Review of Lower Providence, Pennsylvania

Very high property tax
Star Rating - 7/12/2010
I tried to move out form this Lower Providence towhship for 2 years but I still can not sell out my house because people affraid to live in this township. Vety high property tax because there not much businness so the resident must pay very high taxes. Saying mothe than 5% increased every year. My house's assement around $300,000. My yearly taxes is $1,500 for County tax and $7,400 for propery tax. And $500 per year for association fee to live in Providence Oaks housing. The Methacton school may be good but I must pay for private tutor for my children because they not getting low grade in math and reading but school not do anything to help them. It's not making any sense why we must pay alot for taxes then pay more to help my children not staying behind in education! The township should consider of their spending and lower taxes for the residents.
John | Norristown, PA
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Providence Oaks and Audubon Ridge are both way overassessed compared to the older homes in the township. However, if you try to appeal your assessment, they will ignore the 14 other homes similar to yours and compare it instead to the 1 home in the development that had a ridiculous amount of improvements to it. To add insult to injury, Mr. Denis McCall, who runs the finances for Methacton School District, moonlights on the Appeals Board. What do you think the chances are that he will vote to reduce the taxes you pay when it effects his spending? And how much extra salary does he collect from the government for this while also drawing a considerable salary from MSD?
Susan | Norristown, PA
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