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Gainesville, FL | 3 Review(s)

an engineer by training, a transient adventurer by living. Always looking out for quality of life and location. Work is just for paying bills.


Life Stage: Mature Single
Occupation: Education, Training, and Library
Enjoys: running, biking, canoeing
Website(s): https://travisthegator.wordpress.com/


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Reviews & Comments

Ocala, FL

mixed review - 7/4/2016
I have to say car collisions seem to be an issue here. And the heat. The heat is oppressive, and I LOVE the heat.
the economy is oppressive too. I'm 34, technically educated, and looking to leave.

The first thing I notice after arriving in 2015 was the collisions. Just when i think to myself: it's been a little while since I saw one. Bam. there it is again. Some look incredibly violent too, rollovers, tilt overs, multi directional pileups, T bones. People just don't care about one another here.

I went to school in Gainesville. I love north central florida in general, but this summer is really hot, the rain is not even a cooling rain anymore. I'm married and trying to raise a family on one income. It's not really possible here, I am finding; is that the new reality? Or is it still possible in the north or mid-atlantic? My benefits in Ocala seem singularly crappy, I have to say. Ihave had jobs before... before the crisis, and this is the lowest compensation i have ever had... considering all things and the cost of living.

Cost of living is low, but stay away from the train tracks, the CSX will run ALL FREAKING NIGHT.
Have a nice job lined up before coming. There is like one engineering firm here.

Gainesville, FL

Amazing Place - 5/28/2014
Amazing weather all year round. Awesome city. Clean buildings, clean roads, lots to do outside. This is not just a college town, but that is the core of it; something like half of all people are students. I lived here for three years and I want to get back to it. The quality of life in north Florida is great. rent is pretty low. The infrastructure is very decent. Houses are pretty. People are pretty too. As someone from NH, I do not take a clean wide pothole free road for granted, ever. And Gainesville has these by the dozens. There is also lots to do from canoeing to biking (trails or roads) to walking on the prairie among ancient oak trees. There are bars too if that is your thing. Every day is sunny, every summer day is also rainy, just to cool things back down. it's perfect. winter is just long enough to be a relief from the 10 months of temperate summer.

Nashua, NH

no reason to live here. it's pretty rough actuall - 5/28/2014
I lived here for three years when I worked for a major defense contractor. since that time i have been in gainesville, FL (an amazing place) and nowhere, Taiwan (about the same as Nashua). Nashua is a place where you will see a lot of potholes and dirty pavement, and trashy people smoking outside there dilapidated buildings. It's very gritty, it's very lower class, MAYBE lower middle. And I hate sounding like a classist, but it's a trashy town. no one takes pride in their property, they let it fall apart. No one takes pride in the city, that falls apart too. the weather is awful, as it is in most of NH. 6 months of bitter cold, 3 months of horrible heat, and then a pretty nice autumn which is much too short. There is not much to do outside. There is a bike trail, but it's not very long, and it's hard to get to from the city center. Traffic is horrible for such a small town too, and its horrible alll day. There seem to be a lot of people unemployed that drive around all day on the horrendously inadequate road and bridge system.

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