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Norfolk Christian Schools
255 Thole St
Norfolk, VA 23505
(757) 423-5770
private | PK-12
County: Norfolk city


3/2/2012parentThis is a wonderful school! My children love it! They enjoy their classes and the teachers are the best!
12/22/2010otherI just want to give shout out for the students that actually did like Norfolk Christian! I went there from 4th-12th grade and actually loved it. The classes are difficult and I always felt challenged and I really enjoyed essentially all of my teachers. A lot of the drama is there, but I aimed to just try to rise above it a little, ignore it and just focus on academics. I do have to say that it was hard taking bible classes there because it turns your faith, i believe, into schoolwork and it becomes so much less of a relationship with God and more of a task. Other than that it's a great school and i'm glad with how tremendously its growing athletically, and literally with new buildings.
5/14/2010otherI've been a student here for a long time. And if you want an administration that shoves their beliefs down your throat and tries to turn everyone into their idea of a Christian, go here. But I doubt you want that. The administration has an idea in their head of what a Christian should be. And if you don't fit that , then they think it's their mission to get you to be like that - like them. The administration is insanely political. Certain wealthy families rule the school board and can basically make the administration do whatever they want - because they provide money. The tuition is incredibly high, but the classes are lacking and the teachers barely get paid. Where does the tuition money go? I still don't understand that. The Christianity displayed here is fake and judging and closeminded. My kids will NEVER go here.
7/15/2009parentMy son has attended this school for 1st and 2nd grade... I had to post a comment in support of this school after reading the negative student review... the high school is modern with AC and a seniors lounge perk. We have PTC meetings here which are very comfortable. Also, they have open applications for aid with efforts to help anyone who needs extra funds to afford this school. I cannot beleive the complaints I read but discount the validity based on 'student's' opinion. He or she may be having a 'bad day' with the teacher.
3/2/2009parentI just wanted to comment that my daughter went to NCS for middle and part of high school, then transferred to a public school. She says that the academics at the public school, though she is in honors classes, are not as rigorous as the honors classes at NCS. She is not in the International Bacclaureate Program, so she might thinkly differently if she was.
1/23/2009otherI attended Norfolk Christian for 14 very long years (pre-k through 12). At that time, they valued so-called 'Christian' education over quality - the lack of advanced classes and academic opportunities was astounding for the amount of money put forth by my family. We had no air conditioning at the high school level. The diverse, wonderful body of Christ does not only look like the right-winged, white, privileged, one-sided opinions put forth by NCS. I know there have been a lot of changes to NCS in its exterior apperance. Hopefully these changes have been extended to the other parts of the school as well. All I know is that my children will never attend this school.
1/19/2009parentNCS parent of 14 years. NCS is an excellent school. I am stunned by the negative comments. NCS partners with National Institute of Learning Disabilities and has a resource classroom designed for academically challenged students. It has a Gifted Program for the child who excels. Developmental education is the approach in the lower school, reaching each child EXACTLY where they are at. My 3 children have had an average scored of 90th percentile on standardized tests. NCS has an open door policy and you can walk in and see the administrator about your child at any time. NCS is accredited by three top accreditation boards: SACS, VAIS and ACSI. Your child will be fully prepared for college. This is a school to consider for your child.
11/17/2008studentnorfolk christian schools is one of the best schools ever. since i've been there i have not had problems with any student or teacher there. no matter what anyone says it dosen't any better than norfolk christian
4/27/2007parentMy husband and I have a 14 year old daughter that attends this school and we have been trying to obtain a report card since she was in 6th grade. In this amount of time we have received only one and that was her 2nd semester of her 6th grade year--she is now in 8th grade. The school (Principals, Headmaster, Secretary's Communications Director, among others) has received numerous emails, phone calls, voice mails that have not been returned. We are not included in any information that her maternal mother receives even though we are good parents that want to be involved. The only time this school uses a stamp on my husband and myself is when they are requesting bonus's for the teachers or money to expand. We just want what other parents have--the opportunity to receive information about the school life of our child. This school has shut us out.
2/3/2007parentClassrooms for third graders are overcrowded, teachers not experienced enough to deal with children that are smart. Teacher in third grade try to make all the children on the same level. There has to be a difference in the children, all of them can't be graded the same. Grading system not good.
6/3/2006parentI went to Norfolk Christian my entire school career. I could not have received a better education in this area. My daughter has now started Preschool at the school. I could not be happier with the teach involvement and concern for my child's education.
3/27/2006parentThis is our 9th year at Norfolk Christian (PK-7th grade). Our daughter is in 7th grade and our son is in 3rd grade. You cannot find a more state-of-the-art school with a solid Christian focus in the Hampton Roads area. The teachers are caring and the elementary school is absolutely wonderful. Middle school is difficult no matter where your child goes, but they are taught moral and spiritual values here that they will not receive elsewhere. If you want a Christian education with academic excellence, this is the school for you. There is some financial assistance available, as well.

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