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Colorado Springs, CO

Wake the **** up Colorado Springs!!! - 10/31/2021
These statistics have got to be old or incorrect.. I know that this is a big church town and they have to be covering up the real truth.. I’ve been in Colorado Springs for 5 months and I’ve had my truck Brocken into once and then my tonnaeu cover ripped off the bed off truck another time both times stealing all contents of the cab & bed.. The job site that I work at was just recently broken into where they stole in upwards of $20k worth of tools and equipment. Today I wake up to my room mate saying his truck was broken into and then when he started his truck we noticed that his catalytic converter was stolen.. I then take him to a Ross dress for less to get him a new jacket because his was stolen out of truck… As we are standing inline to purchase a man with a mountain of clothes bolts out the front door.. as the alarms are going off 2 more men and a women exit the front door casually with max items of clothing that each could grab.. sorry to say… but anyone who thinks that this town is one of the safest towns for crime they are oblivious to what is going on around them.. this place is one of the worst I have ever traveled to in many years of moving city to city for my profession.. wake up Colorado Springs!!! Quit sweeping this activity under the mat.. it’s not going away on it’s on and ignoring it is not helping…

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