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City Of Champions - 8/29/2020
FACT CHECK: The reason for the City Of Champions moniker, is that it really is on an almost unimaginable scale. This just one news excerpt of many, many, many over years and years and years... since my dad was a kid and I'm 62 years old!!:EAST ST. LOUIS (KMOV.com) -- There was a big celebration on the east side Wednesday as East St. Louis honored the Class 6A state champions from East St. Louis High School. It was the Flyers' fourth state title in just a matter of eight months. First, it was the boy's basketball team, then girls and boy's track teams. Now the football team has brought home hardware to put on display at the school.So there you have it. ESL really is a city of champions, no matter what else may be said about it. 'Course I'm biased being from Read More

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Beauty incarnate - 11/10/2018
East St louis is paradise on earth. vibrant night life and great Read More

economy - 11/18/2008
East st louis has a very depressed economy, virtually no employment, poor housing with a significant high property tax rate, virtually no employment opportunities, proverty is at an all time high. Schol drop rate is at epidemic proportion as well teen pregnancy, adult and jevenile Read More

The worst place to live in America, period! - 2/17/2008
When people are talking about "the ghetto", they're talking about East St. Louis, no doubt about it. With more than 7,000 violent crimes committed per 100,000 residents (where 450 is the national average and 700 is considered high), anyone who truly feels safe living here has to be involved in illegal activities. It's just terrible how the city government and police department have been lazy enough to allow the city to become like this. The ONLY positive thing about East St. Louis is the extremely low cost of living, but that is very typical of such a decayed, blighted, crime-ridden city. They call East St. Louis "The City of Champions", but nothing could be further from the truth...it's more like "The City of Gangsters, Crooks, Drug Dealers, and Rapists Working Against Innocent People". If it's not clear up to this point, DO NOT live in this city unless you want your life to be ruined Read More

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