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Nice Retirement in the Winter Months
Star Rating - 8/15/2010
Love AZ in the Winter - hate it in the Summer. Find a small condo/duplex/house in Sun City 55+ have a blast in the winter months and then leave for the summer - it is a comfortable way to live and not that expensive. Sun City has no schools so you aren't burdened with the taxes - saves a ton of money. U have over 12 recreational areas for Sr to enjoy all type of activities and then you have gulf courses every-where.

Most folks are pleasant - some more than others, Church is important which can be good or bad - depends on your preferences. Shopping in AZ - exclusive to average. Restaurants - to many to count.

The state is conservative and fair - Crime, well its a well populated state and when (if ever) the gvnmt gets their act together we will hopefully shut down he borders - eliminate the filth crossing our borders carrying drugs and stealing our babies to sell in the black markets., once this is accomplished the crime rate will be reduced tremendously.
cheryl | Glendale, AZ
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Beautiful Sun City
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Sun City life
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Retirement living
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Seniors have earned their place in the sun.
Just moving back to Arizona and have bought our new home in Sun City, Arizona....
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A Best Value Community
If your looking for the best value in a 55+ community, look no further than Sun City. The...
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