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Northville, MI vs Charleston, SC

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Reviews for Northville  

  4 Reviews (Click Here to see all reviews on Northville)
Small Town Charm - 1/14/2014
I was born, raised and remain in the quaint city of Northville, Michigan. Although there has been exponential growth, it still retains many of the small town charms. ... Read More

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A real small town with great values - 2/13/2010
Northville, MI is a small city halfway between Detroit and Ann Arbor. It has a vibrant downtown with lots of activities for residents and visitors. Strong schools,... Read More

Northville - 4/15/2008
Northville is a nice small community with many benefits such as shopping, parks and... Read More

Reviews for Charleston  

  76 Reviews (Click Here to see all reviews on Charleston)
If I Could Give It "ZERO" Stars, I Would - 10/8/2019
For what it's worth, if I could give this place ZERO stars, I would!!!!!!!! I cannot understand why or how the people at the top/the bigwigs/those with money + power,... Read More

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Beautiful but Expensive - 7/1/2019
I've lived in and around Charleston my entire life. There are some pros and cons to living here. It is truly beautiful with plenty to see, do, and eat. However, these... Read More

Charleston is a great city with drawbacks - 4/15/2019
I lived in Charleston for 7 years before moving on to Denver CO. I have also decided that Denver is not for me, but that's another story. Charleston is a great place.... Read More

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