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Cost of Living
Star Rating - 9/11/2013
I would recommend if anyone moves to Jacksonville Florida to work, check out
St Augustine, lower crime, fairly reasonable home prices as well as rentals, very friendly community.
We were transferred here, and currently do Not live in St Augustine, but probably will in a few months. Unless my husband is transferred. I would Not recommend for anyone to come here without doing a little background and homework about the area. High Rental prices, high utilities,and deposits also can be outrageous. Also to transfer a car registration it was over 400.00. Where we were living before moving here it was well affordable. Here, it's really not, Anyone moving here should be making around 60,000 to live decently. Their food is outrageous because most of it is shipped here. Your car insurance will go up at least 80.00 more per month because of the bad drivers, who I was told elderly, but from what I'm seeing, it's probably alcohol or drugs, making them drive like this. Then you have to deal with the different kind of climate, and allergies have increased in Jacksonville. So just be careful if you relocate here, because it's not that friendly either. That's why I suggested St Augustine, there are good people there, so move there, Not Jacksonville Florida. Hoping to leave this area for good soon. If you don't have family or friend's here already I would Not move here either. People not so nice at all, at least that's what I have found. and it's not that I haven't tried to be, they seem somewhat backwards and narrow minded in their ways.
lts | Jacksonville, FL
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2013 OLD OUT DATED REVIEW! St Augustine is NOT LOW COST! Do your due diligence and find out the REAL COSTS OF REAL ESTATE and the horrible ABOVE THE NATIONAL AVERAGE and ABOVE the Florida Average Serious Crime Rates In St Augustine!
Sandy | Saint Augustine, FL

Old Review from 2013! Wow have things changed to the Negative in St Augustine-2019! NO LOW CRIME RATE HERE FOR QUITE A FEW YEARS! It is moving toward FAST...Another Jacksonville! Many of the people who gravitate to the FIRST REST STOP IN ST AUGUSTINE...are the sick, the lonely, the depressed, the disappointed, the anxious, the divorced woman at a higher %, and men, and just a very high % of seriously troubled people. Having been in a a group there for a while...WOW! did we find out how evil the women especially in this town rear their ugly heads. Men...if you believe you will find a good down to earth healthy single woman in St Augustine...THAT WILL NEVER BE A FIND! Do you homework, study news articles, and especially the Crime Rates...they are some of the WORST and TOP %s!
Sandy | Saint Augustine, FL
- 8/11/2019
S. A. is a drinking village with a drug problem
I moved here back in 2005, and at the time it was a nice quiet town on the surface. Now fa...
Derek | Saint Augustine, FL | 1 Reply

- 9/1/2016
St. Augustine is the best place to live.
Americas oldest city was first settled by the Spanish in the 1565 making it the oldest cit...
steven | Saint Augustine, FL | 1 Reply

- 4/7/2013
Just one PROBLEM!!
Been here 5 years!!! Its a beautiful area to live in like most of Florida but what people ...
George | Daytona Beach, FL | 3 Replies

- 4/5/2012
Job search
I am very interesting in moving here because of all the outlets...
Denise | Montgomery, AL | 1 Reply

- 2/22/2012
One of the nicest cities we found in the US
My wife and I traveled over 50,000 in a motor home around America. Besides sightseeing, we...
Bob | Islesboro, ME | 1 Reply

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