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School Profile

Brookland Middle School
9200 Lydell Dr
Richmond, VA 23228
(804) 261-5000
public | 6-8
County: Henrico


  School Head OfficialYear
Ms. Martha J. Fouad2009
  Students Getting Free LunchYear
4/18/2012parentI wish i had done my research on this school before i moved to the area. From the first day i went to the school it was such a turn off, some students dressed as if they were going to the club,teachers sent about 3 students to the office to change. The students were using foul language and teachers just walked by without saying a word, seems like they are afraid of the students. On the first day my child started, he was teased about his clothes being "Gay" which was just a regular buttoned shirts and jeans, they asked if he was "Gay" because he has a "soft voice"..note he is in 6th grade. Students throw papers across the classroom. He was also grabbed on the butt which made him uncomfortable. I can go on and on about what happened during his first week at the school. He is coming from Pocahontas Middle School and i would definately give them a 10 star. I am not saying all the students are that bad, but something needs to be done at this school. They need to be more strict. Will definately be trying to move my child, i honestly fear for his safety. I feel so bad when my child comes home crying to me that he doesn't wanna go back there.
9/26/2011parentBrookland Middle School may not be the better school in the area, but those students work very hard there. BMS have a new Principal this year, and the school is getting renovations. Parental involvement may need some improvements, but that goes with any school. The teachers really care about the students they teach. As parents, my husband and I connect with our daughter teachers right from the beginning.
5/18/2011otherI only hear the teachers are good there, but we all hope there will be parental improvement quickly?
10/7/2010parentTwo of my children have attended BMS and it is terrible. Henrico County does NOT care about the well being of our children or our teachers. Some of the teachers and staff are great. Some of them need to GO. The administration is terrible and the children are basically permitted to do what they please, because the admin. staff does not want to deal with it. The classes are again over populated and the teachers appear to all hate it there. Maybe when Henrico gives this school a badly needed face lift and they get rid of some of the staff that should retire and or find another line of work, the school will improve. In conclusion Henrico NEEDS to step in, for our children"s education is at stake.
1/22/2010parentBrookland Middle School is one of the best schools in the county. The teachers have been extermely communicative with me, about my child and go beyond the call of duty to help their students. I feel that folks are judging the school to harshly. You get what you give. If you are not involved or interested in your childs education, then you can't complain if you get nothing back. They have been great with my child, and I know when my second child attends in a couple of years it will still be excellent.
6/5/2009parentMy son is in his second year at BMS. His teachers are great in that they communicate with me and understand his learning disabilities. The problems we have encountered have been some of the students and how they seem to get away with their inappropriate behavior that includes language and bullying. Another area of concern is the administrators' attitude in dealing with problems - there have been a number of times when I have called to speak to someone and it is 2 days before a call is returned and then then response is 'Oh, well.'
3/19/2009studentI have a lot to say about Brookland. Most teachers are fantastic, with very few exceptions. The curriculum in the advanced/accelerated classes is challenging. If you had trouble in private school, you can try the regular classes. If you breezed by in private, the accelerated classes are a perfect fit! Athletics are good and the classrooms are tidy. The gym is nice, as well. You can carry around your book bag so you don't forget something in your locker as in most schools. The students at BMS are kind for the most part, and the principal and administrators are understanding. Technology is wonderful. You get the privilege of having an apple iBook. You can use it for reports, slide shows, and even making web sites. There are a few drawbacks. However, it could all be solved if people went straight to class without hanging out in the hall. Go Cubs!
3/19/2009studentThis school needs to be shutdown. 1.health for children 2. teachers are horrible 3.way to many restictions on the computers 4. has no renovations 5.teachers dont care about the students
12/16/2008studentI think(As a 6 grader Of BMS), That the school is great. I love the campus and the teachers are Fantastic. I have no problems with the view or the students. I have a lot of friends there and i enjoy being there. It is not a lot of homework,And i Like how it is like a College Campus. The computers are cool.Brookland is the best school Ever!
