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Boise, ID vs Bentonville, AR

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Reviews for Boise  

  116 Reviews (Click Here to see all reviews on Boise)
Growth isn't always the greatest. - 7/6/2019
We moved to Boise about 7 yrs. ago. We absolutely loved it and thought we had found the perfect place. It was perfect for awhile until the housing market started going... Read More

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Great Place to Retire, Live, and Play - 4/25/2019
This city has been my home off and on for about 15 years now and even though i had to leave a couple times this city has brought me back to happiness. The people are as... Read More

One of the Top 5 cities to Live - 3/4/2019
Boise is a wonderful place to raise a family. Crime is super low, and it is an all american football/college town. It has grown in leaps and bounds and has many... Read More

Reviews for Bentonville  

  10 Reviews (Click Here to see all reviews on Bentonville)
Big little town - 3/1/2019
What’s not to like about this charming city set in the gorgeous North West Arkansas. It has the best air quality of the nation, serene natural beauty, all the amenities... Read More

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An honest review - 2/25/2019
Town is growing to quickly; reminds me of Las Vegas in the 90's. people moved here because it was small and southern; now it is being overrun by West Coast folks who are... Read More

Great place to live & work - 10/10/2018
Home of Walmart, Tyson & more big employers. Charming downtown square with lots of local restaurants. Great employment opportunities & southern... Read More

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