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The Gladwyne Montessori School
920 Youngsford Rd
Gladwyne, PA 19035
(610) 649-1761
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private | PK-8
County: Montgomery


  School Head OfficialYear
Abigail J. Miller2012
10/30/2012parentMy now 5 year old is now in his 3rd year at Gladwyne Montessori. The first year was rough due to separation anxiety and last year was a little better. This year is a whole other story. He bounded out of the car on his first day of kindergarten excited to start the new year. He has learned so much in the first few months as a 3 rd year primary student. It seems that the high standards for academics and behavior that my 3 year old had trouble meeting has caused him to rise to the challenge as a 5 year old. I chose this school for my 3 year old because I could see that they saw the potential for independence and greatness in very young children. My 5 year old is leaning his letters and how to read at the same time though learning the sounds the letters make. This school is truly an amazing hands on a individualized Montessori education. I am so happy to have my son there and to have my younger son start next year.
4/26/2012parentA remarkable school for a solid Montessori education. Long-time teachers and a close school community make this a great place to start school. The small elementary school with two teachers per classroom (and a part-time reading specialist who works with all students) is a hidden gem.
1/4/2012parentWe were very unhappy with the quality of the teachers, lack of leadership and mundane academic programs. The teachers were atomotrons--going through the motions. The principal-cool/removed. The discipline was strict: eerily quiet classrooms where children played on their own--not a great way to socialize them. Reviews of my child's progress were given after the deadline to withdraw had passed. Indeed, with declining enrollment, the staff seemed particularly focused on locking in contracts aggressively. As I queried other parents--not one of them could speak enthusiastically/passionately of their experience (as compared to Wetherill School which parents rave about )and it seemed we were all under the sad impression that if a school is very expensive (plus the social pressure to give additional funds is relentless/ a bit underhanded), it must be good. It felt like we were wealthy birds-of-a-feather who were didn't want to admit we were wrong so into the gilded cage we will stay! My advice to other parents-I'd send my child elsewhere so they can experience joy and thrive under love and guidance (and learn their ABC's!)-and not experience this kind of bureaucracy and indifference.
3/15/2011parentGladwyne Montessori has been a wonderful experience for both my children - who happen to have very different academic needs. The facility is warm and welcoming - and the teachers clearly love teaching and genuinely inspire their students through beautiful classroom materials and interesting lessons. I was amazed at how much my pre-schooler was learning - and how much my kindergartener LOVED school. I don't think you can do better than Gladwyne Montessori for your child.
3/15/2011parentGladwyne Montessori is a warm and nurturing atmosphere. We are so fortunate to have a school like this in our area. Our children have grown and thrived there. The school and its unique program have transformed our children into self-motivated learners who have a real curiosity for the world we live in. I am still in awe at the progress my two older children have made there and look forward to continuing the program with my youngest child . My older daughter was reading and writing by kindergarten and my son is following in the same footsteps. The materials within the classroom are so brilliantly constructed that the children view them as fun and therefore these classroom become joyful learning environments. However, it is more than just the academic concepts that make this school so wonderful. The teachers and staff do a remarkable job teaching the children good values, respect and teamwork. This school has and continues to give my children a solid foundation which results in their love of learning and academic success.
12/1/2010parentBefore this school, my child never had any problems with classes. Within a few months, he was crying daily and nightly about school. He became withdrawn; refused to leave the house. Despite daily emails to the school, I always got the same response that he was doing fine. Finally, I went to observe the class. This was glorified daycare with mostly disciplinarian instruction...put this here, put this there. I witnessed withdrawn children just sitting alone by themselves. Where was the nurturing? Where was the guidance? None. I had no communication from the school until it was past the tuition refund deadline and until after I informed them that I would be pulling my son out of school. My son is now at a different school and he is doing beautifully. Since then, I have met at least 6 moms who had similar experiences. You are paying high private school prices for yes, a beautiful facility but for poor teaching with little nurturing. Very poor communication from them as well. I really felt all they cared for was the tuition money. Please don't traumatize your toddler in this way.
10/19/2010parentMy daughter spent one semester at this school - beginning at age 20 months. There was no communication from the school regarding her progress until after the time had elapsed for a tuition refund. Indeed at the student teacher conference I was told that she was happy and participating in class and even school wide events. About one month after this conference I began to see extreme problems with separation anxiety. I brought this to the school's attention to see how we could work together to understand and address these issues. Rather than offering assistance they went on the attack stating that my barely two year old daughter was "immature," disruptive and problematic - not GMS material. My child had apparently been crying every day and asking for me - but no one called, sent a note etc. Fortunately, we got out before any lasting damage could be done.
9/15/2009parentThis is the type of school that I wish I had attended as a child. I have never stepped into a school and everyone is happy. It is a great atmosphere for learning. The children are encouraged to express themselves as they learn. The staff are so welcoming and they truly have a genuine interest in the children. It is so wonderful to be at a school where everyone is vested in the education process- the child, parent(s) and the teachers. It is a family and we are so delighted to be a part of it.
2/7/2008parentAn amazing school with outstanding teachers and exceptional learning!
8/30/2006parentThis is a great school, following the true Montessori method. Hands on learning, the children leading the way, with teachers there to guide and assist. The children learn practical life skills, through hands on learning. My daughter went to the stepping stones program (2 year olds, and I watched her bloom through the independent learning. She grew to be a self confident, happy individual. There are also many opportunities for family involvement in the school and in helping the community.

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