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Chardon, OH

Life in Chardon - 10/17/2009
Chardon is considered to resemble a town in the northeast. It is hilly and does provide beautiful scenery in the fall with the leaves turning colors. The climate is mild in the summer and you are close to Amish country and quality inns and country restraunts. Within the city you only have a Walmart and Home Depot. You have a gazillion banks and fast food restraunt to choose from but sit down restraunts are lacking(they do have Max Doogans and El Patron). Plenty of grocery stores and gas stations too. Too many in my opinion. You typically go up to Mentor for real shopping and eating.

The schools are very good and it is a nice conservative place to raise a family. For those that are single the Mentor and west area towards Cleveland would be better. Since I have a family there are good developments to raise your kids in. It is overall a nice safe place to life.

Not to rain on the parade but you must be able to tollerate over 100 inches of snow per year. Each year you pray the lake will freeze over quickly. Chardon is in the middle of the snow belt so if you don't like the snow live outside of Geauga County. You will still get snow but not near as much. We have tollerated it for over 5 years but still can't stand it. It has served its purposed but the snow and cloudy conditions make it difficult to tollerate, especially from October to May. Weather is up and down with no consistancy. If you like to ski or snowboard, Alpine Valley is close by for the basics. Numerous golf courses in the area that are quite nice such as Little Mountain, Punderson St. Park, and Fowler's Mill.

In the end a great place to raise a family but I'm looking forward to a better climate. I've lived in AZ and liked the climate there much better. I like hot, dry and sunny. To each his own but if you have to live in this area it is a good choice but the Cleveland area is dying unless it is medical industry.

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