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Gallup, NM

Unique - 12/14/2015
I have lived in Gallup for over 20 years and find this area very interesting. The tourist just blowing through see the vagrants & general run-down appearance, turn up their nose & yack about what a hole Gallup is, which is fine with me. There is a motocross park, bow range, rifle, pistol, & shotgun range, bicycle & mountain bike trails, the Cibola National forest, diverse hunting (elk, deer, quail, dove, coyote & more), hiking, fishing, pinon gathering, dangerous critters (mountain lions & bears), rock climbing, the vast 28,000 square mile Navajo Reservation, and more to do here. A pansy-ass city boy would probably find Gallup boring but adventerous types have plenty to do here. The people here are some of the most interesting I have ever met. Cowboys, Navajos, Zunis, Mexicans, Arabs, Blacks, Phillippinos, Chinese, Hopis, Apaches, Mormons, and more manage to get along here with little fanfare. If you want the "Santa Fe" experience please go there and buy some fake Indian jewelry and pretend you are in the Southwest. I like to sit and talk with older folks, their stories are educational, funny, and many times tragic, but genuine. Plenty of people have become lost and died in the surrounding wilderness and died but it's just a reminder foolish behavior has consequences. Gallup feells lost in time & I hope it stays that way.

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