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Westlake Academy
2600 Ottinger Road
Westlake, TX 76262
(817) 490-5757
charter | K-12
County: Denton


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10/21/2012otherAs a recent graduate of Westlake Academy I can say many things. The academic strength of the institution is high, but as with any school, what you get is equivalent to what you put in. The teachers care more than anything in the world, which is great. Yet, the school does little in regards to peer bullying and caters greatly towards those without learning disabilities. A beautiful school with faculty that really care, but with students who would rather pave their way to a bright future than to lifelong friendships or balanced lifestyles. If I did it again, I wouldn't go back. Surrounding schools have on par academic programs, stronger arts programs, and the possibilities of having a class size greater than 28. A good place for those who don't have trouble in academia, but not for those who wish to have a diverse group of friends.
10/6/2012otherThis is my 8th year at Westlake Academy and I love it here! The faculty is amazing and the care about each student and their learning. They guide you at your own pace of learning and you are taught directly from the IB curriculum. Students fit in with each other and you get to know everyone in the entire school. I really recommend this school to everyone because of the faculty, students, IB curriculum and it is an amazing school!!
8/13/2012parentAppalled that an adult would use this board to "name" a specific teacher (who hasn't been at the school for over a year) and call them out. I had the same teacher for two different children and found her to be nothing like was mentioned in the disparaging review below. Sounds more like a personal attack than a "review". Our children have been at WA for 7 years. We find it to be challenging and they are learning to be well rounded students. They are taught to be good citizens and learning much more than simply math, reading and science. Each year this young school improves and there are plenty of opportunities for parents to get involved and be active in their children's education. There are negative people wherever you choose. Pick the school that works for your child and one which WANTS you, the parent, to be involved.
1/30/2012parentAll I have to say are good things about the school. I feel my daughter is now getting a better education in terms of strong and solid curriculum. I feel she's going to be prepared to compete with Other students in college and will be better prepared. I love that it's small and students have this ambiance of small community and fellowship. I specially enjoy the topics they are discussing in world history. I feel that the school is really preparing them to be international citizens. An this is the least I expect for my child. I am bilingual and my daughter is trilingual . There's do much more you expect from your kids and it's our duty to offer them the very best. This is why Im proud to say that she's a student at Westlake academy !
7/18/2011parentWestlake's second graduating class (May 2011) of 32 seniors received over $4.5 million in scholarships. The Academy is rated EXEMPLARY again this year. The teachers are invested in their careers. Parents are invested--they helped contribute over $500,000 this year. What's not to love??
1/23/2011parentConfused re: low performance comments. The school repeatedly attains exemplary status, regardless of the fact that the focus is not on teaching to the TAKS. Recently, last year's first senior class returned for a visit and reported that they have had an easy transition to college life and academics, despite the fact that many of them are enrolled in challenging &/or honors college programs. That alone has sold me on our decision to send our child to WA. He has been there 2 yrs, & the level of work to which he has been exposed (in primary) has been much more complex and cognitively challenging than that of his same grade peers in the local "exemplary" public elementary. I don't disagree that some amount of parental involvement is required for success in this setting, but, then again, why have children if you're not willing or able to spend time them, helping with schoolwork or otherwise??
9/21/2010parentOur son attended school here for one year, and after a disappointing year, we decided to leave. MANY other students and families have also recently left the school. Although we believe firmly in the school's mission statement and are impressed with the IB program, their execution of the program is abysmal. The school is run by a Board and Town CEO with absolutely no background in education, changes are made seemingly at a whim, turnover of teachers and administrative staff is high, and a small group of wealthy parents enjoys a disproportionate amount of influence over decision-makers. Our son actually did well at Westlake, but the lack of structure, proper supervision, and truly rigorous academic instruction led us back to our local public school in Carroll ISD.
5/11/2010parentBest learning enviornment and most involved parents I have ever seen.
12/17/2009parentMy son attended a private K-12 school in the Northeast, so when we learned that we were moving to TX, we had high expectations for his new school. Westlake Academy has not disappointed! We sought WA out specifically for the IB curriculum offered K-12 (our old school was IB for 11th and 12th only). WA is a place where students learn to understand, respect and appreciate their own and other world cultures, where they are taught to take responsibility for their own learning, and where critical thinking and interdisciplinary work is the norm. I've loved the creativity and depth of my son's projects and assignments (and he's really enjoyed them, too!). Yes, the curriculum is rigorous. But how refreshing to heighten expectations about student potential and achievement, see these kids meet every challenge...then show you how high the bar really can go? That's why our son is at WA.
5/2/2009parentGreat school! Great faculty and wonderful students. The curriculum is challenging because it is not taken straight from a textbook. Students are pushed to use their own minds rather than memorizing from boring textbooks. Heavy focus on critical thinking and community/world responsibility.
