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Surprises - 5/10/2010
Having lived in Billings for the last five years, we have only just begun to see the amazing vistas of Montana. First surprise was the cultural opportunities in and around this community....from street markets to opera, Billings is known to be a cowboy town, but also a combination of cultures including the spirit of Native Americans. With less than a million people in the entire state (2010 census may put us over the mark), finding your own open space is an easy task. Another surprise is never being bored....even if you are only a 'sometimes' outdoor adventurer. At the risk of encouraging too many people moving to the state, the weather is unpredictable! In one week of May we have had 3" of snow, 66 mph winds and days reaching 60's!  Read More

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Stay Away! - 8/12/2009
Don't be fooled, this place is the definition of a dump. Cost of living is higher then Minneapolis and rivals most higher populated city's, pay is a joke. This is the only NORTHERN state I have ever been to that considers itself to be a southern state, Texas to be exact.

I have had the unfortunate "experience"' of living here for 5 years. Everyone drives a truck, chews tobacco, drinks "Bud" and are far and few in between to have a full set of teeth. NO CULTURE!

For out in the middle of nowhere, and in a semi-arid climate, these folks believe they are the cream of the crop of the US. Quite the opposite.

I have lived in Chicago, LA, Cleveland and Minneapolis to name but a few, this is the worst place I have ever lived. I plan on moving back to Minnesota within the month BTW.

People are rude, drive like maniacs, dress up like 1800's cowboys, NO INDIVIDUALITY at all. Either you are one of the "'good ole' boy's"', or you are an Read More

Weather - 2/7/2009
We consider Billings to be the banana belt of Montana. The winters are fairly mild. Spring and fall usually hover around 50 degrees to 75 degrees. Summer can be hot, 90 degrees to a high of 107 degrees. Humidity is very low year Read More

Ashland Montana - not on the list...Good if you li - 11/24/2008
We are 130 miles from Billings on US 122. Not much here except St. Labre Catholic Indian School. We are right on the edge of the Northern Cheyenne Indian Reservation, and on the other side is the Custer National Forest. Beautiful, rugged area. Lots of wildlife. Very inexpensive to live here, if you can find good Read More

Living in Billings, MT - 7/6/2008
Contrary to what many folks believe, living in Billings is not akin to living in a freezer. In fact, I often tell people that Billings is the "Banana Belt" of Montana. One winter we were in the Palm Springs area--an area one expects to find balmy temps and sunny days. We found out that yes, it does rain in Southern California, and yes, it does get cold. In fact, the temperatures in Billings equalled or exceeded the temps in Palm Springs that year.

If you are a winter sports fan, there are many areas close to Billings that one can strap on their downhill/cross country skis or suit up for a day on a snowmobile.

Don't let myths of weather deter you. Billings is great year-round place to live. Now, West Yellowstone is a different story . . . Read More

tax free - 7/23/2007
Tax free on Read More

Here my two cents about Billings, MT - 3/5/2007
Here my two cents about Billings, MT
I consider that the cost of living and housing in Billings, MT is out of control; the salaries are lower than dirt. After 3 yrs. here I don’t know how the people can support themselves, we can afford it because we came through jobs transfers and our salaries are from a bigger city. Food for thought for the people whom are thinking about moving here: this is paradise for the outdoor type, but not for the people looking for cultured entertainment, the weather is not bad at all no much snow or ice, it is very dry which will make the summer less hard, spring is just perfect and fall is just a little wet (no much rain). Read More

banana belt - 9/18/2006
Blllings is the banana belt of montana. Good Read More
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Numero Uno so far - 9/17/2006
I spent 4 days in Billings a couple years ago, which doesn't make me an expert on the place, but I really enjoyed the visit. I found the city to be "comfortable" and the people with whom I interacted were wonderful - very friendly and outgoing. Of course, I dealt primarily with retail clerks, waitresses, etc., and not "neighbors", and I wasn't looking for employment so my experience is rather stilted. I guess my only bug would be it isolation. We often hear of "cabin fever" particularly in relation to living in a place like Hawaii. But my wife, who shares my overall opinion of Billings, really felt isolated. Face it, the next "big" town is Bozeman, 137 miles away. I've visited many wonderful cities, and for me, Billings is Numero Uno. I could move there without much Read More

Relatively conservative - 9/1/2006
Billings has a relatively conservative religious community. However, it also has some religious Read More

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59102 59101 59105 59106

1430 Topanga Ave
Bed 3 | Bath 2

6845 Sandysprings Cir
Bed 6 | Bath 4

1810 Walter Creek Blvd
Bed 3 | Bath 3

2039 W Echo Dr
Bed 5 | Bath 3

6021 Farmstead Ave
Bed 2 | Bath 2

1714 Annas Garden Ln
Bed 3 | Bath 3

1449 Teton Ave
Bed 5 | Bath 4


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