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61.00% of the people in Janesville, Wisconsin are registered as Democrats. 37.82% are registered Republican. Remaining are independent: 1.18%.

  VOTINGJanesville, WisconsinUnited States
  Democrat  60.998%51.066%
  Republican  37.820%47.205%
  Independent Other  1.182%1.729%
City of Parks
I'm proud to live in what they call the city of parks. The variety is good for both me and my... (read more)
Great City
Janesville has great schools, low crime, and it's near Madison, Rockford, Chicago, and Milwaukee (less than 1 1/2 hours). The weather is cruel, but the friendly people... (read more)
Pretty cold and snowy... (read more)
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Living in Janesville, WI
I have lived in Janesville for 8 years and it is undisputedly, absolutely the worst place I have ever lived and I have lived in many cites from San Diego, Los Angeles,... (read more)
Moving to Janesville, WI.
Janesville WI. was a great place in the 70's. However it has become one of the most depressing, ugly places. The people are snobs and think there better than everybody... (read more)
Consider Janesville
What I love about where I live: affordable housing; great school district; good proximity to Madison, Milwaukee, and Chicago; fantastic civic-mindedness of community... (read more)
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