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Shoreland Lutheran High School
9026 12th St
Somers, WI 53171
(262) 859-2595
private | 9-12
County: Kenosha


  School Head OfficialYear
Paul B Scriver2011
10/29/2012parentScores up, but still issues. I think the last author was referring to last year's scores? SLHS does not offer enough AP classes - 2-3 "non-official" classes aren't adequate, while other private/public schools do offer more such opps. My child was an honor student and came into college with basically no college credits - friends from other schools began with 6-16. Gdnce dept. promotes only WELS colleges and is not helpful with college process. I do agree that non-WELS folks could find challenges. Professionalism/privacy also a problem with staff. Teachers are out of class often - e.g., coaches will be out of class or not teaching to handle sports matters. The women issue is also something to consider. Women are not allowed to serve or have authority over men age 18, including students, and there are no women on the main admin staff. There is more to a school than ACT scores obviously - tour, research, ask questions and make an informed decision as this may not be for everyone. A student's disposition is probably more about upbringing than school - there are plenty of kids from public school who are responsible/respectful, and are lauded by college staff, including my other child.
10/22/2012parentThe last post couldn't be further from the truth. Here is the truth that is posted in the Kenosha News paper...Shoreland s composite scores led the way with 23.9 out of a possible 36 points. St. Joseph Catholic Academy followed with 23.3 and Christian Life School with 22.9. The greatest compliment that a parent can receive is one from a stranger regarding their child s actions outside of the home. I was contacted by the Associate Director for Student Success from the College that my son attends. The Director wanted to let me know what an incredible, articulate, leader that my son is. She mentioned to me that during her years of service that she rarely comes across a freshmen with his approachability, kindness and poise. I told her that it has always been a "community effort" in raising my children. We have always done our best to surround our children with wonderful people and with God always at the forefront. The teachers at SLHS all take pride in the quality of education and lives that they are building. I appreciate the faculty and I know for a fact that they are doing a fantastic job! I love this school.
9/4/2012otherPoor choice, not for all. If member of the WELS you'll do okay. Outsiders are expected to conform or expect planned "interventions" from staff. School is dirty - bugs, toilets not cleaned/overflowing, no professional janitorial service, etc.. Recent ACT scores not that great as compared to St. Joe's/public schools. Computer lab outdated/constantly crashing, and teachers are out of the room. Since not part of public school, teachers must find and pay for their own subs, so they typically do not and students end up being left unattended for class periods. Students are regularly pulled out of classes/study halls to prep for events, cleaning and set-up. Administrative staff has no real accountabilty, only to their board, which is made up families/friends, so no real change takes place. Enrollment has dwindled over the last several years and there is a reason why. Academics, lack of professionalism, resources are not comparable to area private/public schools. Ask about admin staff and count how many women are in position of "authority." Women teachers cannot lead "men" (boys over certain age) in prayer/other situations so male teachers must come supervise such situations.
8/29/2012parentWhat a Wonderful School!! I had four children graduate from the school. Each one loved their high school years. Each one was extremely well prepared for college. Each one will have Christian friends for life that came from their high school relationships. From a parent's perspective all of that is wonderful but the most important part of the Shoreland experience was the constant contact with God's word delivered by faith-filled, caring teachers and administrators. I would recommend Shoreland to anyone who wants a quality, Christian based education for their children!
8/17/2012studentThis school is a horrible representation of what Christians are. I went there, and was appalled at the bullying and language. Its true, these kids have no respect for anyone. I now go to a different Christian school, that is amazing.
3/9/2012otherexcellent school. Great academics, activities, staff, environment, sports, location, and student body. Great Christian environment!
10/21/2011parentI am a parent and grandparent of SLHS students. I've been to Shoreland countless times, and have always been totally impressed at the quality education Shoreland offers, the sonderful, caring staff, the respectful students and the wonderful closeness the students and parents have at SLHS. I also love seeing how much the teachers and student like each other...they are very close...It is one of the best rated in Wisconsin, as well. It is definitely easier to discipline students when they use Christian principles. What would Jesus want you to do? Any child able to attend is very fortunate and it is money well spent. I did prefer the earlier dress code, which was stricter. Kids do act better when they are dressed better... One teacher was known to have told an unruly student..."The first time I have difficulty with you, I talk to you, the second time I send you to the Principal, the third time I invite myself to your home for dinner...Excellent...
