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Joshua from Eufaula, OK
Eufaula, OK
Colorado is Awedome I’m from Oklahoma and I absolutely love Colorado!!!! I plan on moving around the Castle Rock or Monument area once I retire from the military. Housing is expensive in Colorado, but I’m willing to pay more for housing to get away from this God forsaken state. I don’t believe people from Colorado know how blessed they are with the natural beauty and activities available in their state to comment negatively about it. In Oklahoma it feels like a cult and prison. I grew up in Oklahoma. The only thing good I can say about it is that the state is the cheapest to live in. So if you don’t mind tornadoes, drugs, and fat skanks that are determined to destroy any kind of happiness you might have solely because if they aren’t happy you shouldn’t be either then Oklahoma is the perfect state for you. Education here sucks as well and we rank #50 in teacher pay. So if your educated in Oklahoma you will be punished for it. I see people complaining about traffic and Colorado being crowded. The eastern part of Oklahoma has the most natural beauty (by the Ozarks and has lakes) even then it’s in no comparison to Colorado. Not to mention there are a LOT more activities to do in Colorado. You can buy land in Eastern Oklahoma for the same amount they are selling land around the Castle Rock and Larkspur area. So why wouldn’t I move?

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