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Ponca City, OK

- 11/7/2016
I am a native of Ponca City now a Californian and I am proud to say I am from there it is one of the best small towns in america in my books and many others.For those who do not know much history or have the knowledge of what the town offers or have or the history of course they would critique it with a negative attitude. The first oil company was in Marland Ok which is so close to ponca it should be part of ponca it was started by Mr E. W Marland in the early 1900's . At one time Mr Marland was the governor of okla. Mr Marland made his home in Ponca City Okla. He made his home in Ponca City after being governor and had a 115 room mansion built on lots of beautiful acres , of the majority of the mansion ,materials were imported from Italy. The swimming pool was shaped like an airplane. He had built in vacuum system in each room and three kitchens, huge ballroom, library and so much more very very eloquent. He had an underground tunnel to drive his car that ran from the mansion to his grand summer home that was huge and three levels. Many presidents of the United States have been to Ponca City as well as many well know actors and actresses have performed there. Mr. William Randolph Hearst has been there and many more dignataries and etc. The famous Miller Brothers ranch of 80,000 acres who had the first wild west show and traveled all over the united states as well as Spain and England along with the famous Mr. Bill Pickett(african american) who invented bulldogging who was the star of their show as well as other famous cowboys and cowgirls. The Miller brothers and Mr Marland and Mr Hearst and the Presidents and Mr Wentz and many actors and actress were friends and dined mant times at the Marland Mansion and on the Miller Brothers Ranch. The buffalo nickel mascot was one of the buffalo's from the Millers famous 101 ranch they owned as well as the Bar L ranch. The schools in Ponca city are some of the best. The high school is so accredited that You could get into any college without an entrance exam WOW!!!!!!! Students have lap top computers to take home to do their homework that is furnished by the school. You can attend universities off campus there in Ponca City also, Educational museums to visit. oh by the way Marland oil name changed from Marland to Continental Oil, to Conoco Oil and to Conoco Dupont and Conoco Phillips and now Phillips Oil. As far as things to do for kids there is many educational things to do as well as fishing, swimming, festivals, museums, skating, YMCA, Octoberfests, school functions, Live Theater, movies, beachland and swimming. Ponca City correctionMr Marland's mansion is a 55 room castle modeled after the Davanzati Palace in Florence Italy with a 24 carat gold leaf covered ceilings and million dollar chandeliers. There is no other mansion in okla like this one.Ponca City has the largest memorabilia from the famous 101 ranch located in Marland's Grand Home. The 101 Ranch was the largest in Okla who owned and traveled the world withe their 101 ranch wild west show.also one of the largest collections in Okla of Native American artifacts can be seen at Marland's Grand Home. Ponca has the tallest bronze statue in the State Of Okla, a 22 foot statue Standing Bear located in Standing Bear Park and a museum that tells the story of the 6 Native American tribes that call ponca City their home. Ponca City has a large collection of Western and Oriental art. This is the Gordon Matzene Art Collection and includes drawings from the Chinese Imperial Palace. Many of these beautiful paintings are hundres of years old This incredible collection can be seen at the historic Ponca City beautifully designed Library. Ponca City has the largest collection of hand painted lobby of art of the 1930' found anywhere in the United States and is located at the Poncan Theatre built in 1927 and considered to be one of the most beautiful historic theatres in the State Of Okla. Ponca also has the beautiful designed Pioneer Woman Statue. Ponca also have Cann Memorial Gardens-10 acres of botanical gardens, there is Wentz Swimming Pool and Camp overlooks beautiful Lake Ponca it is unlike any other swimming pool in the state of Okla. This a must see when visiting Ponca. Ponca City has a wide array of outdoor opportunities at Lake Ponca, Kaw Lake and Beachland, Sooner Lake. There is camping, fishing, hiking,hunting, hiking and walking trails, golf courses and disc golf courses. Ponca has unique annual events including motorcross races(sometimes televised on nationa tv), Pow-Wows, Herb Festivals, Art Festivals 101 Wild West Rodeos. Eagle Watch, Juneteenth Festivals,Oktoberfest, many golf tournaments,cookoffs,fishing events,parades,live theatre, concerts, monthly fly in breakfast at the airport, various holiday events.Ponca has one of Okla most beautiful and unique tributes to veterans.The Veteran Plaza recognizes veterans that have helped make our country free .Ponca also has the Carolyn Renfrow event center. The PONCA CITY AQUATIC & FAMILY CENTER-YMCA offers a family pool with kid friendly slide and mushrooms, recreation opportunities and more as well as youth recreation programs. there is cinema 4 theater and Bowling, Camp McFadden with more actives for boys and girls ages 6-18, kayaking and etc, Downtown Halloween Carnival with candy prizes, treats and games for the whole family. The whole city has the most beautiful Christmas Festival Of Angels Lightning Display I have ever seen.A beautiful winery-Stone Bluff Cellars Winery with events tours and etc, Silvertop Farm & Vineyards and Eight Casinos for Adults. I went to Bison Film Festival two mo ago there Ponca has been selected many time to have that even there and it is you look at 10 short independant films produced by independent film makers and u vote on them as well as actors and actresses and the votes may help them to go to the acadimy awards and win as well as their movie what an honor for Ponca City me being aan actress I was greatly please it is not many cities selected to do the vote. As a matter of fact the movie Twister was filmed in Okla and lot of it in Osage county and Ponca City. My children fell in love with Ponca City when they would go for visits when they were children they wanted to leave calif and move to Ponca. They felt safer and could go anywhere and they liked everything. The schools have better education and discipline than Calif. So before anyone critisizes Ponca City get u a brochure from the Ponca City Tourism on Grand Ave. Ponca also has some of the most beautifuls home there that I have ever seen u have to know where they are by driving all over. YES I LOVE PONCA CITY OKLA AND I WILL BE RETIRING THERE. I can be contacted at dynasty779@gmx.com or 209-542-0436. I am sorry that no one told u what was available there. Best of luck next time have a blessed day.

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