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a great place. - 4/13/2006
this city is very nice to live in. I love Read More

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Milwaukee - great architecture and restaurants - 1/23/2006
I lived in Milwaukee for 30 years and recently moved to Seattle, WA. I come back to visit often and have a new found appreciation for Milwaukee. The architecture of the residential buildings is simply gorgeous! The craftsmanship is superb as are the building materials - lannon stone is not found many places west of the Mississippi. The homes in Milwakee were built to last. The ethnic restaurants are to die for... I miss the hot ham and potato rolls on Sundays, the custard from Kopps and the Kiltie in Oconomocow, ham salad at local delis and of course REAL Italian bread and REAL Italian sausage from places like Dentice and Groppis. Not to mention the pizza from Balistreris on 68th. There is no decent bread or pizza in Seattle! All the bread is some type of sourdough. And the cheese and beef here taste very different. Milwaukee city government has a history and knows pretty much how to run things - NOT Seattle! Lots of buffoons for city planners here - especially transportation Read More

Cost of living - 12/28/2005
I cant wait to excape this tax Read More

Ironic - 11/1/2005
How Otis comments on the lack of education in Milwaukee, when his posting is barely Read More

i disagree - 10/6/2005
i disagree with the comment posted below. you'll find on this website, a posting from me regarding Dothan, Alabama. i grew up in & around the Milwaukee area (and as such, may be slightly jaded). in 2004, my wife & i moved to Alabama. we miss the variety, culture, & lifestyle (though we do not miss the snow & cold). after going back to Milwaukee to visit earlier this year-2005-it became evident to us what Milwaukee stood for. it was plainly obvious to us the influence Miller Beer & Harley-Davidson have had on this town. while it may not compare with larger cities such as chicago or new york, we have a love for this city, so much so, that we feel we must go back to it. and we are-10/17/05. if, however, you live in a small town (<100,000 people), and have a desire to move to a larger city, but not so large that you just don't exist, give Milwaukee a fair shot (keeping in mind that it does get COLD). just wanted to add a little more perspective to the city. and don't forget, Milwaukee is Read More

Milwaukee, WI - 8/30/2005
Personally I have lived here in Milwaukee for six years coming originally from Chicago Ill, left for 5 year to serve in the military and have been back for about 4 years now and I can say with all honesty that this is a place slow to change or keep pace with the change in times. The people of Milwaukee seem to have no real identity and seem to try and rob symbol for other more popular cities. You have a large portion that what to keep the city suck in a 1950s idealogy which is not product for city growth or its social conscience. Through it is the largest city in the State of Wisconsin it seem have its tax dollars going to neighboring cities that want nothng more than to seperate itself from it, but enjoys taking the Cities funds. The States income is second only to the state of New York just without the that cities services. If you're someone in the Finance Field then Wisconsin is ideal since it is a financial hub, if you're looking for countless jobs in the services field then again Read More

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