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27.77% of the people in Bullhead City, Arizona are registered as Democrats. 69.91% are registered Republican. Remaining are independent: 2.31%.

  VOTINGBullhead City, ArizonaUnited States
  Democrat  27.774%51.066%
  Republican  69.912%47.205%
  Independent Other  2.313%1.729%


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Bullhead City, AZ
There is not much to do here except work, shop for basic necessities, tolerate the desert heat and go across the state line into Nevada and gamble in Laughlin. It is a... (read more)
Visit the Bullhead City / Laughlin Area Today!
I want to encourage everyone who reads this to give this area a chance. Many who have traveled to the Bullhead City / Laughlin area may have quite a different view of... (read more)
re: Bullhead City/ Fort Mohave area is ok, but hot
Important to know a little history of BHC so you can tell where it's going to. In the beginning people put brought in mobile homes as their vacation homes. Nobody meant... (read more)
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re: Bull $#@! city - 6/1/2014
Ok. As for the rock collecting, I will vouch for the lady. You obviously don't know what they mine up in the hills just to the east/southeast do you.. I've seen close... (read more)
Bullhead City, AZ
Bullhead City is a small rural town. There isn't much for is no cultural diversity or shopping. The population seems more retired. It is very hot in summer months and... (read more)
Worst City in America
No jobs all. City itself is very dirty, bad roads, high crime, and the most druggie/tweakers/homeless you will ever see. It is literally impossible to drive... (read more)
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