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No job market, bad weather, narcissists, white - 9/21/2020
Lived there for 12 years. A nest of narcissists. Awful scene, near total lack of decency, honesty, and integrity among the "adult" population. Was propositioned 8 times for unsolicited sex, the subject of rumor-mongering (I guess because I said no), and generally a witness to mutual masterbatory behavior by egotistical narcissistic types with no regard for anyone but themselves and their "climb to fame." Also, the weather sucks, not just the culture; and there is no job market. NOT Read More

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2 stars, trending downward - 8/25/2020
Moved to PDX in 73. It was an old grey town on the river. Still is. Just less enjoyable, more crowded, traffic poorly planned, a case of urban planners plying their dubious trade on silly lefties who continue to vote levy upon levy on themselves to create an unaffordable city they love to tout in self-congratulatory tones Portland has become a parody, a sad tragic burlesque of what it once was---a folksy weird place where we enjoyed a true open environment that let folks live their lives w/o the stalinist conforming that has made this a one-party town. I've lived here in NEP 97213 for 48 years. I'm grieving the loss of this once lovely place that is slowly drowning in the miasma of gloom it has reaped by pursuing its ill thought-out policies----political, economic, financial, personal. I came to this site to do some comparisons to other cities, as I'm preparing to find a new place to live. Perhaps, in 20---30 years, this area will realize what a hole they've dug, and will Read More

trendiness and homelessness plague - 7/9/2020
Lived there 5 years and couldn't wait to leave. No place I'd rather be than the PNW in the summer, but doesn't make up for the other 9 months of cold gray. If you love going out to trendy theme shops ("did you see the new surf-hat-coffee shop on Sandy??!", "Dude, check out the new wooden spoon-coffee shop") and homeless people doing drugs and pooping on your driveway (under your trash can so you wouldn't find it until it was welded to the cement days later) then you're in Read More

Expensive but amazingly beautiful - 6/12/2020
First off I will say that I just looked up 12 major cities on this site and they all had 2 stars so I think people come here to complain more than to enlighten.
I lived in Portland for 19 years before having to move to Austin TX because of my husband's job. Before Oregon we lived in the Bay Area for 4 years and in Boise ID before that (born in Idaho). I miss Portland a lot. Mostly because of the friends and neighbors and proximity to family but also because of the city and the Pacific Northwest in general. I will admit though that I wanted to move for the first two years we lived there because of the lack of sun. Eventually I found that I could manage my mental health struggles (depression and anxiety) with exercise, clean diet and just making myself go outside for vitamin D exposure every chance I got. With climate change Portland seems to be less cloudy than it used to be but maybe that's just my perception. There is no doubt about it though, it is not sunny San Diego. Because Read More

What if San Francisco and Sacramento had a baby? - 4/9/2020
Such a beautiful city to visit. I wish I could have given more stars but the economy is weak. So if someone said earlier come here with a will paying steady job and you should be fine. The city touts itself as progressive and diverse, but it's not really it's mostly white. Not racist like Trump supporters but implicitly biased just the same. Maybe I will reconsider when I retire in a few Read More

Pretty to visit, come with a well paying job - 2/24/2020
Come here with a well paying job lined up already and prepare for rain, but more of a misty rain, not real rain. I've lived in several cities across the US and they all have their own pros and cons, this is only my opinions compared to other places I have lived.
The job market in Portland is odd in that there are plenty of jobs but not plenty of well paying jobs to offset the cost of living. Consequently you have a large population base that would love to have everything for free. On the other hand, there are a few large employers who do pay well, if you can get in the door. These are the same companies that have large legal departments that get them out of paying the large amount of taxes levied on the smaller businesses and employees in Oregon. If you enjoy the outdoors, there is no place prettier then the gorge when its sunny. So you have 3 months of the year when everyone that owns a camper gets to a campground every weekend. Lots of hiking to enjoy. A freezing cold Read More

Used to be a nice place to live - 2/18/2020
I moved into the area more than 30 years ago. Coming from the Midwest, which I thought was pretty hick, although I liked it, the first thing I said when I arrived was dang, this place is more hick than the Midwest - sort of meant as a back-handed compliment. I really wanted to just find a lovely place with a pleasant, and not extreme, climate. This was it.

But as the years have gone by and layer upon layer of oppressive government and endless fees and taxes have piled up I am ready to move on. The Portland schools were not good, and it was an open secret that bad teachers were shuffled to the minority schools and any good ones were moved to serve the more affluent neighborhoods - still going on today.

We moved to Happy Valley, which had much, much, much better schools for our kids and lower taxes and cheaper housing prices. When our kids went to college the universities they applied at commented that they were coming from a top-notch school system and Read More

Antifa and Homelessness, name a more iconic duo - 2/3/2020
Home to Antifa, what more do you need to Read More

Portland is only for the rich now. - 2/3/2020
Unless you have a lot of money to buy a house in a good neighborhood., don't move here. The city has gone down the tubes in the last 10 years or so, as have all the cities on the west coast. Homelessness is everywhere and crime is skyhigh. The local government is useless and police aren't allowed to do anything about the addicts camping out everywhere and trashing all open spaces. It is so sad to see what was a great place to live become what it is now and I don't know how it will be turned Read More

sucks - 12/14/2019
i hate it it is so stupid wouldnt recomend Read More

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4014 SE 171st Ave
Bed 3 | Bath 1

9220 SW Brier Pl
Bed 3 | Bath 1

852 NE Roselawn St
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13396 NW Hartford St
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6317 SE 68th Pl
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7300 SW Brier Pl
Bed 5 | Bath 2

1016 NE 79th Ave
Bed 3 | Bath 2


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