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York, NE | 3 Review(s)

I love to travel and have been all over Nebraska, it is a gorgeous state, people say its flat, the ONLY place its flat is the interstate, get off either way 10 miles and its not flat: Quite the opposite, you have the sandhills in the west, NE vry hilly, same for SE and SW lots and lots of hills,
My goal is to hit every county and every town, I have seen quite a few and been thro a lot of territory, the little towns are the best and have the best places to eat etc: I live in York, and have a health store and mail order natural medicine business


Life Stage: Mature Single
Occupation: Retail/Wholesale


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Reviews & Comments

Ouray, CO

beautifull town - 6/3/2009
One of the most beautifull areas to drive thro and into, all around area.
Fantastic views, waterfall drops right into the back of the town
Sit in the hot tub and loook at the snow on the mountains.
Cant remember the place but had the best Filet I have ever had here.

Valentine, NE

WOW - 6/2/2009
This whole area of Nebraska from here West is absolutely gorgeous.
Here you can Canoe, horseback, log cabins, waterfalls, hiking, and in town several nice cafe's, and motels etc. Drive the whole area, then go west to Chadron etc; You are in Indian country, this was their land and it is beautifull. Places you can drive 100 miles and not see any humans, just gorgeous scenry, lots of cattle and horses, birds singing, fresh water etc.
The best water in the world, it sits atop the worlds largest aquifier, the whole Cherry County and west is well worth driving thro, several ranches in and around to horseback, stay over, working ranches etc.

Spalding, NE

Driving Vacation - 6/2/2009
A wonderful place to grow up, very rural, scneic, down to earth people
I grew up there graduated from there. Lived on a farm, rode horses etc.
If you want a driving vacation just drive thro the town, go every direction in the country, go west and then north thro the sandhills, from Albion to Spalding there is a Ridge Road about 3 miles n. it will take you into Spalding the back way, when it curves do not take the curve keep going west, drive down along the river to Primrose, Cedar Rapids etc. go south to Wolbach the hills are huge there, nice dam in Spalding, the water wheel I believe is an app: only to see, west and north Erkicson, Burwell, etc.
Beautifull scenery, fill up gas tank and take water to drink. Have FUN


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