Fresno, California 

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Schools in Fresno, California: 198 Public Found

Name Grades Type Rating
Addams ElementaryKG - 06Regular2
Ahwahnee Middle07 - 08Regular3
Akira Yokomi ElementaryKG - 06Regular6
Ambassador Phillip V. Sanchez Public CharterKG - 12Regular2
American Union ElementaryKG - 08Regular2
Anchor Academy CharterKG - 08Regular2
Ann B. LeavenworthKG - 06Regular5
AYER ElementaryKG - 06Regular5
Aynesworth ElementaryKG - 06Regular3
Baird Middle05 - 08Regular8
Big Picture High School - Fresno07 - 12Regular1
Biola-Pershing ElementaryKG - 06Regular4
Birney ElementaryKG - 06Regular4
Bullard High09 - 12Regular5
Bullard Talent ProjectKG - 08Regular7
Burroughs ElementaryKG - 06Regular4
Calwa ElementaryKG - 06Regular3
Cambridge Continuation High09 - 12Alternative Education2
Carden School of FresnoPK - 08Private
Carter G. Woodson Public Charter07 - 12Regular1
Carver Academy05 - 06Regular2
Centennial ElementaryKG - 06Regular2
Central High East Campus09 - 12Regular5
Central Unified Alternative OpportunityKG - 12Alternative Education3
Central Valley Christian Academy04 - 12Private
Clovis North High09 - 12Regular9
Clovis West High09 - 12Regular9
Columbia ElementaryKG - 06Regular2
Cooper Middle06 - 08Regular4
Copper Hills ElementaryKG - 06Regular9
Crescent View South CharterKG - 12Regular3
Crescent View West CharterKG - 12Regular3
David L. Greenberg ElementaryKG - 06Regular2
Deborah A. Williams ElementaryKG - 06Regular2
Del Mar ElementaryKG - 06Regular2
Design Science Early College High09 - 12Alternative Education8
Dewolf Continuation High07 - 12Alternative Education2
Dunamis06 - 09Private
Easterby ElementaryKG - 06Regular4
Easton Community Day09 - 12Alternative Education
Easton Continuation High09 - 12Alternative Education
Eaton ElementaryKG - 06Regular7
Edison Computech07 - 08Regular8
Edison High09 - 12Regular5
Edison-Bethune Charter AcademyKG - 06Regular5
Edith B. Storey ElementaryKG - 07Regular5
El Capitan Middle07 - 08Regular2
Elizabeth Terronez Middle06 - 08Regular2
Elm High09 - 12Alternative Education2
Ericson ElementaryKG - 06Regular4
Erma Duncan Polytechnical High09 - 12Regular4
Ewing ElementaryKG - 06Regular3
Ezekiel Balderas ElementaryKG - 06Regular4
Fairmont Private SchoolPK - 01Private
Fancher Creek ElementaryKG - 06Regular7
Figarden ElementaryKG - 06Regular5
Florence E. RATA08 - 12Special Education
Forkner ElementaryKG - 06Regular8
Fort Miller Middle07 - 08Regular2
Fort Washington ElementaryKG - 06Regular10
Fremont ElementaryKG - 06Regular4
Fresno Academy for Civic and Entrepreneurial Leadership09 - 12Regular3
Fresno Adventist AcademyKG - 12Private
Fresno Christian SchoolsKG - 12Private
Fresno City and Fresno State Preschools2 - 2Regular
Fresno COE District-Wide Preschool2 - 2Regular
Fresno County CourtKG - 12Alternative Education2
Fresno County Special Education Local Plan01 - 11Special Education2
Fresno High09 - 12Regular3
Fresno Montessori SchoolPK - KGPrivate
Fresno ROP09 - 12Vocational Education
Fulton Special EducationKG - 12Special Education
Gibson ElementaryKG - 06Regular5
Glacier Point Middle07 - 08Regular2
Granite Ridge Intermediate07 - 08Regular10
Hamilton ElementaryKG - 08Regular4
Hanh PHAN Tilley ElementaryKG - 06Regular
Harvest ElementaryKG - 06Regular6
Heaton ElementaryKG - 06Regular2
Herbert Hoover High09 - 12Regular4
Herndon-Barstow ElementaryKG - 06Regular6
Holland ElementaryKG - 06Regular4
Homan ElementaryKG - 06Regular2
Houghton-Kearney ElementaryKG - 08Regular5
Irwin O. Addicott ElementaryKG - 07Special Education
J. E. Young Academic CenterKG - 12Alternative Education2
Jackson ElementaryKG - 06Regular3
James K. Polk ElementaryKG - 06Regular7
James S. Fugman ElementaryKG - 06Regular10
Jefferson ElementaryKG - 06Regular4
John S. Wash ElementaryKG - 06Regular8
John Steinbeck ElementaryKG - 06Regular5
Kastner Intermediate07 - 08Regular8
Kepler NeighborhoodKG - 08Regular4
Kermit Koontz Education Complex07 - 12Alternative Education1
Kindercare Learning Center #1750 FresnoPK - KGPrivate
King ElementaryKG - 06Regular2
Kings Canyon Middle07 - 08Regular4
Kirk ElementaryKG - 06Regular3
Kratt ElementaryKG - 06Regular6
Lane ElementaryKG - 06Regular3
Lawless ElementaryKG - 06Regular3
Liberty ElementaryKG - 06Regular10
Lincoln ElementaryKG - 06Regular10
Lincoln ElementaryKG - 06Regular5