11/18/2008parentMy child attend Brookland 2 years ago. The school was horrible. He was in all advanced classes, their were so many dicipline problems learning was almost impossible. The administration and county leaders should be ashamed to have Brookland preforming so badly. The reputation in the distric is embarrising. The teachers are VERY aware of the behavior issues but choose to look the other way until the poblems are out of control. I will never send any of my other children to Brookland. My son had serious making up to do once he entered high school due to the lack of education he recieved at Brookland(and he ws an advanced Honors student there). Patents should explore EVERY aternitave option before enrolling their child. One last note,the students for the most part are not children you want influencing your pre-teen!
11/17/2008parentMy children are new to public school this year, and they are loving Brookland. They love the campus-style layout (one loves talking about things going on 'around campus'). The teachers have been great, and the accelerated level classes are terrific. The 'regular' level classes are fine, though from what one of my children says, there are a lot of students present in these classes that are not interested in learning. Go for accelerated classes, if possible. Guidance is extremely helpful, and the principal is very friendly and interactive with students, teachers, and parents alike. My daughter was thrilled when she started a chat with her on 'School Space.' Yes, the school is old (though I understand that it will be undergoing a facelift) and it is not a perfect environment, but there is much to recommend it, and the high standards of Henrico Co. Schools are very much in evidence here.
10/14/2008parentBrookland is old and broken. My daughter hates the school. I have never seen a school so filled with hate until I seen Brookland. I would prefer a school that is more interested in learning or the education of children. Henrico county schools are a full grade level behind on History. And I find that is an issue. These kids are not stupid. They are very bright.
8/21/2008parentI have had two children to attend Brookland Middle School and they have thrived here. My children's pediatrician also attended Brookland and has good things to say about BMS. It is a wonderful school that you will get as you give.
6/29/2008parentI think the school is great for students that want to learn. However, I'm not sure if I like the new principal. It seems as though she just snuck in ther without a formal introduction. My child just graduated from the school and I have other children that may attend, but I'm actually considering Moody M. S. My child only had one incident there in all 3 years of attending as an honors student and they suspended my child for a very minor incident, which could've been avoided had the administration been doing their job. That situation really put a bad taste in my mouth because they talked about my child as if he/she were a menace. I guess they can forget about me signing up for the PTA.
4/19/2008parentI agree, the teachers seem like they do not have the necessary tools to handle their students. Their dicipline rules are ridiculous. My son has gotten suspended 5 times since he's been there and most of the suspensions could have been avoided by setting detention but Brooklands only answer to resolve the problem is to Suspend the student, to me it seems as if that's easier for them to do. FYI this is my son's 1st year there. I can't stand the school.
10/16/2007parentThis is my third year as a parent at Brookland it is not getting any better. Teachers lack the tools to handle all types of students.
10/12/2006parentI currently have a child enrolled there and I think it is a horrendous school. The teachers seem to lack any concern for the children there. Their tardy rules are ridiculous. I plan on moving out of the district ASAP. I am in utter shock that Western Henrico would have a school like this. I believe that there is no way my child can be safe in enviroment like that especially with all the violence going on in today's world.
9/22/2006parentWe had two children at this school, from 2002 through 2006. Physically, it is a dump and depressing to look at, which hopefully will soon be addressed with a major and extremely long-overdue renovation (this school opened in 1958 and seems to never have been renovated). The principals and staff were always available, respectful and helpful. Unfortunately, the teachers here were a real mixed bag as far as ability and discipline were concerned, but for the most part they were good to deal with, too. The main problem seems to be the student body, which appears to be in a long, slow slide downhill, in terms of academic achievement and behavior. Especially behavior. This place has become rough in a physical sense, regardless of what the administration tries to enforce. Overall, I also would have to advise against moving into BMS's district.
8/5/2004parentThis is not a good school. There are physical fights between students and the situations are not addressed. I was not even informed by the school, my child had to tell me. Teachers are fed up with students who keep getting suspended and return to their classes only to disrupt the children that are trying to learn.

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