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Kittredge Magnet School
1663 E Nancy Creek Dr NE
Atlanta, GA 30319
(678) 874-6602
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public | 4-6
County: DeKalb


  School Head OfficialYear
Gail Henson Humble2012
  Students Getting Free LunchYear
6/10/2012otherThis school is a great place for sending your child so you shouldn't spend your money on some fancy private school. Kittredge is an awesome and you can do a lot of hands-on activities. It is not like a regular public school, it has no bullying what so ever and at regular public schools you don't go to overnight fieldtrips like Kittredge. And when your done with Kittredge you don't have to worry about sending your child back to thier home school they go to Chamblee Middle to Chamblee High automactically.
2/14/2012parentThis school rates well for a public school. However, my daughter transferred out of this school to a private school after one year. I felt that this school was still "just teaching the test." Nice teachers, nice kids, but still just a typical public school. If you are looking for a true challenge for your high achiever, make the sacrifice and send her to a private school.
10/31/2010otherKittredge is one of the BEST schools your child can attend for the early educational years. It emphasizes good learning skills, motivates your children to find a zeal for school, and also is above and beyond most of the rest of the states' test scores and reading levels. There is rarely a problem with teachers, as they are busy challenging your child's mind everyday. It is enriching in every way- reading bowl, math club, science club, you name it. Also, the teachers and staff are truly heplful in getting your child to succeed. Teachers do get to know students on a basis as to know how students like to learn. Having attended this school myself, it is excellent in preparing you for middle, high school, and in the future, college. Kittredge churns out some of the brightest minds I've ever seen.
10/12/2010parentThis is a "one size fits all" approach to education. The emphasis on testing and test scores interferes with the teachers' ability to get to know the students as individual learners.
10/11/2010otherKittredge is a really nice school. I'm in 6th grade and all the teachers are really nice and make sure you succeed. We just got back from an overnight field trip and it was AWESOME. I'm so lucky we can go on a field trip like this. Some people think that Kittredge is really lame but its really cool and I would recommend it to anyone.
8/31/2010otherI am a 6th grade student at KMS and I don't know what everybody else is talking about, but Kittredge is an AMAZING school!!!! ALL of the kids here are super nice, and so are all of the teachers. Anyone would be LUCKY to get into KMS. We do the best things here, like go on many fun trips like Jekyll and Rock Eagle. A lot of people say that Kittredge gives way too much homework, but it honestly doesn't. NOTHING here is boring. Once you come here you WON'T want to leave
5/21/2010otherI am (was) student at Kittredge Magnet School that just graduted (Class of 2010). I can honestly say that the past 3 years at KMS have been unfogettable ones. I feel the teachers go out of their way to help us set, reach, and exceed in our goals. Although I had doubts in the beginning, I can say that having the chance to attend this school was a true blessing. I have made so many close and unforgettable friends, have done so many fun activities (that you probably NEVER do at a regular school, e.g., Club Day, Pi Day, and other fun activities), and have learned so many things, that have put me one step (or steps) ahead of the average rising 7th grader. I would definitely recommend this school to any one that wants a great learning exprience.
4/8/2010studenti like the school in general but i dont like the enviroment. dont get me wrong, its a nice school but you can do better.
2/19/2010parentI am writing because my daughter is in her 3rd/last year of attending Kittredge Magnet. Prior to that she tested as very 'gifted' 'high performing' and 'creative' and in the discovery program at one of the top elementary schools in the state. She in the top one percent in the country in the ITBS, etc. Still it's lot of work. When she sees her friends at her old school (she is still close with them)they usually complain about how 'boring' it is. My daughter enjoys going to Kittredge and always says so. She likes the variety in the curriculum & club day; music, etc. Also she has great friends and great teachers there. In the last year she has really gotten her act together and does all her homework and projects completely on her own. There are some ADD/ADHD as well as Asperger kids there- surely a challenge. Nothing is perfect.
2/7/2010parentThe previous review refers to Kittredge as a school for those who are intellectually gifted. This is NOT true. It is for high achieving students, though, because of the test score requirement, many students who are there ARE gifted. Also, gifted students generally pick up on topics quickly, and typically need LESS homework, and certainly less busywork.
2/7/2010studentExcuse me for my mistake, but as the review below stated, Kittredge Magnet School for High Acheivers, is, as its name implies, for high acheivers, with the great majority being gifted. Being gifted, these children, i agree, are quick to understand topics. They also, i have observed, tend to be more creative and think 'out of the box.' That is simply what I meant, sorry if it caused any confusion. None the less, Kittredge is a wonderful school.
