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John Hay Elementary School - Seattle, WA

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School NameAddressPhoneGradesCountyTypeDistrict Name
John Hay Elementary School201 Garfield St
Seattle, WA 98109
(206) 252-2100K-5KingpublicSeattle Public Schools

Ethnic BackgroundPercentYear
White, non-Hispanic75.642010
Black, non-Hispanic4.062010
Asian/Pacific Islander13.252010
Native American or Native Alaskan0.852010

Students per TeacherYear

School Head OfficialYear
Karen Hanson2011

Students Getting Free LunchYear

8/9/2011parentWe had hoped it was going to be as good as the ratings but we had a very poor experience last year and pulled our son out as a result. We moved over to Seattle mid year and got a third grade teacher for our son that the the teacher who was rigid, outdated, and a very poor communicator. From the first week when my son was trying to transition to a new school he was kept in from recess almost daily. I tried to work with her, explaining he had focus issues and had never been in trouble before she didn't answer emails. The principle was sympathetic but she said she had known the teacher wasn't a good fit but the school was full to the top and there wasn't any where to move him. We felt we had no where to turn or much support. Since we left we have been approached by several parents that she has been a big problem for many years but no action was taken. I would not recommend John Hay.
8/26/2010parentThis is a GREAT school from an education stand point. I do find the school to be clicky, buy I am not there to make friends so to speak. There is a lot of parent involvement in the school and classrooms and as a result some parents do seem to get what they want. It can be annoying as favoritism is definitely noticeable. People say it doesn't happen etc but it does. Teachers can be great but as in most cases it depends on who you get. NOT all the teachers are great. This school can be a blessing and a curse as the education is awesome but the school has its downsides. I am sure most parents won't agree with this, but once you have had a bad experience at the school it changes how you view it.
5/18/2010parentHigh academic standards and performance! Awesome staff who work very hard and love working together! Children have fun and get along well while learning important life skills! Parents are a wonderful part of our team and always welcome. So, children, teachers, staff, parents all contribute to the best school I've ever seen or been in! John Hay rocks!!!
5/17/2010parentTeachers, staff, parents and community support are all what make John Hay a wonderful school.
5/11/2010parentFantastic support from the parents and the community!
5/6/2010parentI love John Hay for the teachers, the community and the kids! It's a great place to learn and grow.
5/2/2010otherGreat school, great teachers...very involved in each child. A very welcoming environment...terrific neighborhood school
5/2/2010parentThe faculty and staff are passionate and enthusiastic about their students, and about about helping kids learn --- and that's contagious ! The students feed off that energy, and the result is a learning environment that promotes excitement, creativity and achievement. Our granddoughter and her friends actually look forward to going to school !
4/30/2010parentThe teachers and staff deeply care about the students and are exceptional educators!
4/30/2010parentParents, teachers, administrators, support staff, and community truly work as a team to provide students with the best public education possible.
4/30/2010parentJohn Hay is filled with teachers who create an incredible learning environment for every child to thrive and kids full of energy and enthusiasm.
4/30/2010parentJohn Hay is a wonderful school with super dedicated teachers!!! My granddaughter loves learning and is off to a great start with her education.
4/30/2010otherIt is a loving, caring school where my granddaughters are thriving in academics and compassion.
4/29/2010parentThree years at this school have still not changed my opinion that this school is above and beyond any public school you will ever experience in the U.S. Fabulous. Great teachers, great administration, great families, great community.
4/29/2010parentTeachers and administrators create an encouraging environment and put the children's needs, success and safety first.
4/29/2010parentMy daughter is an alumn from John Hay and I have a son who is a 2nd grader. Both have absolutely loved going to Hay and have been very motivated by the positive learning environment the teachers and staff provide. The first time we walked through the door at Hay it had a very unique and strong spirit about it and we knew instinctively that it was a good fit for our kids and family.
4/29/2010parentThis is a high achieving school with a dedicated staff collaborating with parents and the community to provide a pathway to the stars for EVERY student!
4/29/2010parentGreat school. The kids LOVE to learn and it's all because of our fantastic Teachers!
