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Noble World Montessori School
2502 East Piedmont Road
Marietta, GA 30062
(770) 509-1775
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private | PK-3
County: Cobb


2/16/2010parentFor almost 3 years my child has attended Noble. It has been okay but we are moving to a different school next year. Administratively speaking, the school needs help. It feels disorganized and behind the ball sometimes. Other Montessori schools I have visited have newsletters and other means of communicating with parents but Noble does not. Also, other schools have PTAs but Noble does not. I think if the school did have a functional PTA, then the school could receive some vital feedback about improvements to be made. But I have gotten the sense that the owners do not want such feedback. I get concerned when people respond that the reason for doing something is because 'this is how we have always done it.' I have also been shocked at some of the ill-considered emails (urban legends) that the school administrators have forwarded to parents.
7/14/2009parentMy daughter attened NWM prior to going to public school kindergarten. She was academically advanced than most of her peers in public schools. NWM prepared her academically as well as encourage her artistic and emotional intelligence. Montessori provides the best overall holistic education for a childe compared to traditional child care. The staff and teachers are all very warm and caring. NWM could improve on its teacher's tenure in primary class. My child had a different primary teacher every year she was there.
1/13/2009parentI was very disappointed reading the first review saying public kinder care is better for teaching skills. I differ with that review totally. I had my child in NWM for 5yrs and the math and puzzle solving skills that he picked up from the montessori method of sesory perception and using the Montessori material cannot be gotten at any non-montessori place, leave alone the poor quality of our public schools. THis is a place when intellect is formed not just enhanced.
9/30/2008parentGreat school as a daycare, Most of teachers are really warm and caring. We loved them. Reason that I gives only 3 star to them is because my child could not get enough knowledge and skills that he is supposed to have - public school kinder program were actually quite advanced than them. Again, but, as a daycare, quality of this schools is outstanding.
5/17/2008parentI have looked at and spoken with many schools and Noble World is the best school. My child has been attending since age 3 and is now going into grade 3!
2/13/2008parentMy 3 1/2 year old son loves Noble World. The teachers are excellent. The things he learns at school are incredible. Yesterday at dinner he said 'Bon Appetit!'
2/13/2008parentMy son has attended the school since he was 17 months and is in his 2nd year of the primary program. My son has learned Chinese and is learning karate, and art and is thriving well. He loves going to school and has a beautiful respect of others and for himself.
5/18/2007parentOur 2-1/2 year old son has been enrolled in toddler class for about a year. He loves it and it is noticeable how much he has learned in the school. Everyone, from the administrators to the teachers to the assistants, is very nice and very child-oriented.
4/25/2007parentNoble World is a fantastic school. My son is learning Spanish, Karate, and Painting after school and at age 4 is reading, writing cursive and doing math. He is exposed to many different cultures and becoming a courteous citizen of the world.

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