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Better then most - 4/1/2018
Crowds and traffic are not as bad as most major cities. Weather is great as well was entertainment options. Cost of living is medium- high compared with other major metro areas Read More

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LA LA Land - 12/22/2017
I grew up in LA in both the Redondo Beach and Eagle Rock Area. After moving out of state for college, I moved back and now live in North Hollywood. Hopefully not for long....

Pros: LA has some of the best food, night life, and attractions in the US-if not the world. The biggest acts always come to town. The beaches are nice. It's an opportunity to meet/ hang out with people from all over the world.

Cons: Literally, we have the worst traffic in the US! We spend 40 hours more a year than the average american in our car. A FULL WEEK. Google it if you don't believe me. Parking is almost always terrible and the public transportation is inadequate. The Real Estate prices are crazy here. The middle class is getting shafted! The Median home price is $500 K + for LA county, 2 X + the national average, even though we don't make anywhere close to twice the median income (only $5K more a year).

If you need constant sunshine and you don't mind rude, Read More

Crowded, Expensive and Full of Criminals! - 7/22/2017
I've lived here all my life and in the last twenty years L.A. has turned into an expensive slum. There are a few decent pockets, but who can afford them?.... My father used to tell me how nice Los Angeles was in the 1930's and I thought the 60's and 70's were rough, but they were nothing compared to now. It's getting to be just like in the movie "Bladerunner." This is my home, but I can hardly recognized it anymore. Welcome to L.A. the world's most expensive Third World Read More

Overrated, hell, and seems to only get worse - 10/11/2016
I've lived in the LA area all my life (grew up in west la/santa monica and live in orange county now) and I can't wait to move out of here. Unless you're extremely wealthy, it's not the hype that everyone talks about

Lots of job opportunities
Lots of things to do

Weather - I like cool overcast weather and 4 distinct seasons so I guess i'm biased but still, i can't understand the fascination with the weather here. From May - mid October it's incredibly hot and uncomfortable unless you're near the beach. It's hardly even cools down in fall and even when it does, it can still be sunny and 80 degrees during the winter. Also it's nice to have sunny days but when it's 95 percent of the year and there is an ongoing drought it's not that great.
Traffic - the city and surrounding areas are extremely overcrowded and just keep getting worse. New neighborhoods keep popping up and traffic keeps getting worse despite Read More

Corruption & Crowding..... - 5/3/2016
Los Angeles has changed DRASTICALLY in just the last 10 years. There's lots of small, inner-city corruption of municipalities now. Lots of it. Very large outside money conglomerates are buying up all the rent-controlled apartments & evicting long-time tenants who thought they were protected under "rent control" ordinances. These big money guys, don't care who they kick out on the street & they've found a loophole & are exploiting it to the hilt. In some cases, they renovate units, doubling the number & then are renting them out for outrageous rates on Air B & B. Lots of corruption swirling around marijuana dispensaries too. Power hungry City Councilmen are destroying the low income communities, they are professing to help. Lots of underhanded dirty tricks in local government. It's a shark tank here. All kinds of new improvement projects have begun in downtown. The city has some VERY amazing Grant writers & thieves working for the city and installing corrupt parks all over the place. Read More

Development an Gentrification - 1/19/2016
We just had a huge rent hike in Los Angeles where a studio apartment averages $1,200.+ hundred dollars. I just saw one that was $1600. It's ridiculous. Gentrification is happening in all of the affordable areas and is displacing a lot of families. Especial 'limited income' households, single people and people of color. It's seems the higher paid few are taking over the cities. They bring their dogs too. They crap on the street and leave their dander to annoy those with asthma conditions. As long as they have their income, Starbucks and outdoor cafes they seem to be happy. They are not friendly yet are moving into the neighborhood. Cost of living went up. Seems as though Los Angeles is becoming New York. Food costs more however, COL (Cost of Living) Allowance hasn't matched it.

They are squeezing the people out and developing former African American landmarks/neighborhoods to accommodate the rich. This isn't fair. I've seen two bedroom apartments go for as Read More

Nothing New to Report - 8/19/2015
Los Angeles is still under major construction and will be for years to come. Nothing new to Read More

Tired of California - 8/17/2015
Moved here 30 years ago for the weather.
Can't wait to get away from the crazy rules and regulations and liberal view point - not to mention the cost of living.
Last one out close the door - seem accurate to Read More

Studio City Dental Center - 7/28/2015
Dr. Kouyoumdjian received his Doctoral of Dental Surgery degree from the University of Southern California. He has received several professional awards and regularly attends training sessions to stay up-to-date on the latest cosmetic dentistry. The whole staff at Studio City Dental Center strives to make patients feel comfortable and have a pleasant experience. They offer solutions to various teeth problems includes effective dental veneers in Studio City & Read More

Los Angeles-Stayed too long - 5/15/2015
I moved here twice. Once in 1978-81 from Chicago. I was 23 the first time and it was magic. Had a chance to play on an album with some great studio guys, met the Beach Boys a couple of times, Brian and Carl Wilson. Played at the Improv and Dennis Wilson and Christine McVie came in just as we were about to get up and play. Back then it was busy, but it was a bit more relaxed. Apartments were somewhat affordable, and the Universal Amphitheater had no roof but was an open air concert venue. I was a kid, had dreams, but was totally unprepared for what I fell in to. But at 23 who really knows anything about anything.

Moved back here in 1986 for a job, and fast forward to 2015. The place is too crowded, too expensive 80% of the population rents here because homes are out of reach. Apartment owners know this so apartment rentals have gone sky high with more luxury apartments going up all the time.
This crap about the weather, the surf, sand and mountains is all well Read More

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