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Single professional mother of 3, 2 adults in College and military bound, and one teenage child. 2 beautify beautiful grandchildren. Dallas Tx born and raised. Traveled a lot when younger but Texas is and always will be my home. Bachelors in Sociology and work local non profit.


Life Stage: Family with Children
Occupation: Nonprofit


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Dallas, TX

Hell on earth - 12/15/2019
Wow! These crime statistics are straight b.s! The crime was so high this past summer, we called out "Bloody Summer" almost 300 people were murdered! The Answer to the out of control crime? State troopers and sheriff's were sent in to over police densely populated areas of minorities, instilling fear and further mistrust of the already shaky relationship between community and police force.
Yep. Drive bys, robberies, home invasions, road rage, drunken driving, no insured motorists, hit and runs, you name it, Dallas has it and is the straight up KING.
Did I mention the seemingly never-ending traffic jams? Boy. Rush hour starts at 635 at like 2p and doesn't end until after 7p. Starts at 3p on 30, and btw NEVER get on 30 during state fair season or the games. You'll want to hang yourself. It's that bad.
Cost of living through the roof. A one bdrm apt in a decent part of town? 1300+ if you can find one. You can always live in the hood for around 800 if you can stand the gunshots and sirens, and also if ones available.
Did I mention the heat? Starts in June at around 95 doesn't end until around October or November at around 95-100 that's if we're lucky. July through September it's like the Mojave 102+. No joke.
Smog smog more smog.
Did I also mention the joy of NO JOBS? yep. Lol. Don't let the smooth taste fool you. You must me bilingual to actually get a job that pays a decent wage and there's real competition for the few available. To many people crowding in worth the lure of millions of jobs available and that's just not the case. There are jobs, far out at least an hour or more in stop and go traffic that pay the grand starting rate of anywhere from 10.50 - 14.50 an hour for the uneducated. For the educated minority It's higher pay, but harder to get. It's a nightmare.
Speaking of minorities, no night life . no joke. You must venture into the nether regions of Addison, Arlington etc. Dallas does NOT offer many venues geared toward blacks, and it's getting kinda hard on Hispanics here nowadays.
Rampant RAMPANT gentrification.
It's amazing. Trust me. I was born and raised here. Seen many changes. From a city where the jobs and housing were plentiful, the traffic was light, and it was actually liveable.
I've seen 75 go from 2 lanes on either side to a many laned nightmare. I've seen the days when certain people couldn't live North of Buckner and 30 if the were the wrong color. Same with mesquite. Now those places are ghettos.
Don't exaggerate the truth to sell a place. I'd give this place negative stars if i could but I'll do better then that and just move. All the newbies can have this trash hole. I see the writing on the wall, and it ain't good.


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