4/29/2010parentJohn Hay has many excellent teachers and enjoys strong parent and neighborhood support.
4/29/2010parentDedicated teachers, involved parents, attention to detail and striving for excellence make this one of the best elementary schools in the state.
4/29/2010parentJohn Hay is an incredible neighborhood school. Academic excellence, great teachers and staff and a caring and involved community. Who could ask for more?
4/29/2010parentThe teachers and staff are so personable and dedicated. They make both students and parents feel appreciated. Our kids are getting the very best education.
4/29/2010parentGreat neighborhood school, with very involved community. Good teachers and constantly improving education system
4/29/2010parentGreat teachers, excellent academic results, and a wonderful group of committed parents and community that supports our school.
4/29/2010parentGreat teacing and administrative staff. There is very active parent participation.
4/29/2010parentI love John Hay because it includes community and global education, connecting our kids the world in a positive way.
4/29/2010parentI love John Hay Elementary because the teachers, administration, parents and kids all work together to make it a great place to learn. I am so happy that my children go to a school where everyone cares about them and they are a genuine part of the community.
4/29/2010parentWe have been at John Hay for 2 years. The teachers, staff and parent involvement makes me proud to be a part of this community.
4/29/2010parentThe teachers, administration, parents and community have established a great place to learn for our children.
4/29/2010parentJohn Hay has great teachers and tons of parent involvement. The result of which is a great school that produces kids that are well grounded in the fundamentals.
4/29/2010parentThey really care about our kids and help them learn in so many ways!
4/29/2010otherGreat atmosphere for learning. Amazing parent involvement. Fun place to volunteer.
4/29/2010parentI love the way the faculty and staff show their enthusiasm for all they do!
4/29/2010parentI love John Hay for what it has done for my daughter. I love the fact that she loves to learn because of the teachers and her wonderful fellow classmates!
4/29/2010parentHay has great teachers, leadership and parent support. The school has an environment where all kids have an opportunity to be successful!
4/29/2010parentGreat teachers, leaders and involved parents! My daughter loves it!
4/29/2010parentI have watched my children literally blossom at John Hay Elementary!
4/28/2010parentSuper caring and friendly staff, fantastic teachers and a VERY involved parent community make Hay an environmnet in which kids thrive socially and academically. We are so lucky to have this school in our neighborhood. Our son just loves going to Kindergarten there.
4/28/2010parentWhat a great combination of strong academics, supportive teachers, and an exceptional community of parents and families!
4/28/2010parentThe incredible, dedicated teachers; the amazing, friendly staff; and the committed parent community combine to make this a truly exceptional school. My children are getting an excellent education and a wonderful community---we are so lucky!!
4/28/2010parentIt is a safe environment with caring teachers and numerous additional programs to supplement the outstanding curriculum.
4/28/2010teacher'It takes a community' and that is exactly what we are!
4/28/2010parentExcellent teachers, strong parent involvement, dedicated leaders, community pride
12/27/2009parentI can imagine a better introduction to a lifetime of learning. This school is outstanding! We had the most loving, creative and experienced kindergarten teacher, great interactions with the principal, and we made tons of new friends this past year. If you are lucky enough to get a spot in this school, you'll soon see what I'm talking about. John Hay is one big family and completely kid-centric! There's no other place I'd rather send my children. Yes, there's a parent volunteer in just about every classroom at any given time. Parents raise oodles of money to support tutors and Spanish. The community involvement, support and fund-raising are unbelievable. The teachers are warm and patient and smart. I just can't say enough. I whole-heartedly recommend this school.
4/17/2009parentThis school is a gem in a school district wrought with issue and poor leadership.
11/25/2008parentMy daughter is getting a great education. The community is wonderful and the after school care is very much an extended family.
10/1/2008parentI'm a John Hay parent, and my son had an awful teacher his first year at the school. However, she is now gone and the last two years have been wonderful. The principal is excellent and remembers children by name. My son has had two great teachers and loves learning and going to class. John Hay is in a wealthy neighborhood, and I'm not a wealthy parent, but I am grateful for the many parents that are able to volunteer in the class and at the school in general. My son is getting an excellent education and is a very happy kid.
