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Providence Catholic School
1215 N. St. Mary's Street
San Antonio, TX 78215
(210) 224-6651
private | 6-12
County: Bexar


7/29/2012otherAs a former student and alumnae of this institution, I can firmly attest that the education and values that I had received from Providence High School was highly beneficial to my future. I graduated almost ten years ago, and in those ten years I look back and am sincerely grateful to Sisters of Divine Providence for preparing me for my Undergraduate and Graduate work. I will say that even when I was in high school there were bullies that loved to terrorize girls who were different from the rest of the pack. Our graduating class had a major problem with this issue. In short, Providence will prepare your daughter for college, but she will have to develop tough skin in order to survive through graduation.
7/12/2012parentOur daughter is going into the 8th grade she loves it at providence so do we she has learned how take charge of her time
7/28/2011otherThis is my Fifth year at providence and it is everything i could ever ask for in a school. its not the easiest to get through, but it's worth it. honestly i don't appreciate the comments about the middle school. THERE ARE BULLIES EVERYWHERE!!! and believe me, when teachers find out, THEY ARE KICKED OUT! But, you can't aviod mean people your whole life. this is a place where if you have a problem, you can easily fix it. it is a small school and the teachers are there around the clock to help you and work for you. WE are there #1 priority. Our school is competitive and quite successful. Don't knock it until you try it guys. And if you didn't like it, then you didn't try hard enough.
1/19/2011parentI hear great things about the High school but if you think you are going to get the same experience in the Middle School I am sorry to disappoint you. PPS is not a place for your daughter. The teachers are rude and have no business in a classroom setting when they consistently yell and demean students in front of the class. Teachers do not respect the students and are very comfortable in their positions. The "Mean Girls" of the school are tolerated and terrorize other students while the faculty does absolutely NOTHING! I assure you that the lack of self esteem your daughter will receive attending this Middle School is not worth it.
8/10/2010otherI just graduated from Providence this year (2010) and I can truly say that this school is incredible. I am now on my way to a prestigious 4yr University and feel fully prepared due to the school. If your daughter attends Providence she will feel immediately at home, everyone is friendly, the staff and teachers are great and willing to spend time one on one if needed, and being located right downtown the school is culturally diverse, welcoming all. DO take advantage of as many AP courses as possible they are rigorous and can possibly save money in the long run for example I don't have to take another english or history course in college. The school also offers great extra-curricular activities and clubs. A band program is also offered and this is the only co-ed class with Central Catholic, I was in band and loved it. <3 PHS
7/6/2010parentMy daughter attended Providence Prepatory for grades 6th thru 8th and is getting ready to be a Freshman there. Providence is a great school with a low student to teacher ratio & a faith based education. My daughter attended the ACTS retreat during the Summer & not only wants to go every year until she graduates but has encouraged me to attend one as well. She is on the volleyball team, which has good commoradory. The importants of volunteering in the community is taught & shown to them by requiring them to achieve service hours through out the year. The teachers love teaching there & it shows through their dedication & understanding.
5/25/2010parentThis school is the worst school and Please be careful because the school has double standards and lots of bulling students and the some teachers will not respond to emails and if your daughter is teachers pet she can be number one no matter what and if you want respect please dont choose this school.
4/26/2010parentWe are proud parents of a 7th grader. This is a wonderful school enviroment. My daughter has being enriched in so many ways, Faith, Service, Love and Dedication. GO PROVETS GO!
4/26/2010otherI'm an alumna of Providence, and I am grateful for the solid education I received at PHS and the caring, creative teachers I met there.
4/23/2010studentI am a 7th grader at Providence. I really love it there because everyone is nice. I also like the fact that we have small classes so in that case we have more time with the teacher. I am so far happy hear and hope that i may be able to attend high school here.
4/1/2010otherGraduates of Providence embody the ideals of a Providence woman: faith, service, leadership.
3/26/2010teacherI have worked at Providence for six years in the English department. Our teachers are dedicated, giving countless hours to professional improvement through attending conferences and working on curriculum alignment outside of the school year, developing dynamic methods to teach material, and being present to the students before, during, and after school. We educate, challenge, and nurture girls to reach their goals and the goals they only imagined. Universities such as Stanford and Notre Dame are among the institutions our young women are invited to attend after their time at Providence. It is a fine learning haven for girls to become confident, successful women. I am honored to teach at Providence.
2/26/2010parentThe best Catholic high school in San Antonio ... great education, Religious presence, college preparedness, wonderful culture, diversity.
1/19/2010parentIt's an great school. My daughter comes home telling me everthing she has learned from the school. I'm very happy with Providence.
1/14/2010studentWell I am an 8th grader attending Providence Prep. I really think Providence is a great school. The teachers are very helpful and the learning is easy. You just have to put forth the effort to succeed and Providence will do the rest to prepare you for life. At Providence we learn not only academics but morals and how to be a good, natural, excellent person.
