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There is no better place than NW Arkansas
Star Rating - 6/19/2020
I have lived in NW Arkansas for 14 years, but grew up in Washington DC, and went to college and Grad school in Chicago, and spent the first part of my career in Baltimore.I LOVE NW Arkansas. It is very clean, relatively quiet, and I awaken to bird song every morning. NW Arkansas is beautiful. I live in Bella Vista, which boasts 7 lakes, numerous golf courses, insanely (by city standards) cheap homes set in wooded areas where every morning I look at animal tracks as I walk my dog and try to figure out if it was a deer, or a tortoise or perhaps a racoon or armadillo that made it. NW Arkansas is diverse. We have 4 South Indian restaurants, at least as many Thai, several Vietnamese, and too many to count Hispanic and Chinese restaurants. We are of all faiths (the various Christian denominations, but also Hindu, Sikh, Muslim, Budhist) have their places of worship. (Oh and most of them are open for dine in as well as carry out, though we social distance, wear masks etc. due to Covid). For LBGTQ etc. I suggest Fayetteville as an extremely friendly town where allies are the norm. (Bentonville is the most conservative town in the area, but even there there is no hostility. More a sense of
Shari | Bella Vista, AR
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- 4/3/2020
Add on to my previous review.
I forgot to add to my prior review that another con is Fayetteville is too car dependant a...
Angela | Omaha, NE | No Replies

- 4/3/2020
Don't get the hype.
Native of Fayetteville that moved away in 2017. Yes, I understand that Northwest Arkansas ...
Angela | Omaha, NE | No Replies

- 8/2/2019
Not a good place for non-whites, overrated.
I've lived in Fayetteville for the past 10.5 years - went to college here, worked here, re...
Some | Bentonville, AR | 4 Replies

- 8/8/2018
5th Best Places to Live in the USA!
It depends upon one's perspective in/on life (I lived in Rogers AR for a few years; it's j...
PAA | Independence, MO | 2 Replies

- 3/27/2018
Arkansas is fattening
I have been gone from Arkansas for quite a few years now. I lived there for several years...
Bill | Seattle, WA | 5 Replies

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