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Westcliffe, CO

Nice tourist town. Not sure about living there F/T - 10/20/2020
Kindof the unknown town near Pueblo, Florence, and CO Springs that people are starting to discover. With Colony lakes, a reservoir, Bishops Castle, the Royal Gorge, and the Sand Dunes within reach, I doubt it will be the same for long. Of course, that could bring the economy. I just own land there in an attempt to gain clients and get away from the prices and craziness that the rest of the state became. There really aren't many jobs and housing is in short supply. That will probably change. There is new construction every time I am there.

Pueblo, CO

Why would anyone want to move to the ghet - 10/15/2020
For reference, when the state minimum wage goes up 64% and your median income rises 3.8% but the median is still less than 40 hours of minimum wage work every week, you are a ghetto.

Colorado, CO

Colorado is Awedome
- 10/6/2020
K-12 here in CO is pretty bad. Every year a few school districts get threatened with defunding because of poor performance. It is reflected in the colleges. I went to an East Coast school, not even an ivy league, and had to transfer home for family reasons to DU. DU is considered the 2nd best school in CO after the School of Mines. Guess what, it was like elementary school compared to where I was. I had a full ride scholarship at GWU. Should have stayed there. I went back to school and got a Math & CS degree at Auroria and noticed that it did start to improve but I am guessing that is because UCD and MSU Denver are getting noticed by kids coming from states that have halfway decent school systems. DPS was almost defunded 3 times between 2010 and 2015. Adams was under the gun from 2016 - 2019 and eve failed to improve graduation rates. These are two of our "better" districts. Only Cherry Creek has clout and I was doing algebra in Chicago/Wheaton, moved here in 3rd grade, years before any "gifted" kid in the Cherry Creek School District was touching math at all. Also, land prices and home prices here are 186% of the national average. You must be getting an enormous discount from the military to get those prices. Monument's median home price is nearing $1 million. Castle Rock is MORE expensive than Denver. The average home price in CO is 160% of the average. Please fact check yourself. I know the plains states suck but there is cheaper housing in TX and MO.

Colorado, CO

Think Twice Please - 10/5/2020
I've lived here since 1996 [when I was 9] and have to say it used to be a five-star state. Great views, fairly average cost of living.110.0 in Denver 12 years ago on this website. CO Springs was only 107. Today, you will spend 6-15x income on a home, never get up to the mountains, be surrounded by others who eat up the backcountry, leaving nothing but shredded powder for weeks. The housing prices and rents are so high now that we barely sit below California in terms of cost of living. My former coworker bought her home in Boulder for $110k in 2001. Adjusted for inflation that is only $190k. Today, it would sell for >$700k. The same things that make the idea of Colorado great (what it was in 2000) are what drives up the prices and makes finding the true West impossible in this state. We now have as many people coming in as leaving, at least right before the pandemic. If you want to be here plan on: a) having more than one job unless you are in teh < 15% who make more than 70k [that is the 60th percentile for a two income family here], b) spending $1400-$2100 on rent or housing [cheaper means broken everything in an apartment from 1936 that gets renovated this year and sells for $2100], c) spending more on groceries than listed here (food prices skyrocketed with the pandemic and new surge of people who don't think before they act), d) not putting your kid into great schools [DPS was almost defunded 2x in the 2010s and Adams county was nearly defunded 2 years ago with El Paso barely funding schools at all], e) likely living in a gentrified area unless you are a millionaire (Pueblo, Fountain; South Co Springs) where [true story] you may end up in witness protection because the median income is < the minimum wage, f) never actually having time to spend 4 hours reaching the mountains, g) paying growing taxes, h) barely making it by on a middle-class income, i) getting laughed at when asking for cost of living increases beacuse "it wasn't a problem when I was a young moron with daddies money." The list goes on and on. You are better off thinking it through and realizing that your tech job is more likely to move to Madison where UoW, Chicago University, Illinois at Urbana, KU, and Wash U in St Louis are a 1-2 day drive than in a state where the best ranked school has the highest suicide rate and everyone else is much worse than what they pay for. You will get called back to the office. Ask government employees about the extensive research done with regards to the

Denver, CO

Not bad but getting bad
- 9/27/2020
Oh, it's bad. Violent and property crime is 133% of the national average. The P/E for a home is 6.05x median income and 6x average income for a household. Price inflation is rampant, pay growth is stuck, and minimum wage just had to go to $15.57 just so people could almost afford to pay rent. I used to love my hometown and have been here since 1997 when I was in elementary school. It went into steep declinein 2014.

Grand Junction, CO

Colorado's Best Kept Secret
- 9/27/2020
Dude. Don't f** it up. You are aiming to have 6-10x housing price to income ratio with these statements. Your income will be garbage and you will have to sell your home to avoid foreclosure. We need people to know wtf they are doing before moving to this state.

Pueblo, CO

Why would anyone want to move to the ghetto? - 9/21/2020
This is our ghetto. You are better off moving to La Junta than Pueblo.

Pueblo, CO

- 9/21/2020
It is normal for Pueblo. Move to the ghetto and win a prize. Dead neighbors, drug addicts, beggars. What did you expect? Average income is less than the minimum wage. Oh, and since this is the US, median income is even lower.

Pueblo, CO

a very depressing place
- 9/21/2020
Congratulations. You moved to the ghetto. Average income is $20k.

