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Close to everything - 12/31/2012
Harrisonburg is small town, yet has the same experiences that a big city offers (just on a smaller scale). The reason for the wealth of experiences is because H'burg is a college town, the home of James Madison University. I live in the city limits, and everything is close and easy to get to either by walking, biking or taking the great, inexpensive public bus system. I live two miles from work and about a mile from downtown, with my longest commute being to church (about 5 miles away). I live in a nice neighborhood along two different bus routes, and sidewalks connect me to my usual Read More

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Woud like to know more about quality and cost of l - 10/11/2012
Any infomation on quality/cost of living will be graetly appreciated.
Thanks,Read More

Very Reasonable - 12/27/2009
We moved to H'Burg in 2003 to enjoy a less expensive cost of living, closer proximity to family, low crime rate and better access to quality health care/facilities. We have been quite pleased with all of the above. It is primarily a rural community, yet has two fine universities/couple of colleges, easy access to the entire east coast and its major cities, e.g., Washington, D.C., Philly, Baltimore, Charlotte, etc. There has been considerable population growth but housing costs have lost little resale value, unemployment rate has been abit less than many communities, and virtually NO SMOG. In short, it has been a very pleasant Read More

Weather in the Northern Shenandoah Valley - 8/20/2009
The weather is like central New England, slightly improved. The nights get cooler in the summer than in the greater Boston area where I used to live. High humidity is rarer. The winters are slightly milder. An inch of snow closes Read More

Beautiful past, now Ghetto...heartbreaking - 4/8/2009
Read reviews of zip 22801 on apartmentratings.com or newspaper reports and comments (dnronline)about crime. All new residential construction either attached multi-family slums or 500K homes. All things being relative I suppose you might find H'burg appealing if you are from an even more delapidated area. Reminds me of Lancaster, PA...you are either one of the old establishment or an outsider attending college or "fresh meat" to be poked, prodded and drained. This community is so insular it's like moving to an island...unless you were born and raised in H'burg you can't join the club. They will take your money Read More

Natrual Beauty - 4/1/2009
Harrisonburg, is located in the beautiful Shenandoah Vally of Virginia. It is a wonder to weak up in the mornings to look upon such graceful and mature mountains. Its winding rivers and streams pass through such shapely hills and valleys.

It is a great place to Read More

Get me there, quick - 11/15/2008
The economy has seen better days, I want Read More

would have like to stay longer - 4/2/2007
Harrisonburg is a beautiful place. People who get to live in this area are fortunate. We visited a short time--I would have like to stayed and visited longer. Great place to go on vaction and Read More

Once a nice place - 12/22/2005
Harrisonburg used to be a nice place before it was discovered. You see, I am a graduate of JMU, class of 1995. Tens years ago, this was a small town with friendly people, a great downtown, and yes of course some sprawl development on Route 33. Now I'm afraid to say, it has been gobbled up in the sprawl that is overtaking the DC metro area. I never thought it would reach Rockingham County, but it Read More

My observations of Harrisonburg, Virginia - 9/23/2005
It's a small city known as "Friendly City" and for the most part that is true. There are 2 universities and 1 college based in and around the city and suburban areas. Harrisonburg is just starting to emerge with known stores. Recently state award developed "Harrisonburg Crossings", a shopping area includes a Super Wal-Mart (of course), Barnes and Noble, Linens and Things, Staples, Petco, Circuit City, Michaels, Ross, and Home Depot as well as several smaller retailers/restaurants. Additionally, Target just added a huge store at the end of the mall.

The health care facility is dominated by Rockingham Memorial Hospital (very good care [much better than South Florida where I used to live]} which is a teaching hospital part of James Madison University.

Culturally, there is a local playhouse, and guest appearances of symphonies and ballet companies in and around the Virginia Commonwealth.

TV station and several radio stations. Lots of Read More

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22801 22802 22807

1113 Reservoir St Apt D
Bed 4 | Bath 2

2225 Pearl Ln
Bed 6 | Bath 5

1800 Glanzer Ct
Bed 13 | Bath 12

7204 Curry Dr
Bed 4 | Bath 1

1618 Hillcrest Dr
Bed 6 | Bath 5

967 and 963 Rosedale Dr
Bed 3 | Bath 4

841 Sandtrap Ln
Bed 4 | Bath 2


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