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A boring town trying to be bigger
Star Rating - 5/1/2020
Went to Auburn University for 4 years and stayed living here for an additional year. First thing: if you aren’t in classes, dont care for college football, or don’t party/drink at the bars, it’s incredibly boring here. Anything interesting to do that isn’t related to the college or the bars neighboring it is in Opelika.

There is nothing at all for communities aside from the odd public event, which are usually hosted in Opelika, not Auburn. The town has horrible drainage, downtown is under constant construction, no parking, drivers are awful, and the whole town is abysmally under equipped for the tourist season that football brings (despite the team getting worse and worse every year, only saved by winning rivalry games and losing everything else).

The housing is INSANELY OVERPRICED. Home and rent is inflating like hell, with landlords charging prices like they’re a big city despite there being nothing like it. What should be discount housing (i.e. studio) are some of the most overpriced because people are desperate to not have to go in with roommates.

Auburn is an ok college town to be a student in, and ok if you have money and want to retire/raise a family. But, anywhere in between those categories I couldn’t recommend the town.
Ren | Camp Hill, AL
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