Lone Star ElementaryKG - 06Regular7
Lowell ElementaryKG - 06Regular3
Madison ElementaryKG - 06Regular2
Malaga ElementaryKG - 05Regular5
Malloch ElementaryKG - 06Regular6
Manchester Gate02 - 06Regular10
Maple Creek ElementaryKG - 06Regular10
Mario G. Olmos ElementaryKG - 06Regular2
Mayfair ElementaryKG - 06Regular2
McCardle ElementaryKG - 06Regular8
McKinley ElementaryKG - 06Regular5
McLane High09 - 12Regular2
Miguel Hidalgo ElementaryKG - 06Regular2
Molly S. Bakman ElementaryKG - 06Regular2
Monroe ElementaryKG - 08Regular4
Morris E. Dailey Charter ElementaryKG - 05Regular10
Mountain View ElementaryKG - 06Regular9
Muir ElementaryKG - 06Regular2
National University Academy - Orange CenterKG - 12Regular
Nelson ElementaryKG - 06Regular9
New Harvest Christian SchoolKG - 11Private
New Heights Christian AcademyKG - 06Private
New Millennium Institute of Education Charter07 - 12Regular1
New Spirit Charter AcademyKG - 08Regular
Norman Liddell ElementaryKG - 06Regular8
Norseman ElementaryKG - 06Regular2
Opportunities for Learning - Fresno07 - 12Regular
Orange Center ElementaryKG - 08Regular2
Our Lady of Victory Elementary SchoolPK - 08Private
Pacific Union ElementaryKG - 08Regular5
Pathway Community Day07 - 12Alternative Education1
Pathway Elementary Community DayKG - 06Alternative Education
Pershing Continuation High09 - 12Alternative Education2
Phillip J Patino School of Entrepreneurship2 - 2Regular
Phoenix Elementary Academy Community Day01 - 06Alternative Education1
Phoenix Secondary07 - 12Alternative Education1
Pinedale ElementaryKG - 06Regular7
Powers-Ginsburg ElementaryKG - 06Regular3
PYLE ElementaryKG - 06Regular4
Reaching Potentials Education Institute09 - 12Private
Rio Vista Middle07 - 08Regular6
River Bluff ElementaryKG - 06Regular7
Riverview ElementaryKG - 06Regular10
Robinson ElementaryKG - 06Regular5
Roeding ElementaryKG - 06Regular4
Roger S. Oraze ElementaryKG - 06Regular8
Roosevelt ElementaryKG - 06Regular4
Roosevelt High09 - 12Regular3
Rowell ElementaryKG - 06Regular3
Rutherford B. Gaston Senior Middle07 - 08Regular
San Joaquin Memorial High School09 - 12Private
Scandinavian Middle07 - 08Regular3
School of Unlimited Learning09 - 12Regular2
Sequoia ElementaryKG - 06Regular8
Sequoia Middle07 - 08Regular2
Sierra CharterKG - 12Regular3
Slater ElementaryKG - 06Regular1
St. Helens SchoolPK - 08Private
Starr ElementaryKG - 06Regular4
Sunnyside High09 - 12Regular4
Sunset ElementaryKG - 06Regular3
Susan B. Anthony ElementaryKG - 06Regular3
Teague ElementaryKG - 06Regular3
Tehipite Middle06 - 08Regular2
Temperance-Kutner ElementaryKG - 06Regular7
Tenaya Middle07 - 08Regular4
Thomas ElementaryKG - 06Regular5
Tioga Middle07 - 08Regular3
Truth Tabernacle Christian SchoolKG - 12Private
Turner ElementaryKG - 06Regular2
University High09 - 12Regular9
Valley Arts and Science Academy (Vasa)KG - 06Regular2
Valley Oak ElementaryKG - 06Regular10
Valley Preparatory Academy CharterKG - 12Regular5
VANG PAO ElementaryKG - 06Regular2
Viking ElementaryKG - 06Regular3
Vinland ElementaryKG - 06Regular4
Violet Heintz Education Academy07 - 12Alternative Education1
W. E. B. Dubois Public CharterKG - 12Regular2
Washington Colony ElementaryKG - 08Regular3
Washington High09 - 12Regular2
Wawona Middle06 - 08Regular4
Webster ElementaryKG - 06Regular6
West Fresno ElementaryKG - 05Regular2
West Fresno Middle06 - 08Regular2
West Park Charter AcademyKG - 12Regular2
West Park ElementaryKG - 08Regular2
William Saroyan ElementaryKG - 06Regular7
Wilson ElementaryKG - 06Regular4
Winchell ElementaryKG - 06Regular2
Wishon ElementaryKG - 06Regular3
Wolters ElementaryKG - 06Regular5
Yosemite Middle07 - 08Regular2
Name Grades Type Rating

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Absolutely terrible - 6/18/2018
The summers are hot, dry, and brutal. There’s little rain and clouds are rare, the sun just beats down on you. There’s no real culture. You know, major California cities... Read More

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Proverty-Stricken, Unpleasant Area - 5/6/2018
There's not a lot I can say for Fresno. It's in close proximity to Yosemite National Park, and not too far from the central coast. The winters are mild, and for the past... Read More

Racist niehbors - 1/23/2016
I need... Read More

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