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Philadelphia, PA

Philly has always been my home. - 2/22/2019
I grew up in Philadelphia and continue to reside here. I have lived in several different areas of the city over the years, and have watched neighborhoods change. Philadelphia used to be the fourth largest city for many years, just after New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago.. then Philly. Now Houston and Phoenix just beat us in population because they keep moving their city borders out further and further and counting that as city, where Philly has had the same geographical borders since 1854. Well if we expanded our city limits to our suburbs, we'd have an extra 8 million people. Just saying'. I don't consider those last two cities real cities anyway because if you live in a single family home and drive to work and don't have a subway system, your "city" is actually a suburb. Just saying' again. I've watched gentrification take over neighborhoods such as Fishtown and south Philly because Center City became so expensive. I remember when rent in Old City was dirt cheap. And I lived in a one bedroom at 8th and Pine and paid $410 a month including heat and hot water. Now rents are extortionate as wages do not increase to adjust for inflation and high rental prices as its "trendy" now to live in cities. Back in the 1970's everyone was escaping the cities. Now the suburbanites are taking over because they think its "cool" to live in the city, but they have absolutely no clue the amount of crime in this city and are shocked when they themselves become victims. Just saying' again. True Philadelphians are hard working blue collar working class to lower middle class families. Thats true Philadelphia. Not privileged suburbanites who's parents paid for your college educations and you come out of school never having had a job prior making upper-class incomes and then rent "lofts" in Old City and think you are hip. Most of true Philadelphians are not privileged. This is traditionally a blue collar, underdog town. I remember when the city ran out of money and the Mayer told the cops and fire companies to "work on faith".. thats how this city struggled. With all that said, I am glad some are making improvements to neighborhoods and renovating these beautiful old rowhomes and brownstoness and keeping value in the city. It will always be my home. But know it hasn't always been so trendy to live in the city and the long term residents understand what I'm saying. Still I wish the city much love and hope it keeps making positive strides towards improvements. Yes, I would recommend living here.

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