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2023 Compare Cities Cost of Living:
California City, CA vs New York, NY

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New York is 72.4% more expensive than California City.
New York housing costs are 197.9% more expensive than California City housing costs.
Health related expenses are 39.3% more in New York.

 California City, CANew York, NYUnited States
 Food & Groceries97.3116.6100
 Median Home Cost$219,700$654,300$291,700

100 = National Average (Below 100 means cheaper than the US average. Above 100 means more expensive.)

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Reviews for California City    6 Reviews
Good place overall - 3/10/2021
My husband and I moved here in Nov 2014 from San Bernardino and we moved here for one reason, we got an enormous house with lots of land and no neighbors for $64,200. No... Read More

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A wonderful choice, California City, California. - 7/30/2020
California City, CA is a wonderful diverse community that is ever growing, in population and home values. Living here over many months and researching here over 4... Read More

Quiet areas - 2/19/2016
Living in Cal City 5+ years I can say this: There are nicer areas than others and I lucked out. My street is quiet, have had no problems and neighbors are nice. There... Read More

Reviews for New York    331 Reviews
I grew up in the South, and I think NYC is great - 11/10/2021
I'm from the South and the perception I had was that New York was a filthy slum full of sketchy people and crime. I visited it, and it's actually on the other end of the... Read More

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Charlotte Nc vs NYC , New York - 9/11/2021
New York City is crazy Great there are to many things to do and see in NYC for anyone to ever complain about the city other than most Of the population with stacked on... Read More

new york still sucks - 8/3/2021
filthy. deplorable. weak character. the people of new york aren't classy, they're not even decent. rude, obnoxious, arrogant, and smug, and to make it all worse there's... Read More

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