9/5/2008parentWe are a former family of John Hay and miss everything about it. We knew and valued the time we had there (3 years) but it took a move across the country and a new school to make you truly appreciate what we had - from the excellent calibre of the teachers, to the administration staff, to the student body and their families as well as the various opportunities to get involved and the feeling of welcome everytime you stepped in the doors. JH will always hold a special place in our hearts and we are envious of anyone who gets to be a part of the JH community.
2/25/2008parentI am a single-mom of 2. I work full-time. I am not wealthy - at least, not financially. I have neither witnessed - nor been the recipient of - bias based on family or income situation. I am a seasoned volunteer - be it lunchroom duty every week, carrying out a classroom auction art project or basket, administrating auction data, or co-chairing the auction event. Confession: I tire of hearing people complain that they can't volunteer because they work full-time and/or are single-parents and/or they don't think they 'fit in'. If you want to be involved - there is a place for you. It may not be glamorous or exciting or exactly what you had in mind, but if you've got the will, Hay's got the way. On a separate note: Each of my daughter's teachers has been on top of her educational progress and has referred her for additional help as necessary. Thank you, Hay friends!
1/3/2008parentHay is a good school, with good parent involvement and solid leadership. It is in a wealthy neighborhood and it does seem that some of the at-home mothers have more of a 'say' in the classrooms because they are able to volunteer. I'm glad they do offer their time, because my daughter benefits.
12/6/2007parentIt's no secret why this school does well. When you combine parents that care about and are involved in their kid's education with with a Principal whose focus is on education(reading,writing,math and science) and teachers that love to teach, you get one of the best K-5s in the state. I realize that the volunteers allow the teachers to focus on teaching and that benefits our kids. Perhaps, poke your head in a classroom to see what goes on.
11/29/2007parentWith 2 children we have been involved at John Hay for the past 6 years-- through changes in leadership, our extremely full-time jobs and so have a wide range of experience. We haven't found that financial means or stay-at-home status (now a part-time option) are significant determinants. Many families do already know each other prior & I suspect this may be the genesis of the clique comments. We didn't have that benefit & with work, I do think it took longer to get to know people. That said, the commitment and value placed upon every child at John Hay is incredible & forms a ready common ground. We've been able to find ways to be active in our children's classrooms despite our hectic work and family schedules-- opportunities do exist afterhours & outside the school. I heartily second the comments about the wonderful teachers and the consistently strong, responsive leadership.
9/10/2007parentI have been attending John Hay for 2years now and as a single mom who works fulltime. I totally agree that the school is very cliquish and hard to make friends. The parents who are lucky to enough to stay home with their children do tend to look down on working parents. The teachers here are wonderful and do care about the students, that is the real reason that I stay here. The teachers here are first rate and really make a difference with the children. That is reason enough to stay here at the school.
9/7/2007parentWe have been attending John Hay for over 5 years with 2 kids. Overall it's been an excellent school. Unfortunately, the leadership is not what it used to be and that is of great concern to myself and many others. I have to agree with the other 2 posters that described the school as cliquish and reiterate the fact that the high profile, well-to-do people tend to get what they what. I am a stay-at-home mom and I donate many, many hours of time each year to the school in the form of heading up auction projects and other relatively low profile activities. You cannot go wrong at this school from K-3rd, however, and the teachers in those grades are top notch.
3/1/2007parentI do agree with the previous poster. I'm not a single parent, but my husband and I both work full time and more of the other mothers in my daughters class are at home mothers. There is a challenge to keep up with the costs and sometimes we feel second rate because we cannot volunteer or give money. It is a good school in a very good neighborhood.
