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Lord Botetourt High School - Daleville, VA

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School NameAddressPhoneGradesCountyTypeDistrict Name
Lord Botetourt High School1435 Roanoke Rd
Daleville, VA 24083
(540) 992-12619-12BotetourtpublicBotetourt County Public Schools

School Head OfficialYear
Mr. Alan S. Brenner2009

Students Getting Free LunchYear

9/20/2010parentMy daughter is new to public school this year and has enjoyed her transition into LB. I appreciate the English teachers email updates of class assignments.
5/29/2009parentThe school has excellent opportunities for college bound student to study a wide range of subjects.
1/18/2009studentIn my opinion the staff gives way to much special attention to the athleic students and the friends of their own children who go to the school. Other than that and the constant drama that is at every school I love LBHS. I'm a senior this year and I'm more then ready to graduate. Botetourt County is a great place to raise a family and to send your children to for a great education. I know that if it wasn't for certain teachers threw out my high school career who helped me. I would't be going to college in the fall.
9/8/2008studentLord Botetourt is amazing, i love it there are so many things to do and and a wide variety of classes to chosse from. Forget what these parents are saying i have never had a teacher in my three years at LB who did not care about me or my grades. Every teacher i have had has offered extra help and morning tutoring session for those who need it. This is a great school with alot of great staff. I have friends from many other schools and none of them enjoy their schools like people who attend LB. I have so much fun in school that i look forward to walking in every morning. Over the past three years LB has cleaned up termindissly its actually one of the cleanest high schools in the area now. Yes the SOLs are a huge foccus but that is not the schools fault.
1/17/2008studentThis is a very good school in my opinion. You can make friends easily and have fun. The teachers and staff are very friendly and can help you with just about anything. I also love all the choices of classes you can chose from. I also enjoy all the athletic programs too. The only bad things about the school is drug use and to the SOLs yes there is more concentration on them than thinking skills, but that is not the school's fault (i believe, you can blame it on the NCLB act) other wise it's a good school. Go Cavs!
8/22/2007parentI believe that the school need to be more informative about their student attendance to the parents.
5/27/2007parentI have been highly disappointed in this school for my child. She has fallen behind and none of the teachers have seemed to care. Overall, i am extremly sprised on how terrible Lord Botetourt's activities and teacher quality.
9/27/2005parentMy daughter is a senior at LBHS. There are many excellent teachers there, but the concentration appears to be on passing the SOL's rather than critical thinking skills. She rarely has homework at home (they are given class time to do it) which she enjoys but I think the transition to college will therefore be very challenging. The guidance counselors talk to the child, not to the parent and I do not feel we received the guidance appropriate for her abilities. In the junior high where she started in this community, cutting is popular among the girls (vs. anorexia) and in both JH and HS there were death threats against her - a difficult place to join at that age, particularly when you are popular with the boys. The resource officer was helpful as was guidance with these issues. Buses dangerous/overcrowded, classrooms tight. COunty growing w/o thought to the schools.
9/9/2003parentMy son attends Lord Botetourt High School, and I have found the teachers to be very good. They all take an interest in the students and relate to them very well. The administration makes an effort to know the students. I feel the overall experience at this school is favorable. I am comfortable knowing my son attends, participates in extracurricular activities, and is having a positive high school experience.

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