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Wintergreen Primary School
4710 County Home Road
Greenville, NC 27858
(252) 353-5270
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public | PK-2
County: Pitt


  Class SizeGradeYear
  School Head OfficialYear
Dawn Singleton2012
10/8/2012parentMy daughter started 1st grade in Wintergreen for the 2012-2013 school year. So far...so good. I am honestly surprised at some of the really low parent reviews. I have spoken with several parents in this school and I would have to say at least 90% of them are happy with the school. The following are what I would consider the pros and cons: PROS: Very "up to date" amenities, good diverse mix of kids (very balanced with no extreme minority group, curriculum is challenging but not overwhelming. CONS: The school is very large for a elementary school which may make it hard to "be heard" if you ever have a real issue. Most people I have talked to have loved their teachers. I'm sure (as in all schools) there may be a few teachers in this school you would want to steer clear of, but the majority of them are great (this is based on many people I have spoken with). With a school this large the chances exist that there will be a few not pleased and that is to be expected. I also would like to mention that my daughter was enrolled in a private school in g-ville for jr.K and K. We took her out for personal reasons, but I dont see any difference in the education level she is receiving.
4/25/2012parent We have had a terrible experience at this school. The discipline methods are outrageous, it is like a mini military academy where kids do not have any freedom. We found out the teacher was yelling in my son s face, threatening him about how he would be punished at home, my son started having emotional problems, became withdrawn and started crying himself to sleep every night. We ended up pulling him out of school and home schooling him. The school management is not very helpful or understanding either. When we complained, instead of compassion and help, we were met with an attitude. Keep away from this school if you can. The management needs to start listening to the parents and needs to start changing the way this school is run. It is definitely not a fun, nurturing environment, very disappointed.
4/19/2012parentMy child started K this year in this school. Oh, I wish I had read the reviews and I wish I have sent my child to another school. This is not a school... this is a very very strict environment for kids. In K kids should be happy about school, and not afraid of it. My child at the begging was afraid even to talk, or ask to go to the bathroom , because was afraid that he would get a bad report! And we are talking K. Not to mention that the principal is not at all cooperative with your problems. My child is a very good student, but still I am unhappy with the way they treat kids. They have some really bad rules to discipline the kids that are unheard to me. If you have a choice do not send your child there!
11/8/2010parentI have 2 children at this school. My daughter started last year as a kindergartener and had a great teacher and no issues. My son has started this year and it has been horrible all the way through this first nine weeks. They are super strict on these young kids. They send negative notes home about the least little thing. They definitely do no like them to talk...at all! Kindergarten is supposed to be a fun time of learning what it is like to be in school and to try to adjust to this new environment. We never had any issues when he was in preschool; and it was a structured preschool. It is very disheartening when you have to constantly remind your child that they are a good child despite the negativity that is constantly coming home. We can't wait to be in a new district and try another school.
3/16/2010parentI can say that the school in whole is pretty good. My oldest child got really good teachers, my middle child not so good and was left behind and made to go to the next class even when I requested the principal hold him back, but!!! My kids came from Wahl Coates and was moved to Wintergreen and went from loving school to hating school. Wintergreen is like a drill school, principal is a drill sergeant and no elementary school should be like that, these kids should enjoy going to school at an early age because if not they will never like school. Now that my kids are at wonderful Chicod, they really love school!!!!! So, let's make school a fun learning environment!!!!
2/17/2010parentI have been very unhappy with this school. My daughter went from loving school to hating school in less than 1 week. The work is fine if you do not want a child ready for college. When you tell them your concerns it takes them forever to get back to you. My chld will not talk to the teacher because she is afraid of getting into trouble for saying she is bored. This school needs to realize that going at a snails pace is not good for all students. They really need to address the students that are ahead of the class instead of holding them back. I am stuck in this school until I can get a diffrent place but if I had a choice I would stay as far away from this school as I could!
3/7/2009parentI think this is a good school. two of my children attend
1/26/2009parentThis school is above average for our area. We bought our home specifically so that our children would come to Wintergreen. But it is a gigantic school with 12 classes at every grade level! The personal touch just isn't there b/c it just can't be now that the principal is in charge of the intermediate school too. They stretch her way too thin and that leaves her no band-width to handle individual problems. I hear what all the other reviewers say. I wish our administration was out and about more. But the teachers are really good and my children have loved their 3+ years here. They are doing well academically, and I volunteer in their classes every week. So it can be done very easily. And the extra-curriculars like art and music once a week each are wonderful.
11/9/2008parentOur Principal received 'Principal of the Year' this year!! She has an amazing calmness about her, yet is adament about her rules. This combination makes for a smoothly run school. I think this also allows the teachers, parents and students to respect her. My children are proud of their school!
4/23/2008parentIf I could give this school less than one star I would.This school has been nothing less than one headache after another for me and my children.Unfortunately we live within their school district.My chief complaint with this school is my child has special needs everyone from the teacher to the school staff does not understand his needs and they would like to label him with a different diagnoses.When did teachers become doctors? At this school they do not know what the word intervention means.The staff gets sarcastic overtones when you the parent have voiced your concerns.My child has failed and has actually regressed b/c of their lack of understanding in his needs.Do not let your child leave lunch money at home b/c they have a large problem extending any monies at lunch time even though they are reimbursed each and every time.Stay clear of this school
10/17/2007parent My child was in the kindergarten last yr, and when I came to drop something off for a party I also was going to stay and visit, but then I felt as if I was not welcomed. Now this yr it's the same way,but I still come to see what is going on.
9/11/2007parentI am also a disheartened parent whom has a child at this school. I can not believe the impact of poor leadership at this school. I am and will be involved with my child i am not going to 'drop him off and let him be independent' he is a child!!! Have these educators at this school ever had children? They would be the first to blame all problems on the parental involvement but i have yet to see them take a look at themselves
9/10/2007parentI can only hope that the 2007-2008 school year is a better year for all parents and their children. My children attended for one year and the dissapointment led me to homeschool. We are a month and a half into it and things couldn't be better. Stay involved! Don't assume things are a okay. It's not just about great teacher's it's overall 'leadership'.
9/8/2007parentMy children have been at WGP for the last two years. I am disappointed that the teachers and Principal do not want the parents in the school, yet they want our money for fundraising. The principal needs to become more friendly with the parents and realize that we are here and want to be involved.
4/25/2007parentI am disappointed with the administration's lack of concern and attention to safety issues in the school. We have had repeated issues with one child's behavior towards our child at the school and after-school programs and the principal was unwilling to address the issue. She blew the matters off to the teacher and also to the after school program, even though there had been 5 incidents in one semester and we did not feel that there had been appropriate intervention. Again, we are very disappointed by the principal. On a positive note, our child has a very qualified teacher and we are pleased with the classroom instruction. We also do not feel that parent involvement is genuinely welcomed. I believe that this school is riding on it's relative 'newness' and aesthetic appeal.
5/16/2006studentThis school is great and I love the teachers
9/11/2005parentMy son has attended this school for 2 years now and has been very happy. The principal is very experienced and a very good leader. The teachers we have had have been wonderful and my son has thrived and matured. The music teacher is excellent and her enthusiasm is a welcome sight at school.

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