12/14/2009studentI really enjoy going to this school! Right now I am a 7th grader at Providence Prepatory and I never want to leave. :)
11/5/2009otherI graduated from PHS a few years ago and loved the experience. When you first walk through the halls you really become part of a family. My only complaint is they could do a lot better in the college application process. All the counselor did was encourage us to apply and asked to make copies of our acceptance letters. I'm a first generation college student currently in the process of transferring to a 4-year university- I could have used more support than a list of universities under my name in the lobby.
11/1/2009parentProvidence is an outstanding school! The school has assembled a first rate faculty, they are challenging, nurturing and truly care about our daughters. A wonderful school for girls!
10/25/2009studentThe environment that they create for you to learn and to grow in faith along with your friends that soon become like sisters to you. They provide you with discipline and allow opportunities to go to college and to make your future what you want it to be.
10/25/2009studentAt Providence the teachers are great, we are able to connect with them, they treat is with respoect. They challenge in our studies, but at the same time make it easier for us to learn and maintain our interest. They do all of this to help us be better prepared for the challenges in meeting our future goal. All the girls at Providence are great, we are all one team, no competition just acceptance!!!
10/22/2009studentEver since freshman year, I have felt loved and welcomed among my sisters at Providence. Now I'm a senior and getting support from everyone (teachers included) in everything I do.
10/20/2009parentProvidence is the heart of San Antonio's top notch schools. Providing the leadership for young ladies in becoming and representing our future.
10/19/2009teacherProvidence does a great job preparing young women for the future. There is a special caring atmosphere that is established where many students feel it is their second home.
10/17/2009parentProvidence is the only college prepatory all girls school for grades 6-12 in San Antonio. Single gender schools are absolutely the best environment for girls to learn and grow into strong young women. Providence graduates are confident, articulate, and powerful young women who are ready to face the challenges of their college education.
10/16/2009studentI love Providence because a girl can really blossom into a young lady without the fear of guys thinking we're weird.
10/15/2009otherGreat classes to help prepare me for my college education. Friendl and welcoming!!!
10/15/2009otherGreat preparation for the future and excellent religious/spiritual formation!
10/15/2009parentThe best team of teachers, staff, student -- all working together!
10/15/2009parentBecause my granddaughter attends this school. And she loves it. They teach the student mind, bocy, and soul. They are well prepared to go out into the real world.
10/15/2009otherGreat school, helping to develop San Antonio's young ladies into our future leaders.
10/15/2009parentGreat tradition - great academics
10/15/2009parentFocused on traditional values, encouraging San Antonio's girls to excel.
10/15/2009parentA wonderful school focused on education, & empowering our girls to become exceptional leaders for the future!
10/15/2009parentGrat school with great staff and alumni. Large parent participation
10/15/2009parentIt is a challenging school that focuses on providing a quality education while building a strong spiritual life.
10/15/2009otherI graduated from PHS and the friendships and connections I have made in this school communited have lasted a lifetime.
10/15/2009parentThe best All-Girls Catholic School in San Antonio! The teachers are awesome!
10/15/2009parentYoung women begin a path with goals and dreams of a bright future. Providence facilitates this in a atmosphere of unity and education.
10/15/2009otherBest of the best in preparing you for the real world
10/14/2009parentSmall school with awesome fine arts program, and awesome teachers and staff. College counseling without comparision - bunches of AP and Dual Credit Courses - they educate the whole young lady!
10/14/2009studentl love Providence High School because the teachers care about you, they want you to do your best.
10/14/2009parentIt allowed me and is allowing my daughters to blossom into intelligent, assertive, faith-filled, women who are equipped and ready to give back and attend to the needs of her community.
10/14/2009parentI think Providence is a fantastic school. Providence provides an excellent education, academically and socially, within a safe and fun environment. Our Fine Arts department is outstanding and offers many options other schools do not. Providence is the way to go!
10/14/2009parentI love the encouragement as well as challenges my daughter receives from teachers & staff. Providence is helping me to raise a beautiful, educated, confident young woman. There is no doubt in my mind we made the right choice for my daughter.
10/14/2009parentI love Providence because it embraces young women and their abilities!(Besides, my daughter goes to school there!)
10/14/2009parentProvidence has provided my daughter with the skills, education, and spiritual guidence to succeed in college and beyond. Best all-girls school in SA.
10/14/2009parenti love phs because it has allowed me to grow as an individual and discover my potential. also, i feel that i can attend any university and excel because of the preparation i am receiving as a student.
10/14/2009parentThis school helps to transform girls into Intelligent Ladies with Christian values who want to make a difference in our society!!!
10/14/2009parentGreat education system and faculty.
10/14/2009parentThis is an excellent college prep school.