4/30/2009parentIf you can even get in this school, you'll see that children who lack self-motivation will probably have difficulty here. This school is really effective for more advanced learners who are self-motivated, but children whose parents cannot be as involved in their lives tend to struggle in such a demanding academic atmosphere that requires personal responsibility. We were forced to remove our children because typical area public schools will cater more to students who need more external motivation. I wouldn't recommend this school for 'average' students or parents who do not have time to work with their children at home. This type of school was too much of a committment for my family because my job requires me to spend much time out of town and my children are not as self motivated as most of WA students.
3/31/2009parentWe have been at Westlake Academy from the very beginning and have never second guessed our initial decision to enroll our children in the IB program. We have watched them gain confidence and knowledge that is not offered by any other private or public school in our area. While the school has undergone expected growth and changes it has never failed to give our children everything that has been promised. I have no doubt that they have become lifelong learners, with a respect and understanding of diversity that many of us may never grasp. Thank you to the original school Founders, the ongoing support of positive parents, the students of Westlake Academy, who along with phenomenal teachers make this school so very special and a true honor to be a part of.
3/30/2009parentWhere did they get this Head of School? He is the most disrespectful and rude person in the world! He treats teachers, parents and sometimes students as if they were making him a favor by paying attention to them. An open and safe communication style is necessary. It is a such a great school that it is a shame that he is creating such a stressful environment.
3/15/2009parentAfter extensive research, we've gladly committed our children's education to the IB concept at Westlake Academy. If an Exemplary rating on the TEKS is mediocre, not to mention PSAT scores well above national averages, & letters arriving daily from highly reputed universities, we'll stay right where we are. WA continues to grow, improve & inspire! The IB concept is not only wonderful, it works & is respected the world over. Although some haven't found WA to be the best fit, many Westlake families remain in this school of 420+ students (K-11 currently) situated in this little town of only 700 residents. And, the numbers are growing. Westlake citizens should be PROUD of the fact that their leaders had the foresight to start this IB school... school & city leaders from all over the state & nation have visited the campus in hopes of duplicating these efforts. It's a terrific education!
3/13/2009parentEngage in extensive research before you commit your child s future to Westlake Academy. Absence of leadership, no curriculum, ill-prepared teachers, no text books, and lack of funding contribute to the school s mediocre performance. The IB is wonderful in concept; however, it is unrecognizable at WA. Sadly, the most outstanding feature of the academy is the pastoral setting. The school was built primarily for the residents of Westlake, but only a handful of families remain. The majority have moved on to superior public & private schools in the area. Even school board members have removed their children from this school. That fact alone should make you think twice before enrolling. Students who left Westlake have had to do extensive remedial work to catch up with their peers. If only I had known, I would have never risked my child s education on the unproven program offered at Westlake Academy. You've been warned.
2/5/2009studenti love this school, it is amazing. i am learning so much in the IB invironment, and the teachers genuinely care about each student. i would recommend my school to anyone, any day.
1/18/2009studentI do not like it here. My old school was better. Everyone is very rich at this school except me. Fine.
4/22/2008parentWe have 2 children at Westlake and have been very happy. They learn reading, writing, math, science, language, arts, and music and still have tons of fun. They hardly emphasizes on the standard test, yet my son got a perfect score on reading this year. My kindergartener reads abd write her own books. Excellent school and continue to get better!
3/26/2008teacherWestlake academy is truly excellent because of its supportive, dedicated community: students, parents, and teachers alike. The parents offer fantastic support, the teachers work hard to ensure a top-quality education, and the children push themselves to achieve. I am continually awed by how poised and articulate our students are.
12/6/2007studentI have gone to this school since it started and its changed me for the better. This school gives its students a real-life experience. It is like working in a small business. In this school you are encourage to work together, other than individually like in public schools. You do learn how to work as an individual but also with other people. This school is amazing and if there was anyway that my children could go to a school like this when I have children would be great and I would do whatever I could to get them in that school.
12/5/2007studentI have gone to this school since it has started, and it has been a changing experience. I started here in fourth grade, and I am currently in eighth grade. At my old school, we move at a slower pace, which was fine since everyone got the attention they needed, but this school is a great experience. The teachers here are wonderful, and they give you help if you need it and they expect and assign to you what they know you have the potential to do. The classes taught are great, and the extra-curricular activities are fun to take part in. I myself am on the basketball team, and I would not be the student or athlete I am if I did not go to this school. It has helped me in many ways.
12/2/2007studenti transferred here from Keller High just this year, and i am amazed at the differance. everybody at this school is very nice, including the teachers. here, i have not yet seen any discrimination or bullying like i saw at my old school. the teachers are very nice, but very strict to. but i like this, because at keller teachers just let the kids walk all over them. also, here students are actually very respectful to the teachers, which i did not see a lot of in keller. the work is hard, and there is a lot of it, but like the person before me said, it is also very fun. at keller, all i did was memorize stuff, but here i feel as though i actually understand it. i really love this school, and i think everybody who wants a real, open-minded education should come here.
