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Star Rating - 3/17/2019
San Antonio is not a city for professionals. Nepotism is the way this town is run. You have generation after generation of people here who NEVER left San Antonio and they have closed minds so they dont like people from out of town (Especially from out of state). Workplaces here are full of gossip and no one can stop it because everyone knows each other so they dont want to discipline their "friends". I have seen group bullying one person, making up lies about them and all agreeing to go along woth the lie just to get someone fired for no reason. (Seriously, thats how mentally screwed up San Antonio people are)

If you are university educated and good at your career it doesnt matter, there will always be at least 1 person at your workplace who has lived in San Antonio their whole life and got their job through their friend, uncle, cousin, mom, dad, brother, grandpa, etc. These people are bitter and ready to try and make an example of you if you arent from there so you will never advance no matter what as long as that angry closed minded gatekeeper is there.

People in San Antonio have issues with you if you are smarter, better looking , or otherwise successful or not a rotten person and will use excuses to try and make your life miserable or gossip continously about you to try and make you look bad to others.

The reason the customer service is so poor here is because people in San Antonio are majority on welfare of some kind so they dont see working as a necessary, but just as something to pass time between the weekend and bar hopping and somewhere to socialize with their friends. (They leave their kids with their mom while they go spread their legs more)

Its not uncommon to see a grandma out with their daughter and the daughter of the daughter and for her to have a kid. Literally 4 generations of losers in 1 place, usually out at stores browsing since they have no jobs and its multiple generations of peopel on welfare. (proof they never leave.)

People here live off their parents forever and their parents coddle them so they never have been disciplined in their entire life. They carry this into orkplaces and treat people like garbage and then dont expect consequences (Since they never have had any). That is why they hate people from other places because we dont put up with that junk.

I ended up moving 3 months ago after finding a job in another state that pays more and is in a waaay nicer state and city. Glad San Antonio and their idiot people are in the past now. San Antonio ....enjoy your idiot ways, keeping having 10 kids and living off your parents and being on welfare.

John | Converse, TX
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