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Colorado Springs, CO

Nice place to raise a family - 4/13/2020
Colorado Springs is a nice place to live and raise a family. For the number of people that live here, ~750k in the metro area, the roads aren’t that crowded, at least not where I live or typically drive.

That said, in the summer, highway 24 can get pretty congested heading west toward Manitou Springs from I-25, as thats where most of the “touristy” spots are, and Manitou itself gets very crowded for the same reason. Compared to other cities with the same population size, however, I’d say traffic is probably lighter here, but my other experiences are mainly the Twin Cities and Phoenix, so take that with a grain of salt.

The weather is.... interesting... to say the least. Prime example, it’s April 2020 as I type this, and on Saturday it was sunny and 74 degrees. My yard is turning green and and I spent much of the day outside. The next day, Sunday, we didn’t get above 30.

That’s pretty typical throughout the winter, we’ll have several bright/sunny days, all the snow will melt, and you can comfortably be outside with just a sweatshirt, talking 50’s to low 60’s here, but then we’ll get hit with a snowstorm and you get stuck inside your house for a day or two. And that’s not just November through March that this happens, no, no, no. This can happen anytime between October through May. But then we’re back into the 50’s or better again, all the snow melts, you’re outside, and have to open your windows because it’s gotten too warm inside. Yes, even in December/January we’ve had to open our windows to cool down the house at times.

All of the people I’ve met have been friendly/respectful for the most part. I don’t see too many people holding doors for each other, and certainly a lot more people consumed with whatever is on their phone than there used to be, but outside of that I see a lot of smiles, friendly waves/nods, “how do you do’s?”, etc.

Religion: this concerned me before moving here. To be blunt, I am not religious and was worried that I’d have Jehovah's Witnesses, Evangelicals, Mormons, etc all trying to convert/“save” me. What I found, however, is that unless you seek it out, religion pretty much just stays in the background. I’ve made some really good friends of all faiths, including several fellow atheists/agnostics.

As for shopping, there are some decent places, but both malls (Citadel & Chapel Hills) are pretty weak compared to the Denver area malls. I’m not a big shopper, but my wife/daughter are. If that’s your thing, be prepared to commute to Denver for the best shopping experience.

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