Glendale, CO

Denver has gone retarded - 9/19/2020
Used to be terrible. High crime and less than working class. Unlike in other types of gentrification, they just built a rugby stadium and jacked rents up to where only the upper crust can afford them. Same terrible place, higher prices. When I grew up in Denver, there was a saying that 93.3 carried until the mid-2010s. It went something like Glendale, where the strippers live. They used to have an Eastern Block market but that is gone. That was the only highlight.

St. Louis, MO

Sad City that Could be Great - 9/6/2020
I've lived here and keep coming back for family. This city could have been great and is changing but has been a ghetto for some time. The crime is high; property values depressed. Family bought a home in a gated neighborhood (3 story historical mansion) for $350k. You can barely get a townhome in Colorado for that price. There is a reason.

1. Food. Way better than Denver. Ted Drewes, Rigazzis, it is the home of the toasted ravioli. The Italian market with the greatest coffee in the country. There are a ton of good brunch places.
2. Parks. Like Denver, this city loves its parks. Forest Park is great. A new greenway is going up over the former projects (why you shouldn't do anything St. Louis does for black people is in the cons section and [hint] it was racism)
3. Museums and Culture. Not on par with Chicago which is better than DC when it comes to museums but pretty great. You still have the Dread Scott courthouse (Seeing the theme yet), Arch, old Budweiser Brewery, the Omni, and more.
4. Universities. SLU literally bought half the dang ghetto. Its med school is among the best. Wash U in St Louis is a top 20 in the world school and you have respectable state school campuses.
5. Tech. The city has a decent tech employment sector. Wash U is the school for biotech after all. You have fintech, brew tech, recruiting companies, the works. Boeing was moving back at least until the whole debacle too. The city really prided itself in Lindbergh (theme of impending doom continues)
6. Nice suburbs. Chesterfield and some of the suburbs are really nice and mostly affordable compared to Denver.
7. Housing prices. The pro in the con. My relatives bought a 100+ year old $350k mansion in a gated neighborhood with three stories near forest park for the price of a 600 sq ft town home in all of Colorado except the plains and Pueblo (although.... Pueblo is gentrifying and Jesus I thought I'd never say that)
8. People. The people are mostly nice. It's like a cross between Southern charm and Midwest hospitality. Like your neighbor friend letting you use his pool.
9. Lakes, dams, and fishing are so close. MO is really the land of lakes. Avoid Mark Twain though it is filled with oil and God knows what.

1. Racism. It destroyed the city. With Ferguson, it literally has. If you walk into the area where (yep this apparently happens in the US) the blacks were relegated you will be met with spite from centuries of abuse. It's real here and it really made this city a complete disaster by the 2000s.
2. This is the city that could have been. Downtown kinda turned around a little but man did this place fall apart since the time my grandparents were kids. The stories of St. Louis as a world class city are depressing.
3. Crime. My aunt recently saw a police officer get killed by being pinned between 2 cars. She lives in an areas that was middle class when she was a kid. New Yorkers talk like they live in St. Louis County, New Orleans, or West Chicago.
4. Sports. Hockey is great (my favorite) but no basketball or anything else outside of college sports now. Guess why they don't have a basketball team. Yup, racism.

Eau Claire, WI

want to move there
- 9/6/2020
Wrong state. Lakes, hot summers, lots of bugs. The upper Midwest is lake country. You are going to need bug spray. Also, you need to be prepared for <0 degree weather. I am from Chicago, spent time in WI, and can tell you that if you cannot handle weather extremes, it isn't for you. The people are nice. Much nicer than Chicago but the snow can bury an SUV. It tends to be cooler than Chicago too. There are plenty of 90+ degree days but I don't think you will see the thermometer hit 115. It is humid too so 83 feels like 103 (live in Denver and have since I was 14 but visit these areas for family).

Aurora, CO

Used to be affordable. Now overpriced. - 9/6/2020
It is ok. Not great. It used to be worth the cost (4/5 stars). The schools are mediocre, the people are hit or miss. People born here are friendly but passive-aggressive. Newcomers can be really awful. In general, people are people. There is no culture. Aurora is 100% a suburb. They tried to gentrify some of Colfax but the area near Anshutz is so bad it failed. Aurora mall is finally a sprawling strip mall that you cannot get shot at so that is a plus. The reservoir is great and usually not too crowded. Southlands is way too expensive. Housing, unless you have $1 million you will not own a home here anymore. If you do, you might get the Federal/Rino/Aurora special. Your native neighbor might turn out to be a former crip leader who kills someone in self-defense and you almost end up in witness protection. It happened to 2 people I know of. Gentrification and demand from the people who move here thinking they will get an equally high paying job as they had in WA, CA, IL, or NY pay outrageously for housing. Fyi salaries are still lower than the cost of living so no, you won't. Also, for that reason, you will see a lot of people move in and then move out, keeping housing inflated beyond belief. Prices on other goods soared before the pandemic. Prepare to struggle, even if you make > $60k. I've lived in the greater Denver area, made >$48k since college up to $90k + benefits and still don't have a house. Median housing prices are nearing $500k.

Madison, WI

Beautiful But Ugly
- 9/6/2020
Sounds like Denver. Good luck paying for a house in 3 years.

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