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Selah Intermediate School
1401 West Fremont Ave
Selah, WA 98942
(509) 698-0400
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public | 5-7
County: Yakima


  School Head OfficialYear
Jim Merz2011
  Students Getting Free LunchYear
3/25/2011parentThe teachers truly care about the students, unfortunalty they can only do so much with the low morale the principal has created. He hides in his office as much as the two counselors. The counselors do not see students, they are often busy in meetings. The woman in the office make half as much and care more about the students well being than the counselors and principal. This is the one school in this district that needs to clean house!
11/3/2009parentteachers are awsome. They care about our kids and thier future
6/20/2008studentSelah intermediate is a greatly orginazed school but has a horrible disaplen system
2/1/2007parentWe need to hold our teachers accountable when they are not performing well I have yet to be impressed w/SIS.My son has been pushed aside academically in this district since 1ST grade.I've done my part as a parent in keeping in touch w/his teachers.I do not expect the teachers to babysit my son but to keep him on task while he is in their care. They get paid to teach, no child should be left behind! They go to school to earn a degree to teach our children! If I have to do their job then I might as well home school my child.What would be the point of sending him to school? We can only do so much as parents and take so much responsibility.Where is the teachers accountability? The problem is most not all teachers expect more than they give. They take little time out for those who need extra help.
9/3/2005parentPolitics play a huge role in Selah as administration lacks positive direction. There is a lack of respect that infiltrates through this school system and is evident at all levels. The only thing that can turn things around is a change in leadership.
5/11/2005parentAs a parent of a sixth grader at this school I have been continuously dissapointed with the academic programs that are in place. They have alot of programs for kids who are 'gifted' but for those who struggle academically they offer you nothing.It is totally left in the hands of the parent. We are in the process of looking for a school that has a higher standard for the success of individual students; this school in my opinion is not providing a safe positive enviorment for our children to learn and grow.
5/20/2004parentI have four children, 2 of which have graduated from Selah and two are currently in the intermediate school. My daughters who are currently in school are happy, well adjusted and have a teaching staff who cares. There is only so much that staff can do. Parents need to do their part. I have experienced several occasions over the years when I have been thankful for the concerns of the Selah school district staff. You are great! Thank you for making the world of education a better and safe place for my daughters! -Cathy Johnson (Mabee)
5/14/2004parentMy vote is not complete. I am hoping I will in the end have a good experience with Selah School district. I have found a lack of interest in the Emotional Health of the Students. due to pervasive student to student verbal abuse and some violent threats which have been daily and taken their toll on my child. When given a Note by our Physician to stay home and turn in homework from home..I was never informed this note was only good for 23 days till recently when no homework was available for my student to complete at home. I am waiting for this to be explained .No one seems to have a plan for the escalating issues of abuse taking place in this district.An estimated that 160,000 students stay home in the US daily, due to fear of abuse and violence. Please ask your child and their friends do they feel safe?
5/14/2004parentAll three of my children have attended this school district their entire lives. I find these schools to be extremely hard to deal with. They are snotty and I have not come across a teacher yet that could teach my children in a manner that was understandable. I have always encouraged my children to go back to the teacher to get further instructions if they don't understand and not once has a teacher been willing to help them. They will tell them to go sit down and try to figure it out. The several times I have volunteered at the school with my children's classes, I had a hard time figuring out (and sometimes couldn't) the things they were trying to teach. Made no since. This school district is so concerned with looking good and putting on a show, they are teaching the wrong fundamentals.
1/6/2004parentI have children in this district and a son at this school. I am disappointed with the school and their lack of support for students. My son was bullied for a whole month and I had to witness it before the school would do anything. Many parents I have spoken with feel the same and some are even moving out of district because of this school. I am also considering leaving the district.
12/18/2003otherDon't know what the first parent is talking about... this is a great school. All three kids have gone to SIS, and we've been very happy. The staff is awesome, the parents are very involved, and I only have positive regards for Selah Schools!
8/25/2003parentThis school is biased, can not separate from church and state, principal has no back bone, just tells you what you want to hear then does NOTHING about the issue. Feel sorry for students.

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