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L.J.B. from Vail, AZ
Vail, AZ
A DEPRESSING, HOT AND HORRIBLE PLACE I have been all over the USA and have never experienced more unfriendly, uncool people in my life! So many people here are incredibly miserable and they take it out on everyone else. We have the 3rd highest suicide rate in the nation and in the past week, 2 very young and great men killed themselves all because they hated living here so much. There is NOTHING to do but mope around all day because it is so hot you never want to go outside and when you do, there is NOWHERE to go! It is a miserable desert with absolutely NOTHING to offer. You can come here to go to the U of A, but save your beans to move as soon as you have graduated. Alot of kids here are so bored and miserable they end up overdosing on heroin. It is really sad. There is NO culture in Tucson, there is no MOTIVATION. People here are listless, maybe it is in the nasty CAP water which is filtered from feces infested water. Tucson is a waste of space. Tucson: Where Dreams Go To Die. Don't move here and if you do, make sure you have a loaded gun so you can kill the gang bangers who try to mug you, or to shoot yourself. Sad but true. Tucson REALLY sucks. Believe me.

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