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2021 Compare Cities Housing:
Philadelphia, PA vs Wilmington, DE

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- The median age of a home in Philadelphia is 2.8% younger than the median age of a home in Wilmington.

 Philadelphia, PAWilmington, DEUnited States
 Median Home Age727441
 Median Home Cost$221,400$257,200$291,700
 Home Appr. Last 12 months15.0%14.8%15.0%
 Home Appr. Last 5 yrs.57.8%27.2%42.4%
 Home Appr. Last 10 yrs.60.0%28.2%77.0%
 Property Tax Rate$9.8$9.5$11.4
 Homes Owned46.5%36.6%56.2%
 Housing Vacant12.3%15.5%12.1%
 Homes Rented41.2%47.9%31.6%
 Avg Rent For Home Or Apartment
 Philadelphia, PAWilmington, DEUnited States
 Average Rent$1,531$1,455$1,681
 Studio Apartment$896$852$949
 1 Bedroom Home or Apartment$1,021$971$1,048
 2 Bedroom Home or Apartment$1,238$1,176$1,278
 3 Bedroom Home or Apartment$1,531$1,455$1,681
 4 Bedroom Home or Apartment$1,752$1,665$1,950
 Vacant Housing
 Philadelphia, PAWilmington, DEUnited States
 Vacant For Rent2.7%4.7%2.0%
 Vacant Rented0.7%0.7%0.4%
 Vacant For Sale0.9%0.8%0.9%
 Vacant Sold0.8%2.4%0.5%
 Vacant Vacation0.5%0.4%4.0%
 Vacant Other6.7%6.6%4.3%
 Owner-Occupied Housing Value
 Philadelphia, PAWilmington, DEUnited States
 Less Than $20,0001.6%1.2%2.7%
 $20,000 to $39,9992.5%0.8%2.7%
 $40,000 to $59,9995.5%2.7%3.4%
 $60,000 to $79,9997.5%7.2%4.7%
 $80,000 to $99,9998.9%8.8%5.5%
 $100,000 to $149,99918.6%21.3%13.3%
 $150,000 to $199,99918.0%20.7%14.0%
 $200,000 to $299,99919.6%16.1%19.6%
 $300,000 to $399,9997.6%10.3%12.2%
 $400,000 to $499,9993.7%3.5%7.1%
 $500,000 to $749,9993.9%5.1%8.2%
 $750,000 to $999,9991.2%1.2%3.2%
 $1,000,000 to $1,499,9990.8%0.8%1.8%
 $1,500,000 to $1,999,9990.2%0.2%0.7%
 $2,000,000 and over0.4%0.1%0.9%
 Housing Units By Year Built
 Philadelphia, PAWilmington, DEUnited States
 2015 and Newer1.4%0.9%2.5%
 2010 to 20141.3%1.6%2.7%
 2000 to 20093.0%4.9%14.0%
 1990 to 19993.2%4.2%13.9%
 1980 to 19893.7%4.9%13.4%
 1970 to 19797.1%6.1%15.2%
 1960 to 19693.2%4.2%13.9%
 1950 to 195916.3%11.9%10.3%
 1940 to 194911.6%14.0%4.9%
 1939 or Earlier41.7%43.4%12.6%

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Reviews for Philadelphia    137 Reviews
Let’s not like about killadelphia, PA - 8/28/2021
Now the only reason some people disagree is because MONEY. If you live in “manayunk” (which I lived for 2 years) you can’t compare … you can’t compare your out skirt... Read More

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avoid phila pa - 4/9/2021
do not go. do not travel to. Will charge you fees, anything - to pay for the mess that they made. Life long resident, born here as well. I'm Very sorry to say. Go... Read More

Hidden Gem - 4/2/2021
I'm actually grateful for the bad reviews because I purchased an amazing home here 3 years ago and couldn't be happier! I feel like if everyone was giving it 5 stars the... Read More

Reviews for Wilmington    18 Reviews
I Cannot Wait To Rid Myself of This Place - 10/4/2017
I'm ready to get away from this whole state, once and for all! There are no real jobs here. The cost of living is getting entirely too high, as well as the crime.... Read More

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Park Plaza - 8/22/2016
can anyone offer information on the Park Plaza, 1100 Lovering Ave,... Read More

So far I'm impressed with Wilmington - 6/1/2016
When we sold our house in the burbs and downsized to a condo in Wilmington all our friends thought we were nuts. What about the crime? Well, we've been here for a year... Read More

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