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Germantown, TN

Living in Germantown, Tennessee
- 1/10/2006
Having been a native Memphian and living in Plano, TX in 1983, a job offer in the Memphis area was quite a shock.
I took the job but commuted for 3 months before selling our home, just in case I was unhappy.. Memphis still had the same problems it had 20 years prior to 1983 (the year of my move to Germantown). My wife was adamant about the move and said there was only one place she would consider, and that was Germantown.
Germantown has excellent cultural, recreational, and a good variety of housing. And you are pretty much insulated from the problems that plague Memphis. You have your own mayor and city council, and it is an incorporated city that will never be annexed by the city of Memphis. The police and fire protection are outstanding!
The tax load is not very heavy, but I fear a hefty increase in the Shelby County tax in the near future.
I took an early retirement package 2 years ago, and we are looking for a change. We are now ready to make a move to one of the following states: Washington, Oregon, Texas, or North Carolina.

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