Review of Metairie, Louisiana

New Orleans, suburbs to the west; general comments
Star Rating - 8/18/2010
For Metairie, & New Orleans in general:
Briefly, as a Geologist who has lived here for 30+ years, my view of the outlook for the New Orleans area is decidedly gloomy. The wetlands are still eroding, the land is subsiding, and sea levels are rising. Hurricanes will continue to be a threat. Although a Katrina-like event may or may not happen again in our lifetime, I have personally evacuated from my home four times since 2004. We are tired of evacuating: the next time we leave, we won't come back. Many people, who can leave, are leaving Southeast Louisiana--leaving behind the die-hards and those who cannot leave. I have recently (involuntarily) retired from my job, and we are looking for a place to move to... away from the Gulf Coast, the hurricanes, and the "can't do" attitude of so many people in this area.
Robert | River Ridge, LA
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- 7/24/2012
I've been to Metairie a few times on bisiness, but I can't wait to go back and stay for a ...
Barbara | Fairfield, CA | No Replies

- 4/23/2009
An Accurate View Of Metairie.
Metairie is not a city in the strictest terms. It’s a developed unincorporated area of Jef...
Joshua | Metairie, LA | No Replies

- 10/5/2008
Climate is a little warm in the summer but the winters are mild. South of the lake is more...
John | Metairie, LA | No Replies

- 4/10/2008
I love the recreation in Metairie (outskirts of New Orleans). There is always something t...
Adam | Metairie, LA | No Replies

- 12/15/2007
I visted Metaire one month ago
I thought the city was brilliant, met a nice man but can not find him anyone none of his f...
jyoti | Metairie, LA | No Replies

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