GT programme with Ms. Cormier and she is a blessing.
8/22/2009parentMy children love going to this school. The teachers are great and the administrators are awesome.
4/27/2009parentThis school is very diverse with: 0.13% American Indian, 16.33% Asian American, 38.02% African American, 23.56 Hispanic, and 21.95% Caucasian. The total student body is 747. This school is brand new so the test scores have not been issued yet.

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