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Las Vegas, NV

Vegas is no longer fun - 5/24/2018
I am embarrassed to admit this is my third and last time living in Vegas. This place used to be so much fun ten+ years ago. Now, it's a living nightmare.

- everyone is out to scam - realtors, house appraisers, pool/hot tub cleaners, ponzi scheme neighbors, dentists, doctors, HVAC service people, Kinetico water system, Cox is the worst out of any other state I've lived (5 states)...you name a vendor, they're out to rip you off

- parking fees make planning a night out a HUGE and expensive hassle

- entertainment has plummeted into the gutter. Has beens and even cover bands (which used to be free) now cost $30+ a show. There's a 9% entertainment tax slapped on every show!

- TERRIBLE, SCARY DOCTORS! When in pain get on a plane! Best dr. is the one at the other end of McCarren Airport! I've taken a dentist to the medical board for trying to scam me out of thousands. Look up your doctor before you go on the Nevada State Board of Medical Examiners website and you'll see I'm not just trolling. 98% of them have malpractice lawsuits against they're name. Doctors don't stay here either and there's a dr. shortage. Scary town.

- vehicle registration is outrageous

- the overall cost of living here is just skyrocketing

- mean, rude, entitled ignorant people. No one that I've met actually likes living here. Lots of illegals and CA crime spilling into Vegass.

- cop shortage. Good luck getting help in an emergency.

- crime everywhere, even in gated communities. Just had a tweaker jump our community gate here in a nice area of Summerlin. He did serious property damage to my neighbors house and the only repercussion is this misfit doing time. My neighbor will not receive repair compensation!

- violent homeless who will spit/hit/yell/curse you out if you don't give them money. They're EVERYWHERE even in nice neighborhoods, outside of stores, the mall, banks, dr offices, walking through parking lots ect. It gets depressing here real fast to see such sad, degenerate mess-ups.

-high rate of sex trafficking. Had a date try and pull me into his car after meeting up. The men here are undatable and the women I've known are slut-hookers with multiple children from different baby daddy's. Low quality, chemically addicted losers populate this city in record numbers.

-cigarette stench everywhere! Parks, in traffic, casinos, walking through neighborhoods...you can't escape it!

-the heat grates on your last nerves and keeps you a prisoner inside. My mom had a heart event due to the brutal heat

-high vehicle insurance due to the moronic drunks and hit and run drivers

- public schools are the worst in the nation which has a nasty trickle down effect into society. Colleges are raising tuition rates. Go and apply to any of Vegas misfit colleges and you'll see the unprofessional, idiotic mentality that permeates

- jobs...ha! If you like working part-time, 5 hours per week/on call for $8 minimum wage! Nothing professional exists here. Don't list too much education on your resume, you'll intimidate the boss (who has the IQ of a spoon).

I cannot think of anything positive to say about Las Vegas. It's no longer fun, but a guttural cesspool of human waste. If you have children DO NOT MOVE HERE! I couldn't think of anything more cruel to do to a child.

Las Vegas, NV

re: Good seed don't grow on the barren ground.
- 5/24/2018
What an eloquent, articulate comment! I agree with everything you said. The six people who down voted your comment are the 1991 Honda Civic owners with facial tattoos, ten children all from different women/men, criminal records spanning five states who throw trash out of their car windows and beg outside of stores. Run, run as far away as you can from this nasty, guttural cesspool of human waste!

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