10/14/2009otherAs a graduate of 2009, Providence High School prepared me for the challenges of not only college, but also life. I have learned so many study skills, which I apply at Univ. Notre Dame and people skills as well as cooperation applied in the summer at NASA. Providence High School is the place where opportunity comes knocking on classroom doors and talking on Provet TV. It has definitely prepared my graduating class as a whole for the 'real world' getting into top universities as step one and accomplishing dreams as step two.
10/14/2009parentI love Providence because i can be myself all the time. The academics are wonderful and the sports are so much fun. Everyone is so nice and welcoming, i feel at home all the time. I wouldnt go anywhere else.
10/14/2009parentBecause I am a graduate of Providence and they taught me how to become a great leader and have also taught me great values, and a sisterhood that cannot be replaced.
10/14/2009teacherI love working at Providence! Over the years I had the opportunity to teach/coach many young ladies. I am always excited to come across a graduate and hear about their success after they have left Providence. Be on the lookout for those Provets!
10/14/2009otherI love the togetherness and caring that turned me into a successful and responsible adult.
10/14/2009parentWonderful school that cares about a catholic girls education.
10/14/2009parentIt cares about the students, not about just test score rankings.
10/14/2009parentAs a Providence graduate I have always believed that the education I received prepared me academically and morally for the future. I have many cousins who were Providence women, and now have my younger daughter attending as well.
10/14/2009parentExcellent school. Great teachers and staff. My daugther is really happy there.
10/14/2009parentSmall classes; emphasis on education; great teachers!
10/14/2009parentProvets are awesome! We made the right choice with Providence for a great education and great friends and family.
10/14/2009parentI love Providence because it academically challenges my daughter as to where in public school she would just do enough to get by. The friendships that she had made over the past year have been very good the young ladies at Providence build a bond that stay with them, they don't forget about each other and someone to always there to lend a helping hand. The staff are the best I have ever come in contacted with. You have find teachers like the ones at Providence they care for these young ladies as if each and everyone of them were one of their very own. Alicia Martinez
10/14/2009otherAllows young women in our area the chance to reach their goals in a very positive atmosphere.
10/14/2009parentprovidence is a wonderful educational school.
10/14/2009studentIt is my favorite school, I've been too, the teachers and students are great, they make me feel comfortable
10/3/2009otherI attended there and value the girls only high school for my recognition of the deeper values of life, and the opportunity for leadership training for young women
8/28/2009parentThis is the first year that our daughter was anxious to return to school. She had a wonderful summer but missed her friends and teachers, yes - I wrote teachers. Providence truly is a wonderful place for young women - challenging curriculum and empowering enviroment! Give your daughter the Providence advantage, it is worth it!
4/2/2009parentAlthough my daughter left her senior year to go to a public school. (She wanted to be in the top 10% so she can get into UT) she had met life long friends at Providence. In fact every so often several Provets get together and just chat. Providence not only has prepared my daughter for UT, but also to cherish her friends from Providence.
1/8/2009parentProvidene High School is the best kept secret in San Antonio Texas. It's college work and ethic at a high school setting. The traditions and school spirit at PHS are incredible and the pride of being a 'Provet' is passed down through each class. I sent my oldest daughter to the other all- girls school in San Antonio, and she did not like it at all. She and her younger sister then went to Providence and found that it suited them better. I would honestly say that it is the better of the two all-girls schools in San Antonio, with all due respect to that other school. The staff truly cares about your daughters and they empower her to succed in a superior male society. When you walk through the front doors, you feel at home. Everyone here is truly a big family.
11/4/2008studentI attribute my success in college to my years at Providence. While I was in high school I longed to go to public school but as an adult I realize I wouldn't have developed such a strong foundation anywhere else. I now thank my parents for shelling out the extra cash to send me there.
1/10/2008otherAs an alumni of Providence High School I can assure any student or parent that the experience and education of an all female school is definetly worth the tution and time. I loved the small classroom size, the personal attention I received from the fantastic faculty and the positive values that were instilled in every student that are carried until and after graduation. As a soon to be college graduate and a prospective medical student I am forever grateful for my parents for sending me to such a great school.
12/30/2005former studentA great education in a great environment. Small classes with lots of individual attention given to each student. A well rounded academic curriculum with experienced teachers who have life experience. (Living abroad, etc.) Limited honors/advanced courses available unless taken at Central Catholic HS. There are a number of extracurricular activities available for those intersted in sports but a limited selection for those interested in other things; drama, art, music etc. While they are offered, the extent and resources dedicated to these other programs is not as great.
12/26/2005parentProvidence offers great academic programs. The teachers are very helpful and are available to tutor. My daughter started Providence as a freshman on an academic probation. She was able to learn and improve her grades to be removed from probation with the first 4 months. She is now a junior and is in honor roll. The study skills that she learned while a freshman have helped to continue to succeed and maintain her grades. Providence also offers many extracurricular activities, including sports, music and art. My daughter enjoys art and has been pleased with her teacher. Parents are involved. There is communication between the parents, faculty and administration.

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