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Horrible oppressive heat
Star Rating - 4/18/2013
Moved here from the Midwest to the DFW metroplex in 1996 and Keller in 2002 and still cannot handle the oppressive summers that start in May and last until November. If you can make it through 8 months of the hottest hot the remainder of the year is beautiful. Forget about going outside for 8 months because you will have heat stroke. Get ready for outrageous air conditioning and water bills and lots of sweating. You will need to water your landscaping daily to keep everything from dying as well as watering the foundation of your house to keep it from shifting in the dry soils. Lots of foundation damage here. Property taxes are sky high as well as insurance rates on both home and auto. I don't find the Texas natives very friendly at all but excessively patriotic. Animal welfare is pathetic. Traffic? Oh boy, it's 30 minutes to get anywhere. By now you can tell I hate it here. To hot, hard to make real friends. Yes home prices may be low but at what cost? Not worth it.
gisela | Keller, TX
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LOL you are a drama queen. I live in the Houston area, where it gets hotter and more humid than DFW and the really oppressive weather is from May to September. I've been to DFW in the Summer and it's much milder than in Houston.
Porfirio | New Caney, TX | Report Abuse
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