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Oakwood Digital Academy
1560 Joyner Ave SE
Marietta, GA 30060
(678) 594-8240
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public | 9-12
County: Cobb


  School Head OfficialYear
Steven Butler2011
  Students Getting Free LunchYear
5/23/2011parentI have watched my daughter blossom from someone on the verge of slipping into depression at a "home" school with, theoretically, fantastic numbers to a happy girl getting the grades her EOTCs were saying she should be getting, without breaking a sweat. Her teachers were very supportive, to the point where she was one of the ones who made it on the news trying to keep the school open, to no avail. However, she graduated from the Digital Academy because she didn't want to leave Oakwood, even though that meant I had to drive across county every day. She adores Oakwood, and she's not alone. It's got a great "feel" to it from all involved.
11/9/2008studentI was a student at Oakwood.. I loved it. People there are more relaxed, & laid back. The teachers there, also, are amazing! & Soo supportive. Mr. Devault was the one teacher who kept me going and made sure I graduated.. He helped me in so many ways, even so I graduated somewhat early! I was on the verge of dropping out & getting my G.E.D. Thank god I didn't! I've met some of the most amazing people there that I probably wouldn't have met if I didn't start class there.
8/24/2008studentAfter three other high schools and on the verge of dropping out, Oakwood was my perfect fit. The unique structure and responsibility was just what I needed. I graduated in 2001, completed college and this year I will begin graduate school at Tulane University studying Social Work and Public Health. I cannot say enough about Oakwood high school. The fantastic people there deserve so much credit. Oakwood truly is an amazing, sometimes life-saving place to be.
3/20/2008studentI graduated from Oakwood in 1995. I am now the mother of an eight year old and a graduate of Kennesaw State University. My degree is in education and I have spent the last two years of college periodically substitute teaching at Oakwood. I love this school! Teachers are relaxed, students feel safe, and goals are met. Had I not gone to Oakwood when I did I probably would not have graduated. Now I have a college education.
5/15/2006studentI absolutely love oakwood. Since i first started at Oakwood thew teachers, and staff have show nothing but love and support. If you need help in anyway they will go out of their way to make it possible. I would also like to thank one teacher inperticular Mr. Carter, has helped me in so many ways. If Mr. Carter had not helped me i would probally have dropped out by now. I also would like to say that the school is ran very well by the principal and all of the staff under him. Thanks alot Oakwood for making me a better person.
9/16/2005former studentI moved around alot during my high school years and ended up going to three different high school including Oakwood and I must say this is the best school ever. The teachers are really and authentically carring for their students and are truely proud of their achievements. I felt that in this school only the teachers were really after our success academically as well as personal. I loved Oakwood and wished I had known about it earlier. (Grad. 2005)
12/16/2004parentThis is school is awesome. My child went to McEachern, then decided to go to Oakwood to graduate early and she absolutly loves it there. And she really hated McEachern, even though she was a cheerleader there. She said that at Oakwood the teachers actually care about what happens and will help with anything to get you to pass. She said the environment there is so relaxed but everyone does what they are supposed to and no one gets in trouble. She thinks it has alot to do with the five cut system. You get five cuts or absences for anything including discipline and on the sixth one you are cut out and have to take the class next session. This is school is doing something very right on.

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