10/16/2009parentMy daughter attended Kittredge Magnet School. She loved the teachers, atmosphere and students. I felt that from day one, the teachers helped her learn organizational skills that she has kept to this day.
8/18/2009studentI'm a fifth grade student of KMS. I think kittredge is great because it has challenging work that's really fun. One thing I don't like about KMS is that it sometimes pushes kids too much to do their homework and it can be really stressful.
8/17/2009parentKittredge is simply exceptional. The teachers and staff are well trained and the administration is very capable. I had my son who just graduated from KMS and my daughter is a 5th grader. I have nothing but good things to say about this wonderful school.
1/7/2009parentKittredge does an wonderful job overall in challenging their students in ways that are interesting, with a lot of project based work. The majority of the staff seem to care deeply about the students and their learning. The school has been a god-send for my child. My only complaint is that the homework load is far too heavy, and that because the school is so well respected and does what they do so well, school leadership does not really seem open to listening to parent feedback, at least not in this area.
12/19/2008parentHave a Child that is Twice Exceptional? Think twice about enrolling them in Kittredge Magnet School. Administration and staff are not skilled to recognize and support children with learning exceptions. Particularly, ADHD. It has been ongoing battle to get the services needed to ensure that my child receives a Fair Appropriate Public Education. I believe the adminstration and staff at Kittredge could benefit from training to effectively understand and support children with learning exceptions. I also believe that the delivery of the curriculum needs an overhaul to make the lesson delivery more fun and engaging for all learners.
3/19/2008parentIf you have a child that loves to learn and to be challenged, than KMS is the school. KMS stresses critical thinking, parental involvement and enrichment of the arts. I Love It For My Child!
7/6/2007parentOur eldest daughter just graduated from KMS and now our 2nd eldest daughter is entering. We have our youngest (son) entering 1st grade at another elementary school and we are looking forward to his 4th grade year when he to can attend KMS. We absolutely love the school and the education and exposure the kids are getting. We would recommend this school to everyone. Since there is a lottery, maybe I should hush until my final child gets in :) Jokes aside A+++++ Saulsberry
8/21/2006studentI am a student of this school now, and I must say it is a nice school. We have wonderful teachers and peers. I have been to this school since fourth grade and now I am in sixth. I like all the Club Days, and the fun activities we get to encounter! I must say however, the school lunch isn't so good but that is not Kittredge's fault! I love the idea of not having to wear uniform! I like showing my personal and fun side through my clotes and uniforms wouldn't do that! If you are considering letting your child attend Kittredge, go ahead......it is truly a great school! ~6th grade student
3/11/2005former studentAs a former student of this school, I can say with all confidence that any parent should be proud to have a child in attendance. The teachers were very involved with the students. Problems within the classroom were dealt with immediately and the participation of parents is almost a must. I'd recommend this school to any parent who has a child with exceptional test scores.
1/23/2005former studentI am a former student at Kittredge Magnet school and I really enjoyed it. It is a fun school and students should really consider attending.
11/9/2004parentI highly recommend Kittredge Magnet School. The administration does an outstanding job educating our children. The entire staff take the time to really assist us as parents instill the importance of a quality education.
10/10/2004parentI have a child currently attending Kittredge the school is a big challenge for her not because she is unable to do the work but because she needs to improve her organizational skills. I appreciate the school because it challenges her beyond her book smarts. She is also responsible for managing her time and her work load. She fell behind in two subjects and the staff and teachers immediately band together to assist her in short comings. They also have a mentor program for the children. The work load is challenging but prepares the children in a superior way for college and beyond. The children learn German, Latin, Fine Arts and much more. It's unfortunate that Kittredge is the exception and not the rule the teachers and staff are exceptional. I am confident my child will be able to contend with the best in her age group nationwide after Kittredge Magnet.
9/10/2004parentModel school. Above average in all categories - Academic, Social, and Enrichment. Challenges any private elementary school in metro-Atlanta.
2/23/2004parentI've had two kids at Kittredge and the results were incredible. They are so far ahead of other kids their ages. The curriculum stresses critical thinking skills which is a must in today's world. THe competition, both in school and against other schools, public and private, prepares them for life
2/1/2004parentThis school is the best I've experienced ever! The teachers are dedicated and work as a team. The students are there to learn and the atmosphere is enthusiastic.

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