11/3/2010parentOur personal experience with shoreland is very negative. The education is better then the local public schools, but certain member(s) of the current administration do not follow very christain like principles. We have withdrawn one student because of deceit that we personally caught the person in. When he was confronted he stated that it was decision to act in this manner and us as parents should trust him implicitly over our own principals. They have the students do common housekeeping chores without the parents knowledge, they will take the children out of the school without the parents knowledge. I know of one instance where a member of the administration personally benefited financially from the students work, without the parents knowledge and during the day. This is a very poorly managed school, and some member(s) of the upper administration feel they can do what they want.
7/16/2010studentShoreland is an excellent school to attend, the teachers are great and we all have a personal bond. Everything we do we strive do do it out of love for Christ. Its disapointing that someone would say we dont pray before game because personally being involved in numerous sports they are clearly being mislead. Before every game we do say a pray even the players are being leaders and leading in the prayer. Also the dress code at shoreland is beyond appropriate we have a strict no collar bone rule for all tops and no holes in jeans or to short bottoms rules. If they are not followed we are kindly asked to change. I respect my teachers and by doing so i feel they respect me. I highly recommend shoreland and I am always proud to be a Shoreland Pacer.
12/22/2009parentBoth of my children were graduated from Shoreland. I spent a great deal of time doing volunteer work at this excellent Christian school. I can't comprehend how any parent would give a negative review in any aspect of the school's performance unless that parent was specifically looking for something else or their child had discipline problems due to bad behavior. This is a confessional Lutheran school. One particular confession of faith -- as spelled out in the Book of Concord of 1580 --- is taught & believed & practiced in every sphere of school life. Every teacher & employee must subscribe to this standard of faith and must be an active and loyal member of a church belonging to the fellowship of the Wisconsin Ev. Lutheran Synod. Every year their ACT scores are the highest in Kenosha County! There's lots of college scholarships for graduates! God's Word is used in every class!
10/30/2009parentMy daughter loves it at Shoreland! She can't get enough of school Academically she is doing very well, as are kids in her class who struggled in grade school. Shoreland provides extra help for those who need it and their is a closeness amongst classmates that forms friendships that will last a lifetime. Their atheletic program is outstanding. I believe that Shoreland provides a well-balanced education preparing my child for this life and the next. I recommend SLHS.
11/19/2008parentIt's like a public school but costs $5,000 more and they can spend the tuition money any way they please.
6/23/2006parentYes, it is too bad that more people do not take the time to step into the school and take a good look at what goes on here. It saddens me that this is what some people may have as their only example of a Christian school. The language, the dress code, the lack of respect for each other is evident everywhere. I think the staff could be a better example for the world if they would do things like prayers before sports games or what happened to putting your hand over your heart when the National Anthem is sung? Other schools do it, even those that are not Christian. It does not seem like a very good example to this world.
1/23/2006administratorIt saddened me to see the first two reviews posted about our high school at Shoreland. They were so negative. However, I realize that no one place will ever satisfy all of its constituency, so I thought I'd take advantage of the opportunity to speak positively about this great school! Shoreland continues to further its mission of 'educating, equipping, and encouraging students for lives of Christian service' everyday. This happens as the Word of God is used everyday in classes, in chapel worship, in sports, the fine arts, and even in discipline. I fear that some who don't recognize this haven't taken the time to ever step foot into the building, into a classroom, or to really talk with an administrator or staff member. Their efforts are outstanding, and considering they're working with 300+ teenagers everyday (sinners like you and me), they deserve the greatest respect I have to offer!
1/23/2006parentI have had two of my children graduate from this school. Presently, two more of my children are going here. It is the only school I would consider. The christian education is second to none. The faculty and staff at top shelf. My children have received an outstand education that has prepared them for post high school both scholasticly and spiritually. Don't take my word for this. Come and see. See for yourself. Talk to the students or staff.
1/21/2006parentMy twin daughters are seniors at Shoreland (06). They have received a quality education from humble, dedicated and talented servants of the gospel. They have regularly had their faith fed with the good news of Christ's forgiveness and peace. I would recommend Shoreland to any family looking for a high school that offers their students excellence in academics, Christian training, extra-curriculars and a caring, dedicated staff.
9/28/2003otherThis school claims to put an emphais on your faith, but the school is not a good representation of Christianity and I do not recommend this school to anyone. There are better places to send your kids.

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