11/30/2007studentI have been at this school for about 4 and a half years, since the school first began. I have to say that Westlake Academy has honestly been the best thing that has ever happened to me. The teachers all know us personally and spend so much extra time striving to let us all reach our maximum potential. The work is challenging, but we do so many interesting activities, that is is hard to notice. We rarely read from textbooks. Instead, our classes debate, discuss and analyze. The class sizes are small, so I know everyone in my grade extremely well. There are plenty of people who love to pick on this school, but I honestly cannot understand why. Certaintly you can dislike and leave the school, but there is no need to publicly ridicule it. If you dislike WA, don't go there.
11/14/2007parentWhat an amazing school! My family moved to Westlake because of the Academy and we are delighted to see how our children have now the possibility to receive an outstanding education. The mission of the school is clear and aligned with what our children need to be successful adults. Again, Westlake Academy is a blessing!
10/25/2007parentAfter being involved with the Westlake Academy for four years we decided to remove our children and go else where. The school has great potential, but is academically unchallenging, has poor leadership, and is incapable of competing with the local public schools. The complex is beautiful and the children look adorable in the uniforms, but the 'excellence' ends there.
7/15/2007teacherAs a teacher at Westlake Academy for the past three years, I am in an ideal positon to comment on how the school has progressed throughout its short history. It has gone from a new, inexperienced edcuational institute to a model school, which others are following. Not only does the Academy prepare students academically (TAKS and Stanford test scores are far better than State and surrounding schools), more importantly, it provides the scaffolding needed for students to be international lifelong learners. I have had the real pleasure of seeing these students develop and mature over three years, in such a way that has amazed teachers, parents and the students themselves. The curriculum is international in content, challenging and really does require thought and understanding. It is not simply a facility where students are taught to read a text book, regurgitate the information and take a test. They learn how to think.
7/12/2007parentAfter 4 years we are seriously considering leaving. As of the last month of school, our teacher was still incapable of spelling our child's name correctly. The children were ridiculed for incorrect answers, and the parents are ignored. I would not recommend this school to anyone who felt their child is more than a number from which state funds are collected.
4/14/2007parentWestlake Academy is an excellent school. My children have are challenged academically and supported emotionally. The teachers are highly qualified professionals that know the students and encourage them to meet their potential. The Head of School is knowledgeable and compassionate. I am extremely happy with our decision to move to Westlake because of Westlake Academy.
9/18/2006parentThis is a great school! This is an IBO school (International Baccalaureate Organization) motivated by its educational mission, focused on the student. All of the classes and programs encourage students across the world to become active, compassionate and lifelong learners who understand that other people, with their differences, can also be right. In all of the US there are only 4 IBO schools that offer primary years thru a high school diploma and this on one of them. Great teachers! The quality of the education is excellent...it is apparent in the test scores for the school. My children LOVE this school. Spanish, strings, art, music, sports, school newspaper, foreign exchange student program,and other extracurricular activities are great! We are so grateful that our children are attending this school...we could not be happier!
4/10/2006teacherThe teachers are very well prepared and the principal has done a wonderful job at recruiting people from all around the world - england, Uruguay, Denmark, Mexico, Puerto Rico, to provide the students with a more solid cultural background. The school not only strives to be multicultural but bilingual. Students are taught a second language since kindergarten. A wonderful school!
9/9/2005former studentThis was not a good school. My child's TAKS score went down. Principal unavailable.
9/14/2004parentMy daughter loves this school! She is in fourth grade at Westlake and after finishing K-3 at an 'exemplary' public school, this school is a breath of fresh air for her. She has gotten more out of the past three weeks at Westlake than she has in the past four years in public school! In addition to important math, science, reading, and social studies lessons she is also learning to play the cello (a once per week strings lesson required by all students in 1st-4th grades), she is learning Spanish from a very enthusiastic teacher. The art teachers are amazing - one of them is a theatrical costume designer. In P.E. class the students learn more than how to play the game. They learn why physical fitness and healthy lifestyle and eating habits are important. All of this has been experienced in just three weeks!
5/7/2004parentThey try to look like some exclusive prep school. The school tuition is nothing and we got what we paid for. My child attended for 4 months before we realized this school was ill-prepared for students. Teachers were not up to standards. No curriculum was followed. No text books. They make you sign a Handbook of rules that they don't have to follow themselves. More Internet worksheets came from this school then traditional public. We were there for the 'academic' challenge but we got more 'challenge' then we wanted. They will tell you this school is not for everyone. I think it is not for anyone! They need to get the 'act' together because that is just what they are selling an act.

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