8/30/2006parentThis is one of the better schools in Seattle, but only because parents put tons of money and effort into it. However, it does have its down sides. It is very cliquish and there is a lot of monetary favortism going on. Parents can basically choose their childs path in school based on how much money they donate. The parents are all very cold if you are not from the 'Hill' or if you are a single parent, forget about blending in. Luckily, the kids don't take after their parents. If you can put up with this, your child will get a good education. Take them somewhere else for fairness and diversity. Funny, how all the positive feedback seem to be from board members of the school.
7/8/2005former studentGreat academics, strong parental involvement. I hope more encouragement and opportunities will be made available to all students of every academic level who may attend the school.
6/21/2005parentParents are very involved in the programs at John Hay. My daughter has been there for five years and is switching to another school in the fall. With the execption of Kindergarten, I have been disappointed in the teachers my daughter has had. I have been told by teachers from 1st to 4th grade that my child may be ADHD or slow and need to be held back- when in fact she is a highly gifted student who was finally tested into a spectrum program last year. The four teachers she's had since K have seemed 'fed up with kids'.
12/30/2004parentJohn Hay is a school committed to acedemic achievement for EVERY child. The staff,parents and community all work together towards the same goal of ensuring that each child succeeds. Joanne Testa Cross is a unique and strong leader. Her vision and passion inspires and instills a 'can do attitude'. My child left a private school to attend John Hay. The private school told us that they had no resources for our child who was struggling with reading. John Hay's attitude was 100% different. The principal said ' bring her on, we have all the programs in place to make her succeed.' Boy, was Joanne Testa Cross right! Due to Hay's great programs and outstanding reading speciaist, Genny Delaney, our daughter was reading ABOVE grade level standard by the end of the year. I recommend you visit the school for yourselves to truly experience the energy, dedication and love at work.
12/27/2004parentPersonal success, public stewardship, and a pathway to the stars for EVERY student- this focal motto of John Hay truly exemplifies the level of commitment that the principal, the teaching and tutoring staffs, and the active community of parents have for each child. It is a warm, caring environment for students in which to learn. As a parent of a Hay student for five years, I am amazed at the high level of educational professionalism and personal care that are displayed regularly to my child and to other students. Ever-improving WASL scores demonstrate that students benefit from reduced teacher-to-student ratios and special early intervention reading and math support programs. To top this off, Hay is a fun place for kids to grow.
4/13/2004parentJohn Hay Elementary on Queen Anne hill is a 'happening' in public education. Its innovative strategies; close-knit partnership of administration, teachers, parents, and community; and overwhelming parental involvement are producing encouraging results: soaring WASL scores (92% met reading standard), individual initiatives to challenge and support every student, and a warm, vibrant Hay Family. The Hay Partnership has refused to let class size, inertia, or limited funding slow our progress. Reading and math specialists effectively cut class size in half during key developmental windows. One-on-one tutoring ensures every student masters reading skills in early grades. Fast learners soar in challenging programs. Spanish is taught in every grade. The 'Hay Family' is more than a cliche -- parents in classes, lunchroom, and on the playground; come-one-come-all Fiesta Fantastica; Queen Anne cleanup. It's a friendly and welcoming community for kids and adults. Our whole family has loved the Hay experience.
4/13/2004parentMy son (who is ethnically mixed - Filipino/Norwegian) is currently attending John Hay. He enjoys his teachers, learning and can t wait to go to school in the morning. He loves to learn and though only in first grade, he is developing a growing love of reading and math that I credit to his learning environment. From my perspective, I enjoy the mix of people at John Hay my son is friends with children of different ethnicities, social and economic backgrounds. The level of commitment shown by parents at John Hay is astounding and if there is one fault, that is it. John Hay is lucky that it has a parent group that has time and dedication to ensure programs like Spanish language continue on and flourish. This level of parent dedication and teacher involvement makes John Hay a wonderful environment.
10/21/2003parentNot a diverse school. Very few students that are representative of a variety of ethnic groups. Closed community that does not respect diverse cultures or ideas. Caters to an environment where all students are packaged and expected to fit a particular profile and who have the ability to contribute to the academic and economic success of the school and community.

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