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Southern hospitality and friendliness in the NORTH - 4/2/2014
Having grown up in Alabama, and lived in in Arkansas, Texas, Tennessee, and California, who would have thought that the most "livable" and "friendliest" place we have have called home is Newtown...well actually Sandy Hook, CT...a small separate village and part of Newtown. We have been here for 10 years and love it!

Small town living 75 minutes from Time Square; 2 1/2 hours from Boston; 45 minutes to White Plains; and 30 minutes to the Long Island Sound. And in just 10 minutes you can be in the mountains cruising the by-ways as they wind through other small New England villages, gorgeous streams, and countless lakes. A rural lifestyle with ALL the requirements of life within 15-20 minutes...including high-end grocery stores; many great ethnic restaurants; and Nordstrom!

Yankee Craftsmanship must have been developed here...all our contractors and vendors are excellent from our home builder to the guys who work on our cars...all long-term locals. All the Read More

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Too Expensive - 2/2/2011
The Property Taxes go up every year, heating oil is through the roof. Home values are stagnant and all the towns are crying Read More

i goofed! - 1/3/2011
i submitted two reviews, thinking that the first one did not take. Read More

'nice', but dull.... - 1/1/2011
newtown is nice, but dull. i am disappointed moving here from very annoying westchester, ny. i came here thinking this would be a good, solid new england town, a nice place for families, and many of the people are just that. but the newer residents that came around the time i did, are trying to make it into a new westport, which quite honestly, will not come until they get the schools in shape. the high school is like a prison, and the academics are just ok. some have moved due to the lack in interest of making the schools better. the residents either agree with you or get very defensive if you have complaints about the schools. winters are terrible; summers are pretty but you are isolated, in the woods, no place to swim unless you want to swim in the lake with huge bacteria counts. so kids drive around and knock down mailboxes with baseball bats, and vandalize the graveyard at the local church. there is an empty feeling here that is impossible to Read More

'nice', but dull.... - 1/1/2011
newtown is nice but dull. i moved here from westchester in 2006, cashed out and came to a place i thought would be nice place for my kids to grow up in, thinking it was an idyllic new england town. well, some disappointments; kids are so bored they hit mailboxes with baseball bats, over and over. my neighbor is ready to kick someone's behind! lots of drugs, heavy drugs i am still shocked over. sports has taken over as everyone's only interest, and parents are crazy to try for scholarships, beginning at young ages. i love the people who have been here a while; honest, down to earth, typical new englanders. but the people that came when i did either think they are the sh.t because they have more money than some people here, or they are running from something, feeling second rate to southern ct, or westchester. i'm very disappointed in the schools, which are just ok. the high school has a prison feeling to it. summers are pretty, but no swimming except the town pool that Read More

Not much to do - 7/22/2009
There isn't much to do in Newtown. There is a very limited number of stores in the "downtown" area but most are services (i.e. hair salorns, real estate, etc.) Most stores are about 20+ minutes away in Danbury. As far as outdoor recreation there is a lot of parks and lakes which are very nice. As far as ethnic culture, there isn't much. The only place I can think of is a Mexican restaurant and a Chinese buffet, Newtown is 95%+ white so there isn't much diversity. There also isn't much to do for kids which can be very Read More

Born in 1959: Sandy Hook CT - 6/29/2009
Rather than my 'review'...I'm sharing my view.
From 1959 through 1978, I lived in a little neighborhood we called, Lake Zoar.
Riverside Dr...My home was right alongside the Housatonic River. I went to Sandy Hook Elementary School. I graduated Newtown High School, class of '77. My mom was a music teacher for 20 + years teaching K-6 at Sandy Hook Ele. and later, Hawley School. Times change, and it's been 32 years since I've seen my old stomping grounds. The wonderful, fantasmic place it was when I was young has changed with everything else that time changes. Many of my friends and acquaintanses still live there and are happy. I simply have a whimsical, nostalgia of how it 'used to be'. One place I miss to this day is Lorenzo's Pizza. It was the best back in the day and I'll bet it's the best even Read More

Quite Beautiful, but Isolated, no transportation, - 1/30/2009
Like many of the mid sized towns in CT, Newtown is facing its share of challenges. It got too built during the housing bubble to qualify as rural. It is too provincial and isolated to qualify as a real town. With two working parents required, the driving burdens imposed by children's activities added to the commuting requirements of working leave a family too exhausted to do much more than look out the window on the weekend.

The nearest train stations are ten miles away in different directions. There is no bus transportation. There are no taxis. If you stubbornly insist on having only one car, and it is in the shop, you are trapped. Likewise, your teenagers. If they would like to take a trip to New Haven or New York on a Saturday and your car is in the shop, there is no way to do it. Trapped. This gets very old, very quickly.

On the plus side, it is pretty. If you bring your own job and money, and are able and happy to pursue life intently within a narrow Read More

Beautiful New England Town - 10/18/2008
I've lived here 13 years. If you love small New England towns, you'll love Newtown. We have a beautiful historic Main Street filled with some handsome vintage homes, our town hall, library and the General Store, which has great sandwiches, by the way. You can catch a movie for just $2 at our town hall move theater. While you're there, check out the murals in the stairwells of town hall, done by a local artist.

There is a lot of history here. Our town historian, a retired college professor, often gives some fascinating lectures at the Meeting House.

We have 2 beautiful parks in the center of town as well, The Pleasance (next to the police station), and Ram Pasture, with its pond and fountain. Newtown is famous for a few things, including its annual Labor Day parade, its annual book sale and its flagpole set in the heart of our historic district. We also have a fun antique auction house, foreign films shown regularly at the library, three book clubs, a lot of Read More

Cost of living - 9/20/2008
Cost of living is out of control compared the services you get Read More

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